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Movie review - Harivillu
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Jeevi rating: NA (Not Applicable)
: Made for Awards
Genre: Art
Banner: Suresh Productions
: Master Subhakar, Baby Nitya, Bhanu Chandar, Haritha
Cinematography: AK Bir
Producer: D Rama Naidu
Story - Screenplay - Direction: B Narsing Rao
Theatrical release date: 2nd April 2003


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Ravi Babu (Master Subhakar) - son of a rich businessman (Bhanuchandar) - is infected with cancer at a tender age. He is a brilliant student and also a good painter and talented musician. He is also very precocious (matured beyond his age) child. He knows that death is lurking in the vicinity to embrace him any day. He has sympathetic parents caring overtly for him. There is lot of restlessness inside Ravi. Hence, he behaves erratically with his parents. Though the parents know that Ravi needs love, the way they are providing it is not satisfactory enough to Ravi. A few words of pampering like 'you are a great friend. You are an intelligent person' from the lady psychiatrist make him get some solace. But the parents are still unable to find their way to pacify the restlessness inside their son.

At this point of time a child servant called Manga (Baby Nitya) enters their household. He makes good friends with her and forgets all the pains. Though the parents does not like Ravi to move around with a poor girl, they could not restrict him as moving with that girl gives happiness to Ravi. Ravi sees a peaceful and new world with Manga. He brings out his fantasies and fulfils them with her companionship. One day, he has a day out with Manga and travels to Golkonda fort. It's a great new experience for him. But the lurking danger of death could not wait for him anymore!

Artists: Master Subhakar did a brilliant work as Ravi Babu. He made an apt representation of the restlessness with his body language and through his facial expressions. Baby Nitya suited the role well and she did extremely well with her neat Nizam dialect. Haritha and Bhanu Chandar played the parents of Ravi Babu. They did very well with controlled histrionics. There is also a character of a mad fellow that has symbolical representation of the feelings with in the protagonist.

Technical Departments:

Story - Screenplay - Direction: Narsing Rao - the most celebrated Telugu art film director - has chosen his own style of narrating the story in an offbeat format. The film is very realistic and it studies the psychology of the kid who is undergoing a trauma. Since he has chosen the form of artistic narration, the pace of it appears very slow. Lots of scenes in the film have symbolism attached to it. The scene in which Ravi Babu gives away Rs. 100/- to koya dora shows the kind of maturity Ravi Babu has. And director should be commended for having such scenes in the film. Director also injected some adolescent behavior in the way Ravi Babu treats Manga.

Camera: AK Bir's camera work for the film is extraordinary. He has used best of the lighting techniques for the natural effect in the film. The locations in this film constitute mainly a posh house with cool interiors, a backyard with lots of rocks, trees and a swimming pool and Golkonda fort. All these locations are very well captured with his beautiful camerawork.

Music: Music of the film is very artistic. But the best part of it is the amazing DTS mixing (by Madhusudhan Reddy of Rama Naidu studios?). Dialogues are very minimal and realistic in this film.

Production: Dr. D Rama Naidu having made more than 100 films in most of the Indian languages is the right person to produce such a kind of art film. He spent around 80 lakhs for this film without expecting any monitory returns. In addition to this, he released this film with 7 prints in 7 major cities of AP, though he knew that it would not appeal to the masses. It's a very honest and sincere effort to take Telugu cinema on to the international arena in the offbeat format.

This film is of one and half hour duration. Harivillu is made to cater the international audience who have a taste for art films. The main purpose of this film is get handful of awards. Hence, this film does not offer any popular entertainment that is typical of regular commercial films. It is an art film that has a story based on a child, but it's not a children film, as it does not offer any entertainment for kids. This film has already entered the Cannes film festival as a nominee for the year 2003. Over all, it's a good art film. But the average Telugu movie lover might not find anything interesting in this film. May the producer Dr. D Rama Naidu and the director B Narsing Rao for many more international awards and entry into international film festivals through 'Harivillu'!

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