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Movie review - Show
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Jeevi rating: 4/5
: picture perfect
Banner: Indira Creations
Cast: Manjula Swaroop, Surya
: Raaz
Photography: Ravi Yadav
Editing: Anil Malnad
Story - Screenplay - Dialogues - Direction: Nilakanta Reddy
Production: Manula
Release date: 13th September 2002


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Ridhima (Manjula Swaroop) - an executive from Delhi-based pharmaceutical company visits a remote village in AP to make a deal on patents with a professor who invented a new drug.

The professor leaves a note that he would return late as he had to attend some urgent work and she shall wait for his arrival. At that time Madhav Rao, a junior lawyer who supervises the event of patent selling arrives at that place.

Radhima is a fun loving unmarried girl. Madhav Rao is a frustrated married guy. The events that take place for a few hours between these two are the most interesting aspect to be watched!


Surya: Surya is a wonderful actor and we have seen only glimpses of his brilliance as an inspiring coach in 'Tammudu'. Later on he got branded as a comedian from 'Premaku Velayara' onwards. Total credit goes to the director Nilakanta for casting Surya for this amazing role of Madhava Rao, which has the traces of schizophrenia (split personality). He balanced his emotions and kept the viewers guessing about his realself throughout the film with perfect histrionics. His unique and comedy oriented dialogue delivery is also a big asset. He gave an award-winning performance in 'Show'.

Manjula Swaroop: Manjula is a born actress and she is very spontaneous and natural. She involved herself in the character so effortlessly that nobody would get any inkling that 'Show' is her first Telugu movie as heroine. Superstar Krishna should be a proud man to see his daring daughter Manjula as a world-class matured actress. She resembles Reema Sen in few angles.

Technical Departments

Story: Making a story that involves three characters is very difficult. Nobody would dare to make a film with such a novel storyline.

Screenplay - direction: The screenplay of Show is excellent. Having just 2 main roles in the film and running the show for two hours is not an easy task. It needs excellent command on the script and perfect conviction in the subject. No wonder, this film has won 'best screenplay' award on national basis by beating extraordinary films like 'Lagaan'. The shot making capability of Nilakanta is praiseworthy. The way he portrayed the emotional struggle and helplessness of Madhav Rao character is pretty good.

Dialogues: This film is a dialogue based film that has strong resemblance to stage plays. You can understand the entire film if you listen to just dialogues on a tape recorder. The dialogues of the film are written very carefully with an undercurrent of situational comedy. Nilakanta is pretty good at it.

Photography: 'Show' is shot on 35mm format. Clarity and crispness in camerawork is very similar to that of ad films. The way cinematographer Ravi Yadav used fade-in and fade-out effect gels well with narration.

Other departments: Editing by Anil Malnad is crisp and precise. Music by Raaz is appropriate and has the art orientation.

Production: Manjula deserves a pat on her back for making such a bold move of producing a novel film with a shoe-string (shall we say high heel string?) budget of 18 lakhs. She exhibited her real guts by producing this film and also displayed her prowess as an actress by giving wonderful performance.

Its natural for any regular moviegoer to hesitate to watch a film that won national award as an award-winning film sends wrong signals to the public that it's meant only for the elite crowds. But this Show is an exception! Though the director narrated the story in an art-film format, he made sure that there is always an under current lighter vein comedy interlaced in the story throughout. 'Show' is a must watch film for all passionate movie lovers.

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