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Movie review - Aithe
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Jeevi rating: 4/5
: adventurous thriller
Genre: Action
Just Yellow
: Sashank, Janardhan, Mohit, Abhishek, Narsing Yadav, Sivaji Raja & Sindhu Tolani
Music: Kalyani Malik
Photography: Senthil Kumar
Producer: Gangaraju Gunna
Story - Screenplay - Direction: Eleti Chandra Sekhar
Theatrical release date: 11th April 2003


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Irfan Khan is a major mafia guy in Mumbai with Andhra background. He is on the most wanted list of Police with prize money of 50 lakhs put on his head. He is in desperate need of going out of India to settle in Dubai and remote control his operations in Mumbai. He designs a plan of hijacking a plane that starts from Hyderabad and take it to Khatmandu.

They need a gang of 4 clean guys - who does not have any crime records - to participate in this hijack operation. They got hold of 4 needy and efficient guys who are in dire need of money to survive. The flight is all set to leave from Hyderabad. What happens next forms the crux of the film.

Artists: Sashank, Janardhan, Mohit, Abhishek & Sindhu Tolani form the protagonists in this film. They all have the lovable characterizations of boy/girl next door. They all did their part with élan. The guy who acted a villain did a good job. Sivaji acted as an IB (Intelligence Beauro) guy. The dubbing voice given to villain is very inconsistent (in the beginning of the film, this guy speaks broken Telugu and by the end he speaks good Telugu). It is also not convincing to see somebody else doing dubbing for Sivaji Raja in this film (may be the producer had difference with Sivaji Raja as he started 'Alasyam Amrutham Visham' in the lines of 'Amrutham').

Technical Departments:

Story - Screenplay - Direction: This story is a very authentic story without any surrealism or traces of inspiration in it. Screenplay of 'Aithe' is terrific. The debutant director Chandra Sekhar Eleti proves himself as the new generation director with a good technical knowledge. His narration of the film is a fast paced one and there is no dull moment. His direction skills are praiseworthy. He injected lots of subtle humor and situational based comedy in the film.

Dialogues: Dialogues of the film are pretty good, though the dialogues written to gangsters are in broken Telugu. There is good amount of entertaining comedy in the dialogues.

Music: Music by Kalyani Malik is pretty impressive. The single song in this film carries lots of mood and has a soul in it. The background music is very apt.

Photography: Photography by Senthil Kumar for 'Aithe' is one of the bests in the recent times. The texture and continuity of the film is maintained throughout in a uniform scale. Photography is technically very high.

Editing: Editing of the film is crisp. It's difficult to sustain interest in such a 2 and half-hour adventurous drama. But good screenplay and crisp editing made it possible.

Production: 'Just Yellow' that made a wonderful film titled 'Little Soldiers' in the past has come up with another brilliant film. This film reflects the good taste of Gangaraju Gunna.

First half of the film is superb with tight screenplay. Second half's pace has slackened a bit. But this film is a very good entertainer. But unfortunately, the producer has chosen to place this product in wrong market segment. The publicity given to this film gives an impression that this film is only meant for the elite crowd. Actually, this film can be enjoyed even by masses. By drawing a border for the film that it is meant for elite crowd, the producer is distancing the masses from watching this film. A well-made film should not suffer at box office because of the wrong publicity. Nonetheless, as the caption of the film suggests this film is really a different film (anni cinemalu okelaa vundavu). 'Aithe' is a film that is definitely worth watching!!

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