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Telugu Movie review - Maharadhi

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Jeevi rating: 3/5
: Bala Krishna all the way
Family Drama/Action
Sri Lalitha Kalanjali Productions

Cast: Bala Krishna, Sneha, Meera Jasmine, Navaneet Kaur, Jayaprada, Naresh, Thotapally Madhu, Pradeep Rawat, Kovai Sarala, Venu Madhav, Ali, Suthivelu, Geeta Singh, Jayaprakash Reddy, Lakshmipati

Music: Guru Kiran
Story - dialogues: Thothapally Madhu
Cinematography: Sekhar V Joseph
Screenplay - direction: P Vasu
Producer: Vakada Appa Rao

Release Date: 1 February 2007



maharadhiChowdary (Naresh) runs a music school at a hill station. Bala (Bala Krishna) teaches songs to Kalyani (Meera Jasmine), Chowdary’s daughter. Krishna (Bala Krishna) is a dance teacher at a rival college run by Chamundeswari (Jaya Prada). Bala is a unglamorous naïve man while Krishna is a trendy hipster. Bala makes Kalyani fall in love with Krishna. The rest of the story is all about whether Bala and Krishna are the same and the reason behind Bala and Krishna trying to unite the college heads Chowdary & Chamundeswari.

Artists Performance

Maharadhi Bala Krishna: Bala Krishna has a role of three shades. He also had four different getups in the film. He has shown a nice difference in terms of get up and body language between the Bala and Krishna characters. His interpretation of Bala Krishna character is excellent. He has shown a knack for comedy with the antics of the goon who is addicted to alcohol. Bala Krishna before has never attempted this kind of character. He should also be appreciated for donning the fourth get-up in the film. This is a kind of rare and unique gesture by Bala Krishna who has acted the roles of the kurupi character in Bhairava Dweepam and the wanderer character in Maharadhi. His mass mannerisms in second half are good.

maharadhiOthers: Sneha is good as the girl who searches for musical talent and she comes in the second half. Meera Jasmine is limited to first half of the film. She does well as a playful girl. Navaneet Kaur has acted the limited role of Bala Krishna's dance student. Jayaprada is back on the Telugu screen after a long time and she is adequate. Naresh is adequate. Kovai Sarala is fair as the mother of Bala Krishna. There is a small comedy role by Venu Madhav in the film.

Technical Departments:

MaharadhiStory - screenplay - direction: Story of the film is adequate with the atha - alludu formula. Screenplay of the film is fine in the first half, but should have been better in the second half. P Vasu is known for his handling of films to appeal to the family crowds. Hence, we find his direction to be little old-fashioned. The way he has given characterization to Bala Krishna character in the flashback episode is noteworthy. He gave soft orientation in the presentation of the film.

maharadhiOther departments: Guru Kiran has done a commending job as music director. All the songs in the film are good. Mangamma, Veeche Galulalo, Nenu Kooda Labor and Uppuchepa are presented well visually. Dialogues by Thotakura Madhu are partly good. There are good dialogues like - 'manam ekkadanindi vacham annadi mukhyam kadu. Em sadhincham anedi mukhyam - Entry kadu, exit mukhyam' and 'junior doctor kanna senior patient ki vishayam ekkuva'. Photography by Sekhar V Joseph is fair.

MaharadhiAnalysis: First half of the film is decent with Bala Krishna providing entertainment with his two roles. The second half is sluggish. The plus points of the film are Bala Krishna's efforts in a role of four different shades and the nice music. On the flipside, the direction is a bit old-fashioned. P Vasu's films cater to the family crowds (especially ladies) and win at the box office in the long run. The success of this film depends on how it appeals to the family crowds.

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