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Movie review - Brahmachari
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Jeevi Rating: 3 (Three)
Genre: Comedy
Banner: Ramya Movies
Cast: Kamal Hassan, Abbas, simran & Sneha
Photography: Wilson
Music: Deva
Lyrics: Siva Ganesh
Dialogues: Sri Rama Krishna
Story - Screenplay - Direction: Mouli
Production: Sri Lakshmi

Theatrical Release Date: 15th January 2002



Sambhandam (Kamal Hassan) is a wealthy guy who finds job satisfaction as the stunt master for film. He feels that marriage disintegrates the man's character and strength. Janaki (Simran) is a doctor cum feminist, who feels that man is the source of all evils.

Anand (Abbas) is a friend of Sambhandam. Malathi (Sneha) is the friend of Simran. Anand and Malathi fall in love and they get married to each other against the wishes of Sambhandam and Janaki. Janaki trains Malathi in such a way that Malathi and Anand divorce for some differences.

In an incident, Sambhandam gets injured in a minor accident. Janaki, who accidentally drops in a musical watch in the stomach of Sambhandam, operates him. Janaki realizes it later. The rest of the film is all about how Janaki seduces Sambhandam to love her so that she injects anesthesia and take that watch out. You must watch this comic tonic to see how she achieves her object.



Kamal Hassan: He is the strength of 'Brahmachari'. He looks very normal in this film with his usual off-screen look. The dubbing done by Balu is very apt. The accent is very much similar to that of Kamal's dubbing voice in 'Sati Leelavathi'. All the Kamal scenes are extremely hilarious.

Simran: Simran did a sensible job in her role of staunch feminist. She is extremely beautiful and very natural in the film.

Sneha & Abbas: Sneha and Abbas have insignificant roles. But did justice to them.

Technical Departments:

Story - Screenplay - Direction: Mouli has returned to direction after a hiatus of many years. Mouli's strength has always been neat comedy and good understanding middle-class family psychology. In this film, he dealt with clean comedy. His vast experience shows up in handling the comedy scenes deftly. In the end, he attached sentiment so that it can also attract ladies.

Dialogues: The main credit for the comedy goes to the hilarious dialogues by Sri Rama Krishna. The original credit should go to Crazy Mohan for Tamil version.

Fights: Vikram Dharma has composed good fights for Kamal Hassan who played the role of stunt master.

Music: Music is just average. 'Ghatodgaja' song is impressive.

Production: This film is from the banner of 'Ramya Movies', which has given a blockbuster in the form of 'Sakhi' in the year 2000. The producer is taking good care to promote film heavily on TV and on streets with lots of trailers and wall posters. But the quality of the print (box) is not really impressive.

Analysis: This film is full of fun and frolic. All the comedy lovers can watch this film without any hesitation. If you like films like Tenali & Sati Leelavathi, you will definitely like this film too. We have to wait and see how this film commercially fares at the box office in the weeks to come.

Brahmachari Links
Gudipoodi Review
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