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Movie review - Itlu Sravani Subramanyam
Itlu Sravani Subramanyam
Itlu Sravani Subramanyam
Jeevi Rating: 3/5
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Jeevi Rating: 3/5 (Three)
Ravi Teja, Tanu Roy & Samrin
Music: Chakri
Photography: K Dutt
Story, Dialogues, Screenplay, Direction: Poori Jagannath
Producer: Venu Gopal Reddy

Theatrical Release Date: 14th September 2001



The movie starts with Sravani (Tanu Roy) and Subramanyam (Ravi Teja), strangers to each other, meeting at suicide point of Vizag seashore. They realize that their goal is same. Suicide, that is! They describe each other about their reasons to end their lives and duly write suicide notes.

Sravani's reason is her nagging relatives who are also guardians of her. They are after Sravani's ancestral money. A friend who took a lump some amount of money by offering to get a job in Dubai cheated Subramanyam.

Sravani and Subramanyam fulfil their last wishes with the help of each other. They consume ample amount of sleeping pills in a bid to end their lives in the room of Subramanyam. The landlord rescues them. Subramanyam lands up with a plum job later as the relatives of Sravani take her back to the home.

Subramanyam marriage is settled with a girl of his mother's choice and Sravani's marriage is settled with her maternal uncle. Sravani and Subramanyam flee from their respective marriage halls independently.

If you want to know, how they meet each other and unite, you got to watch this musical film on a big silver screen!



Ravi Teja: Ravi Teja is projected as a casual comedy artist. This film gives him a chance to prove himself as a hero. His did a decent job. The comedy artist image will work as a negative factor as people find it hard to accept him as a serious hero.

Tanu Roy: She looks pretty average and natural. Her role in the film is a kind of de-glamorized one. She did well within the limitations.

Samrin: She is the glamour doll of the film and she turned out to be a big relief for this serious love subject. She added another angle to the love to make this film a triangular!

Technical Departments:

Dialogues, Story, Screenplay & direction: Dialogues in this film are very sensible, except for the vulgar comedy ones between LB Sriram and Kalpana Rai. Story is simple and neat. Screenplay and direction needs some commandment for showing maturity. But the narration of the story is very slow, which makes the people get bored at times!

Comedy: Comedy by MS Narayana and Dharmavarapu Subramanyam is good. But the blatant comedy by LB Sriram and Kalpana Rai is irritating.

Music: Music by Chakri is an asset for the film. All the songs are very catchy and background music too is attractive.

Photography: K Dutt has done an efficient job as the cinematographer for this film. The visuals in the songs are very good.

Analysis: The film starts on an interesting and offbeat note. Due to slow narrative, the film is dragged in some moments. Overall, it is a good film with offbeat storyline. The regular moviegoers might not like this film. It's worth a watch, if you like different films! We have to wait and watch if the doomsayer's prediction of '3 to 4weeks film' becomes true or not!!

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Nuvvu Naaku Nachav Film Review
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