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Movie review - Bava Nachadu
Roja Movies
Bava Nachadu
Jeevi Rating: 3.5/5

Jeevi Rating: 3.5/5 (Three and half)
: Nagarjuna, Simran, Reema Sen & Suman Ranganath

Story - Dialogues: Janardhan Maharshi
Photography: Shyam K Naidu
Screenplay & Direction: KS Ravi Kumar
Producer: Arjuna Raju

Theatrical Release Date: 7th June 2001



Ajay (Nagarjuna) is an adman (director and hero) who has a definite idea about how his future wife should be like. He gets married to a village belle Kamakshi (Simran), handpicked by his mom from her native town Kovvuru.

After marriage, Kamakshi meets with a hairline fracture. The entire family of Kamakshi lands up at Ajay's house to take care of Kamakshi. She has a beautiful and greedy sister called Lahari (Reema Sen). During that period Suma (Suman Ranganath), the regular model of Ajay, meets with a fracture and Lahari replaces her as the model opposite Ajay. During that moment, Lahari gets lured by the modeling profession and then falls in love with Ajay. But Ajay does not have any feelings for her.

Then Kamakshi gets well and the parents and sister of Kamakshi goes back to their village. But the bug of love bites Lahari and She is unable to forget Ajay. She starts behaving differently. She invites Kamakshi and expresses her desire for Ajay. Kamakshi gets mad and returns to her home to protect her husband. Meantime, Lahari resorts to suicide.

Kamakshi, being very close to Lahari, promises Lahari that she will make her marry Ajay. The rest of the film is about how Ajay manages to save his marriage without hurting Lahari. You got to watch this soft romantic comedy drama unfolding on the silver screen to experience it.



Nagarjuna: Nag is in his elements in this film. He is totally natural and exhibited the kind of charm he showered in the film 'Ninne Pelladatha'. He is stylish and more handsome in this film.

Simran: For Simran, this role is a typical one and she did it with poise. And too much of exposure to Simran can be dangerous as we see her in most of the big films as the heroine.

Reema Sen: She oozed lots of oomph in this film as the excessively obsessed in-law of Nagarjuna in this film.

Suman Ranganath: Her role is limited to give innuendos to Nagarjuna in this film. She has a song and few dance bits.

Technical Departments:

Screenplay & direction: The screenplay is the remarkable aspect of the film. He made sure that there is no boring moment in the film though the story is a clichéd one. KS Ravi Kumar makes sure that he gives a special appearance in all his films. In this film too he is shown dancing with the lead pair in the locales on New Zealand.

Story and Dialogues: Janardhana Maharshi, the man who grew along with EVV, is the story and dialogue writer in this film. Like any of his (and EVV) other films, this film too revolves around the sanctity of 'Thaali'.

Camera: Shyam K Naidu did a wonderful job in projecting the glamour of the film. Nag looks extra-handsome in this film.

Music: Though the audio is not well received in the pre-release scenario, the album sales may go up as the music and songs sound very good in the film.

Analysis: First half of the film is very good. In the second half, the pace of the film goes down a little before ending up in a predictable routine climax. The comedy track by MS Narayana and Mallikharjuna Rao looks inane. This film is a soft romantic comedy one. And is recommended for all the comedy film lovers. We have to wait and see, if the audiences in AP, unlike KS Ravi Kumar's earlier comedy film Tenali, receive this comedy. But it's worth a watch as Nag makes your funny bones tickle. This film is a sophisticated version of EVV's film sans vulgarity. It can pull ladies to the cinema hall. But its doubtful how far it can reach the masses at it sports just a fight.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Bava Nachadu........ Review
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