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Movie review - Evadra Rowdy
Nuvvu Nenu
Evadra Rowdy
Jeevi Rating: 1/5
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Jeevi Rating: 1/5 (One)
: Srihari, Sanghvi, Posani Krishna Murali

Direction: Sarat
Story, Dialogues & Screenplay: Posani Krishna Murali

Theatrical Release Date: 10th August 2001



Dhanvi (Srihari) is a calm going government employee living in a colony. He is married to a beautiful wife (Sanghvi). His neighbor's name is Muddu Krishna (Posani Krishna Murali), who is harassed by the tenant Chalapati (Chalapati Rao) and his family.

The crime in the city is managed and controlled by a mafia don Mohan Raj. Chalapati takes the protection of Mohan Raj and forces Muddu Krishna to transfer the ownership of the house to Chalapati at a cheap rate. When Muddu Krishna refuses to do so, Mohan Raj kidnapped his family members.

The wife of Dhanvi is surprised by the cool attitude of Dhanvi to his surrounding as he refuses to help Muddu Krishna by fighting Mohan Raj. He only bothers about his family and ignores the welfare of society. You need to watch this film to know why the muscleman Dhanvi keeps calm for the anarchy happening around him.



Srihari: Srihari is best as usual. But he is becoming monotonous with his action and dialogue delivery. He would be using the same modulation of voice all the dialogues, be it a ferocious, sympathetic or amorous. He needs to make better use of his voice without sounding monotonous.

Sanghvi: She played a glamour doll turned into a dutiful wife in this film. She has three songs to make herself confined to the dances. There is one particular song in which she guzzles the Fosters beer.

Posani: He plays a lengthy role in this film. He did casual acting and his dialogue delivery is very much similar to that of Ravi Teja. The producer Jaya Krishna saw Posani's action in the rushes of this film and taken him as a sole hero in his venture 'Manavuri Kittayya'. Posani is a good actor, though.

Technical Departments:

Story: This story of this film is based on a new paper statement given by a high-flying police officer in Hyderabad urging the citizens to 'Kill the Rowdies in the Society'. Hence, Posani made a theme for this film that crime prevention is not possible without the fullest cooperation from the public. Screenplay of the film is pretty predictable and very unimaginative.

Direction: Sarat is regarded as one of the best directors of Telugu cinema. I was aghast seeing his direction for the Balayya film 'Vamsoddarakudu', which was done very badly. 'Evadra Rowdy' is even worse than the above-mentioned film. Even a rookie can do a better job. After watching this film, one would wonder if a ghost director directed this film.

Dialogues: The dialogues in this film do not make any sense. The content of the dialogues does not have any relevance to the script of the film. Its time for Posani Krishna Murali to take a break and start rethinking about his future plans. He is very talented writer. He can do much better job if he concentrate and do quality films. He is losing his credibility by working for more number of insignificant films and diluting his concentration levels.

Analysis: This film is meant for C centers. There is not even a single scene, which you think one can worth watching. You can avoid watching this film unless you are a hardcore Srihari fan.

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