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Movie review - Istam
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Jeevi Rating: 3/5 (Three)
Usha Kiran Movies
Cast: Charan, Sreya, Poonam Dhillon, Chandra Mohan, Sarath Babu, Naveen, Sravan, Quay yam Ali, Kiran, Dharmendra, Srinivasa Reddy, Sudha, Deepti, Sirisha, Delhi Rajeswari and Saraswatamma
Lyrics: Bhuvanachandra, Seetharama Sastry, Ravi Kiran and Varikuppala Yadagiri
Cinematography: V Srinivas Reddy
Music: DG Gopinath (debut)
Editing: Nandamuri Hari
Story, screenplay and direction: Vikram & Raj Kumar (debut)
Producers: Ch. Ramoji Rao

Theatrical Release Date: 30th December 2001



Karthik (Charan) is a happy-go-lucky guy and the only son in a wealthy family. His mother Lakshmi (Poonam Dhillon) and father Chakravarthy (Sarat Babu) take care of him very well. Neha (Sreya) is the daughter of Subbu (Chandra Mohan) and she is motherless. Karthik is the senior of Neha in the college and rags her a lot.

Neha rescues Lakshmi at an incident and joins her in hospital. Over a period of time Neha and Lakshmi become thick friends. The family member of Neha likes Karthik. The family of Karthik loves Neha a lot.

Lakshmi refuses, when Subbu proposes to the parents of Karthik to marry off Karthik and Neha. If you want to know why she refused to marry this pair off and how these guys work hard to impress upon the parents, you gotta watch this film on the silver screen.

Artist Performances:

Charan: Charan is an average looking guy with ease in acting. He suited the role well. His action is natural. He resembles Pawan Kalyan in a few frames. For a starter, it's a good debut. The dubbing aspect of Charan is not convincing as the dialogues and the lip movements are not in sync.

Shreya: She is the main asset of the film. She is very beautiful and extremely talented in acting. She has got wonderful smile and has enticing and expressive eyes. She resembles Keerthi Reddy. But Sreya is a much better than Keerthi Reddy in all proportions including height. No wonder, Nag has taken her as the heroine in 'Santosham'

Poonam Dhillon: She got a vital role in this film and she justified it with her histrionics. But, they should have considered the problem of nativity.

Technical Departments:

Story - Dialogues - Screenplay - Direction: The taking of the film is refreshing. The shot making abilities of the director duo 'Vikram-Raj Kumar' are worth applause. Some of the scenes in the film are brilliantly executed. The scene in which the hero and heroines communicates their love through symbolic means, is very romantic. Dialogues of the film are apt, but needs comedy touch to them. Screenplay of the film needs a bit more homework. The vital drawback of the film is that the story begins in the film after 4 songs are over. The viewer is kept on wait for 1 hour and 45 minutes to know what the story of 'Istam' is all about. Another drawback about the film is the Lakshmi's opinion that her son is a worthless and irresponsible guy. Any mother in the world thinks that their son is the best. In this film, Lakshmi who always boasted that her son is a bright guy turns the table around and refuses to marry Karthik with Neha quoting that her son is not worthy enough to marry a responsible girl like Neha. This decision (and only twist in story) is very unconvincing. The directors have a very good aesthetic sense and have the capability to come up with blockbusters if the chose good convincing stories.

Music: Music in the film is fresh. Out of six songs, three songs are situational. Three melodious songs in this film are very good. The debutant music director Gopinath is talented one. The canning of second song (between Lakshmi and Neha) and fourth song (between Charan and Neha) are very poetic.

Photography: Photography is another asset of the film. All the frames in this film are rich and colorful. V Sreenivasa Reddy has done an excellent job.

Production: Ramoji Rao has come with a novel storyline again. He should be commended for the kind of freedom he is giving to his crew. His effort to induct new blood into industry is praiseworthy.

Analysis: The film has got good music, photography, direction etc. But what this film terribly lacks is the entertainment value. In addition to this, there is a overdose of sentiment for this film. The story preaches that the undergraduate lovers should not elope and they should find the reason for their parent's refusal and work towards rectifying the defects. This film has a good message. But the message should be sugarcoated. The sugar (in form of comedy) is missing in the film. After watching this film, you would be in a dilemma weather to tag it as a good or bad cinema. If you look at the technical aspects, it's a good film. If you look at the entertainment value, it's a bad film. This movie may not go well with the youth. It may find takers in the matured audiences. We have to wait and see what box office has in store for 'Istam'. Though it may sound incidental, the basic storylines of 'Jabili' (which released on 29th Nov.) and 'Istam' (released on 20th Nov) are same.

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Gudipoodi Review
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Istam Film Review
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