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Movie review - Ammayi Bagundi
Ammai Bagundi
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Jeevi rating: 3/5
: Looks trouble
Can kids watch this film?
Yes (no vulgarity and no violence)
Dega Arts
Cast: Sivaji, Meera Jasmine, Ali, Chitram Seenu, Anil, Siva Krishna, Rajan P Dev, Sana, Hema, Surya, Duvvasi Mohan

Music: Srilekha
Dialogues: V Vamsi
Stunts: Ram Lakshman
Producer: Dega Deva Kumar Reddy
Screenplay - direction: Bala Sekharan
Release date: 16th July 2004


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Siva (Sivaji) is a well-mannered youth who falls in love with a beautiful girl he saw at a bus stop. He is reluctant when his father takes him for pelli choopulu. But, to his amazement, he finds the same girl he saw on the road as the to-be-bride. He happily agrees for the marriage. He follows her secretly to find her likes and dislikes. He gets married to her. And when he is about to take her to his new flat to start his marital life, he sees the exact look alike of his wife on the road. He realizes that there exist two girls with the same features.

After going home, he comes to know that tastes of his wife are exactly opposite to that of the girl he fallen in love at first sight. Shattered by the emotional struggle, Siva decides to know more about the other girl. And to his surprise, the other girl joins the flat that is just opposite to his. They realize that it is just a sheer coincidence that both these girls look alike. And the girl staying opposite his flat also starts loving him. Would Siva break his wedlock to go to the girl whom he really loves?

Artists Performance

Sivaji: Sivaji has become the emerging comedy star these days. Instead of choosing the roles that have comedy shades, he preferred a serious character that dabbles with love in the first half and goes through family life in the second half. He did well. But we expect some comedy from Sivaji.

Meera Jasmine : Meera Jasmine looks average off the screen. But she has a quite charming screen presence that oozes the sensuality of Indian women. She performed well in the duel role and had shown variation in appearance and expressions.

Others: Ali, Chitram Seenu and Anil played the roles of Sivaji's buddies. Ali had major portion in the film in creating comedy. Brahmanandam did another comedy role. Rajan P Dev did a dignified character.

Technical Departments:

Story: This film is a remake of Tamil hit film 'Parthipan Kanavu'. The basic storyline is very interesting. It questions the basis of love - looks, levels of understanding, taste, compatibility and infatuation!

Screenplay - direction: Bala Sekharan who directed films like Priyamaina Neeku (hit) and Snehamante Idera (flop) returns to Telugu screen after a gap of 3 years. The direction of the film is average. The storyline of the film needs a good support in the form of screenplay to be narrated efficiently. But the screenplay of the film lacks pace and the much needed firmness.

Music: Music is definitely a plus point of the film. Music is melodious and soothing. The background music is also good. But one cannot stop complaining about 'inspiration' weakness of Srilekha, as she prefers copying popular tunes from other languages than scoring something on her own.

Other departments: Dialogues by V Vamsi are OK. The dialogues about relationships towards climax are worth commending. Camerawork is good. Production values are decent. Songs picturisation is neat.

Analysis: First half of the film is average. The pace goes down in the second half. But the climax and lead scenes to climax are good. The emotional graph of the film is flat till the scene where wife of hero goes to her parent's house. The narration of the film is flat. The only twist in the film is the interval point where hero realizes that there are two look alike girls. This movie would have been a disappointment if the climax were not good. This film is a clean film sans vulgarity and violence. People expect lots of comedy from Sivaji (especially after Missamma) as he has got good comedy timing. And his character does not have any strings of comedy attached to it, which is unfair.

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