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Movie review - Adrustam
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Jeevi rating: 1.5 (One and half)
Banner: Supergood Productions
Cast: Tarun, Reema Sen, Gajala, Asha Saini, Prakash Raj, Jaya Chitra, Raghunath Reddy, Sivaji, Venu Madhav, Sijju, Brahmanandam, Narsing Yadav, Jeeva & MS Narayana
Camera: Shyam K Naidu
Dialogues: Mohan Vamsi, Vijaya Kumar
Editing: Thirupathi Reddy
Music: Dina
Lyrics: Viswa, Sahiti, C Vijay Kumar & Kula Sekhar
Story - Screenplay - Director: Sekhar Suri
Producer: Mansoor Ahmed, Paras Jain, Vakada Anjan Kumar
Presentation: RB Chowdary

Theatrical Release Date: 6th June 2002



Tarun (Tarun) is an unemployed orphan and a postgraduate. Valmiki (Brahmanandam) is the house owner of Tarun's house. He is searching for Tarun as he defaulted the rent payment. Tarun joins as a bar manager. There he insults Magadha (Jeeva), a local goon. Meghada also starts searching for Tarun to take revenge.

At this juncture Tarun happens to see a paper advertisement issued by Dhanaraj Mansion, which is supposed to be the wealthiest family in that area. They announce a 'Swayamvaram' to their daughter Keerthi Dhanraj (Gajala). Tarun attends the Swayamvaram, which is being telecasted in AP live. He gets so mesmerized with the looks of Keerthi that he jumps on to her and kisses her on her lips for 30 seconds continuously, which does not only shock the entire people viewing the event but also the recipient of the kiss Keerthi. Keerthi has a brother-in-law named Pawan (Sivaji), who is in deep love with her. But Keerthi hates him. To take revenge on Tarun for kissing his lover, Pawan jets on a mission to hunt down Tarun. Tarun escapes from Dhanraj Mansion. Mrs. Dhanraj announces a cash award of Rs. 10 lakhs on the head of Tarun.

On the other end, Asha (Reema Sen) is halfheartedly in love with Robin (Sijju). Asha changes her mind, when she is about to exchange the rings in the Church during their wedding ceremony. She escapes from there and she is at large now.

Tarun meets Asha on the road. Now we have Robin searching for Asha. Valmiki, Magadha, Pawan and police offers are searching for Tarun. In the process Tarun and Asha falls in love with each other. Will Tarun marry Asha or go back to Keerti forms the climax.

Artists: Tarun looks manly in this film with a light beard. The entire film revolves around him and he did justice to his role. Asha Saini did a cameo role in this film. Her character in this film is not needed. Gajala enters the film just before interval and again just before the end of the film. She looks pretty glamorous in her small role. Reema Sen enters the film after interval and stays till the end. Her get-up (blue jeans pants and jerkin along with a white T shirt) and mannerisms are severely inspired by Urmila Montodkar of Varma's films. Savita Reddy's dubbing for Reema Sen is also inspired by Sridevi voice in 'Kshana Kshanam' film. Sivaji copied the mannerisms of Sharukh Khan in dialogue delivery and Prakash Raj in gestures.

Technical Departments:

Story: Story of the film is somewhat inspired by Varma's film 'Kshana Kshanam' and SV Krishna Reddy's 'Gun Shot'.

Screenplay - direction: Screenplay and direction of the film is very insipid. The taking of few scenes is good. But the narration of the film is pathetic. Sekhar Suri's work in this film is amateurish at best. His experience of working as an assistant to Subhash Ghai is not seen anywhere in the film. He grossly imitated the Ram Gopal Varma's style of making. But, he is a bad imitator.

Dialogues: There is not even single dialogue that is worth remembering. All the dialogues in the film are impromptu. The most hilarious dialogue in the film comes at the end when Tarun says that 'manam preminche vaarikanna .. manalani preminche vaarini pelli chesukunte baguntundi'. This dialogue is the most clichéd dialogue in Telugu films, as we have been hearing this since the days of 'Prema Desam'.

Music: Dina's music in this film is pure cacophony. The techno beat dominated the lyrics in songs. Background music is good at times. Only one song 'Manasa Telusa' is good as it's little melodious compared to other songs.

Photography: The only plus point of the film is taking of Shyam K Naidu. He did a good job as a cinematographer in this film. He canned a few scenes from the top, which is not very common in Telugu films.

Analysis: The first half of the film is bad. And the second half is worse. Making this film is a colossal misuse of producer's funds and watching this film is sheer waste of money. Watch this film at your own risk.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Adrustam Film Review
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