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Movie review - Gharshana
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Jeevi rating: 3/5
: More style. Mere substance..
Can kids watch this film?
Yes (no vulgarity and no violence)
: Venkatesh, Asin, Yana Gupta, Amitha, Chandana, Rajesh, Salim, Balaji, Ravi & Vamsi
Dialogues - Lyrics: Kula Sekhar
Cinematography: Raja Sekhar
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Art: Rajeevan
Fights: Peter Hynes
Editing: Anthony
Producers: Sivaraju & Venkatraju
Story - Screenplay - direction: Gowtam

Theatrical release date: 30th July 2004


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DCP Rama Chandra IPS (Venkatesh) is an orphan and a passionate police officer. He does not believe in justice through judicial court, hence eliminates the anti social elements through encounters. He falls in love with a beautiful and tender-looking school teacher Maya (Asin). In one such encounter, he eliminates an Orissa-born gangster Das. Gangster Das's brother Panda (Saleem Baig) pledges to take revenge on Rama Chandra and kidnaps Maya. The rest of the story is all about good wins over evil.

Artists Performance

Venkatesh: Venkatesh never looked so stylist in the past. He developed masculine body to suit the role of a well-built cop. His costumes in 'Cheliya Cheliya' song are cool. He exhibited appropriate histrionics by underplaying in certain scenes. He changed his body language and mannerisms as well.

Others: Asin is very tender in her soft role. She is extremely adorable in close-ups. Saleem Baig is good in the role of main villain. But the dubbing voice given to him does go overboard many a time. This film does not have familiar faces except for Venkatesh and Asin. The teammates of Venkatesh in this film are apt. Comedy actor Rajesh did an insignificant role.

Technical Departments:

Story - screenplay - direction: Story of the film is a routine one. The best thing about Gowtam's direction is stylized shot-making. The director started the film on flashback mode. Screenplay of the film is Ok in the first half, but is placid in the second half. The director failed in getting the emotions and feel (the agony of hero against the wrongdoers) in the right way.

Music: The biggest asset of the film is superb music by Harris Jayaraj. The background score of the film is also good. The picturization of songs is neat. This film starts with Chelia Chelia song. The last song of the film is an item song by Yana Gupta. Asin's introduction song 'Bhigi Bhigi si' is very good.

Dialogues - lyrics: Dialogues by Kula Sekhar supplement the serious mood of the film. A few dialogues have swearwords (though with audio cuts) as well. Dialogues do play a vital role in making any Telugu film entertaining. The dialogues written for this film are not entertaining enough. However, the lyrics by Kulasekhar are good.

Other departments: Photography by Rajasekhar is excellent. Camera angles and filters used are good. Stunts by Peter Hynes in this film are not of typical mass style except the last fight. Editing cuts are good. Choreography is contemporary. Costumes by Asmita Marwar are good.

Analysis: The first half of the film comes in voice-over mode as flashback. It introduces various characters in a slow way. The real story of the film starts with the entrance of Panda. The second half starts in an interesting style and it loses the steam as the climax approaches. The plus points of this film are music, Venkatesh, photography and stylish taking. The negative points are slow narration, lack of Telugu commercial elements, dry scenes and lack of substance. This film has got more style and less substance. It is the time for Venkatesh to stop going after remakes of Tamil action films with the directors of other languages and start encouraging Telugu directors. On the box office front, it might have something to offer for A centers audiences, but would find it difficult to sustain in B and C centers.

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