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Jeevi Rating: 3 (Three)
Genre: Love
Banner: RPG Productions
Cast: Uday Kiran, Pratyusha, Gajala, Sunil, Gayatri, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Giribabu, Vizag Prasad, Gautahm Raju, Ananth, Jr. Ralangi and Sudha
Art: Nagendra Prasad
Photography: Sameer Reddy
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Fights: Vijay
Editing: Shankar
Dialogues: Vakkantham Vamsy
Lyrics: Seetharama Sastry, Kulasekhar and Devi Sri Prasad
Story - Screenplay - Direction: Raghu Raj
Producer: Raju - Praveen - Giri

Theatrical Release Date: 8th February 2002



Ravi (Uday Kiran) is an unemployed graduate with lots of attitude and brimming confidence. Getting a job is pretty easy for him and what's easier for him is to quit it with in a day for the kind of hypocrisies exists in the system. His family consists of a loving mother, a daunting father and an obsessed sister-in-law Madhavi (Pratyusha).

Ravi meets Viswanatham (Satyanarayana), who is a successful hotelier in the city. Viswanatham is impressed by the spirit and sincerity of Ravi. He strikes a deal with Ravi to accompany him and be the care taker of him during his trip to Switzerland where he receives the 'best industrialist of the year' award. Viswanath offers some money as remuneration and will also offer him the job in his company if Ravi is satisfactory.

Anjali (Gajala) is a motherless child and the daughter of a multimillionaire, who has everything in her fingertips except for the love and time of her own father, who is too busy minting money round the clock. Anjali completes her graduation and decides to go to Switzerland for holidays.

Ravi and Anjala stays in the same hotel in Switzerland. They find liking to each other though they meet very occasionally at a distance. One evening, they accidentally meet in a cable car. While on travel, the cable car gets stuck for hours due to technical problems. Ravi and Anjala are all alone in that cab. They get tempted by the teen charms of each other and have sex.

After that incident, they lose touch with each other. Viswanatham dies of heart attack when he returns India. The entire second half is dealt with how Ravi and Anjali goes on searching mission and only to find each other in the climax.


Uday Kiran: Uday Kiran is definitely an improved artist with this film. His character offers him some mass image as well with a couple of well-executed fights and ferocious dialogues. His dances are also pretty impressive. He trimmed his hair in this film and tried to be different compared to all his past films.

Gajala: She got a good performance oriented role in Kalusukovalani. And she did justice to it.

Pratyusha: She did a homely character that ends up doing sacrifice. And she is good in that role.

Satyanarayana: Satyanarayana got a lengthy role in this film after a long gap. It's very refreshing to see him back in the business.

Technical Departments:

Story - Screenplay - Direction: Story of the film is pretty good. But there is lack of clarity in the script. The director Raghuraj maintained grip in a few scenes. But lots of scenes have gaping holes left unplugged. The basic story is a love story. But the second facet of the film 'inspiration-for-youth-to-exile' is not carried in the same vein throughout the film. The director has got good creative sense, but failed to make the audience glue to the screen.

Music: Music of the film by Devi Sri Prasad is pretty impressive. The choreography by Shankar and Cool Jayant is an added asset. Background music is also good. Deva composed a song 'Shakeela' for this film. The highlight song of the film is 'Udayinchina'.

Photography: Cinematography by Sameer Reddy is asset to the film. Picturization of songs is more impressive.

Dialogues: Dialogues by Vamsi and Surya Narayana are good. But most of the times, the characters of Viswanath and Ravi go into 'lecturing' and 'over-sentiment' mode, which got slightly negative response from viewers.

Analysis: This film has a good storyline and not-so-good script. First half of the film is relatively better compared to second half. The plus points of the film are music, Uday Kiran and Gajala. The minus points are slow-paced narration and imperfect script. Sunil character in this film is wasted. Over all, Kalusukovalani is an average fare.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Kalusukovalani Film Review
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