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Movie review - Nuvve Kavali
Usha Kiron movies
Nuvve Kavali
Jeevi Rating: 4.5/5

Jeevi Rating: 4.5/5 (Four and Half)
: Tarun, Richa Sharma, Sai Kiran & Varsha

Camera: Hari Anumolu
Dialogues : Trivikram
Story, Screenplay & Direction: Vijaya Bhaskar
Executive Producer: Sravanti Ravi Kishore

Ramoji ao

Theatrical Release Date: 13th October 2000



Tarun (Tarun) and Madhu (Richa Sharma) are neighbors and are the best friends. Both of them study in the same college in the same class. They are inseparable and share everything together. In spite of them being in the prime time of their teenage, they never had love feelings towards each other.

During that period, another classmate Prakash (Sai Kiran) falls in love with Madhu and proposes her. Madhu asks Tarun about his opinion. Then Tarun asks her to tell whatever is there in her mind, for which she feels that she was confused at that time and wanted to take the decision after a few days. Meantime, Madhu and Prakash get selected for participating a cultural festival that is going to happen in Bangalore. Incidentally, those seven days are the only days these inseparable friends stayed away from each other. And they miss each other very much. During that period, Tarun realizes that he loves Madhu.

And he wanted to express the same immediately after Madhu arrives in his town. He selects a lovely greeting card coupled with a romantic gift for Madhu. While going to meet Madhu with these gifts, he happens to face a couple of his friends in which the girl feels extremely cheated when one of their friend proposes to her. She feels that he has misunderstood her friendship to love and she swears not to talk to that guy any more. After seeing this incident, Tarun decides that he needs only friendship from Madhu as he did not want to risk their friendship for the sake of love.

Later on, with the consent of Tarun, Madhu accepts the proposal of Prakash and they starts dating. Prakash becomes over protective of Madhu over a period of time and internally feels jealous of Tarun's friendship with Madhu and intentionally tries to avoid Tarun. Madhu, in the process gets more confused of the entire situation and shows sympathy for Tarun.

The grandmother of Prakash arranges talks with the parents of Madhu and they decide over the engagement date. They also made it clear that Madhu has to go to USA after the marriage. Then Madhu realizes for the first time that marriage means breaking her friendship with Tarun. And she internally discovers that they are more than friends and they need each other. An emotionally broken Madhu asks Tarun why did he not propose her earlier. Tarun ruled by emotions hug Madhu and cries and runs away from her.

Its engagement time for Madhu and Prakash! Madhu is willing to go all out telling about her love towards Tarun and break the relationship with Prakash. But Tarun reiterates the fact that both the parents have given then unlimited freedom and never suspected anything between them. Announcing the love during the engagement time is an act of cheating nature. With the insistence of Tarun, Madhu exchanges the ring with Prakash.

Will the great friends, who confirmed their love towards each other, get united or will Prakash take Madhu away from Tarun? One got to watch the most delicately handled and unforgettable climax in the recent times (after the Venky's Raja) on the silver screen!!.


Tarun: Tarun shocked the entire viewers with exceptional acting in this film. He gave the right kind of expressions for all the scenes. Another remarkable aspect of Tarun is ease at which he has done easy looking difficult dances. I am not sure if he has done his own dubbing or some dubbing artist gave the voice. But his voice rendering is immaculate. His boy-next-door looks are going to added advantage where the mindset of viewers is changing for chocolate heroes to normal-looking boys. For a debutant hero, doing such a second-half is a real challenge and he has done with ease.

Richa Sharma: This josh girl is also a surprise pack of 'Nuvve Kavali'. She matched her action with Tarun and is like a flowing river when it comes to dancing. She slightly resembles Rekha in a few scenes. And her fresh look and fine performance will give her more future in the films.

Sai Kiran: He is given a very small role in this film. He has done justice to his role, as there is no scope for performance. He is son of famous singer Rama Krishna.

Technical departments:

Dailogues: Trivikraman has come up with fresh set of youthful and thoughtful dialogues. The following two dialogues are very memorable. They are 1. 'Premiche Vaadiki Bhayam Vundakoodadu' 'Bhayapadevadu Preminchakodadu' 'Bhayapadutoo Preminchevaadu Badhapada Koodadu'. 2. Premaki Sneham kanna minchina foundation ledu.

Music: Koti has come up with sensational music after many years. All the songs are peppy and jazzy. There are six sizzling songs in this film

  • 1st Song: 'Ammammalu Tatayyalaku' - This song comes as the introduction song with Tarun and Richa doing majestic dancing in the Ramoji Film city.
  • 2nd Song: 'Anaganaga Aakasam Vundi': This is the highlight song of 'Nuvve Kavali'. This song saw the youth viewers going into raptures by dancing with gay abandon in the theaters. It serves as an intro song for Prakash as he is singer in this film.
  • 3rd song: 'Ekkada Vunna': This songs is pictured on Tarun doing crazy sallu (Salman Khan) kind of dance in the beach as he misses Madhu, when she goes to Bangalore for seven days. This song belongs to SA Raj Kumar genre.
  • 4th song: Shukriya: It's a colony song. Shukriya has a special meaning for this film. There is a small kid in sardar dress who danced extremely well. Shot on Tarun and Madhu along with the inmates of colony.
  • 5th song: Ole Ole: It's special song for the farewell party of the college in which Madhu and Tarun are studying. Laila did a little bit of exposing and suggestive dance for the viewers. This song has a few notes from Bharateeyudu and Dil Se songs.
  • 6th Song: Kallalloki Kallupetti: This song leads the heart-rending climax. This song has the friends (Tarun and Madhu) reminding their flash back as Madhu accompanies Tarun to the railway station.

Choreography & Photography: These two departments have to be commended to give an equally sensuous work to go well with the vision of the director.

Direction: What we have seen in 'Swayam Varam' was just a tip on iceberg, when we compare Nuvve Kavali to Swayamvaram. Vijaya Bhaskar seems to have mastered in projecting the relationships on screen. He can become a Yash Chopra of Telugu cinema, if he can handle all the films with delicacy. The entire story can be told in three lines. But it's purely Vijaya Bhaskar's dexterity that makes every moment of the film gripping. No wonder, Venky has picked Vijaya Bhaskar for his future project.

Production: This film has set a new precedent in Tollywood. This film follows the Hollywood kind of filmmaking where the producer approaches the studios to make a film for him. Here Sravanti Ravi Kishore has teamed up Vijaya Bhaskar and approached Ramoji Rao to make a film for them. As he knows that Usha Kiron would be the right choice with a mega infrastructure support in print, television and distribution media along with the most famous and comprehensive Ramoji Film city. The result is a rich film in a limited budget of one crore.

Analysis: There is never a dull moment in this film. And this film is setting the youth on fire, just the way 'Prema Desam' and 'Toli Prema' has done in the past. It a clean film and is recommended for the entire family viewing. I had to buy the ticket for Rs 40/- (original price is Rs 20/-) to watch 'Nuvve Kavali' in Pallavi Theater in Guntur. You guys better plan your movie watching, if you want to avoid buying in black.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Nuvve Kavali Review
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