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Movie Review - Chitram
usha Kiron Movies
Jeevi Rating: 4/5
Jeevi Rating
4/5 (Four)

Uday Kiran & Reema Sen

Cinematography: Rasool
RK Patnaik
Dialogues, Story, Screenplay and Direction: Teja
Producer: Ramoji Rao
Theatrical Release Date
25th May 2000

Ramana(Uday Kiran)is a cute +2 college going youngster whose passion lies in playing guitar and freaking out with friends. He belongs to a middle class family. His father is a UDC (a clerk) and his mother is after his father to buy her a sari. He too has two younger brothers.

Janaki(Reema Sen) along with her sister are USA returned NRI who want to join a college in AP. Janaki, the blue-eyed girl, puts up her stay with his uncle and procures the admission in the same college of Ramana. As Ramana and Janaki meet in the classroom, they could feel the inevitable fatal attraction towards each other.

They starts dating and share sweet nothings. One fine day when the family members of Ramaya away janaki happenes to come to Ramana house waering a saree. As she do not know how to wear saree, all does is to drape it around her slithe body. Ramana offers to teach her how to wear a saree. When an young boy and a sizzling babe who are infactuation happens to be in a abandoned house and if its raining out side, whatelse do you expect to happen other than the lustful stroke of Cupid's arrow.

After a few days Janaki informs Ramana that she is pregnant. Ramana along with his friends spots a nurse to do the dirty job of doing abortion to Janaki. When Ramana asks Janaki to prepare for the abortion, she refuses to do so as she says she want a company of a kid.

When they break the news in their respective families, father of Ramana says that he cannot afford another person in the family along with the kid as he has a limited income. Uncle of Janaki shows his apprehensions saying that she has a elder sister to get married and if others come to know it, her sister may not get married. Due to the adverse conditions at their home, Ramana and Janaki decides to get married and stay in a outhouse provided their family friend.

Ramana starts working as a guitarist in a local club during nights to support the family. As the new kid enters the life of this couple they start realize difficulty of having an unplanned kid. As the things get worse, Ramana loses his job as guitarist and gets disqualified for writing his exams. Financial burrden and mental restlessness causes Ramana to verbally thrash janaki for everything that happened between them.

An irritated Janaki handsover Ramana his child and runs away out of Ramana's viscinity. Ramana informs the happenings to the family of Janaki and his parents. Ramana realizes that it was noty fault of her, but the fault lies with both of them. But its too late. If you want to know ending of the film, you gotta watch this sensually directed wonderful Chitram.



Uday Kiran: Uday Kiron, the debutant is the best fit for the role of Ramana. He resembles the chocolate lover boy images.
Reema Sen: Reem Sen has taken the breath away of the viewers with her performance in this film. She is cute, raunchy, sexy and innocent at the same time. She became an instant hit with the teen viewer with her act in this film.



>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Chitram Review
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