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Movie review - Danger

Jeevi rating: 2.75/5
: Lights Camera Adventure
Karthikeya Creations
: Allari Naresh, Abhishek, Sairam Shankar, Shireen, Colors Swati, Shafi, Siva Prasad, Satya Prakash, Ravi Prakash, Vinay Varma, Kota Sankar Rao, Lakshmipati, Bharat, Ahuti Prasad, Harsha, Krishna Bhagawan, Kavitha, Hema & Apoorva.
Dialogues: Uttej
Cinematography: Om Prasad
Background music: Jashuva Sridhar
Editor: Lokesh
Idea, screenplay & direction: Krishna Vamsi
Producer: Sunkar Madhu Murali
Theatrical release date: 29th October 2005


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Karthik (Sairam Shankar), Satya (Allari Naresh), Ali (Abhishek), Lakshmi (Swathi) and Radhika Reddy (Shireen) are teenage buddies. They set off to attend a party to celebrate the engagement of Lakshmi. On the way they collide with a police vehicle and speed away to the party happening in the outskirts of the city. They then enter forest to avoid the chase of cops. There they tumble upon a ghastly incident where a politician taking the live of a toddler as an offer of Narabali to the Goddess. Ali shoots the entire episode with his video camera. The goons of politician start chasing these teenagers now. The rest of the story is all about how these people emerge victorious by exposing politician and corrupt cop.

Artists Performance

Allari Naresh is good. Sairam Shankar improved compared to his first film. Though a couple of punch dialogues by him are effective, he needs to work on his diction and dialogue delivery. Abhi got a sympathetic role and he is pretty good. Colors Swati is cute. Shireen is adequate. Siva Prasad suited the role of politician well. Satya Prakash is neat as cop. Shafi is impressive. Ahuti Prasad is good in his get-up. Brahmanandam's comedy is run-of-the-mill.

Technical Departments:

Story: Story of the film is wafer-thin. The basic storyline of this film has close resemblance to Ram Gopal Varma's Anaganaga Oka Roju. The difference between these two films is that eloped couple gets chased by cops and goons for audio tape they had in Anaganaga Oka Roju and group of 5 friends are chased by cops and goons for a video tape they possess in Danger. A guy carrying camcorder all the time and shooting every minute thing that happens around him appears bit similar to a principle character in a Hollywood flick '15 Minutes'.

Screenplay - direction: Direction of the film is good in parts. Krishna Vamsi started the film by establishing the prime characters in an impressive way. However screenplay is not interesting. He canned a couple of chases in second half in entertaining way. However, Krishna Vamsi's mark in characterizations is missing.

Other departments: Dialogues by Uttej are adequate with Hyderabad casual lingo. Cinematography by Om Prasad is good. Chasing sequences composed by fight master (especially Brahmanandam's car chase in the second half) are impressive. Editing of the film is not up to the mark. Production standards of the film are neat.

Analysis: The first half 20 minutes of the film where vital characters get introduced is good. Then the movie slips into the spell of boredom for the rest of the first half. Second half of the film is better compared to the first half. The excessive usage of cell phone technology in the film marred the scope for drama. Since the story is very much predictable, the element of thrill and suspense is not there in the film. The narration of the film is pretty slow. Krishna Vamsi must be appreciated for attempting a different film, but it is of no use if film does not make a mark for itself.

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