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Thammudu - Movie Review
Smt Muniswari
Sri Venkateswara Arts
(Born to Win)
Jeevi Rating: 4.5/5
Love, Family Drama and Action
Jeevi Rating
4.5/5 (Four and Half on a scale of five)
Pawan Kalyan (Subramanyam/Subbu/Subhash), Preeti Zingania (Janaki/Jaanu) and Dr Aditi (Lovely)
Art: Anand Sai
Music: Ramana Gogula
Dialogues: Ramana Chintapally
Screenplay & Direction: P A Arun Prasad
Theatrical Release Date
15th July 1999

Janaki and Subhash are neighbors, who are friends from childhood. They move around very closely. Subhash is a freak-out guy and Janaki cares for him a lot. Chakri is Subhash elder brother, who is very responsible and on the way to fulfill his father’s dream of becoming a kickboxing champion.

There is an age long rivalry between Model School and Govt. School in that town. Chakri, Subhash and Janaki belong to Govt. School. Rich and spoilt teenage boppers dominate the Model School. Bhupender is the gang leader of Model school and is hunted by Modern gals.

Janaki loves Subhash. But Subhash has his eyes set on glossy modern gals. Bhupendar defeats Chakri, in the latest kick box annual competition. Meantime, Subhash hit off well with Lucky, as new entrant into Model school, by posing that he is born rich by borrowing latest cars from Janaki Father’s garage. Subhash used to lend lot of money from Janaki for his expenses. Before the valentine day, Subhash asks Janaki for Rs 10,000/- saying that he will present a diamond ring to his valentine. Janaki presumes her to be the valentine of Subhash and get the shock of her life when he presents that ring to Lucky in front of her.


Janaki decides to leave that town and go to her granny’s place and do her study for the rest of life. Janaki father (Chandra Mohan) realizes that Janaki gave RS 10,000/- to Subhash. That was the last straw for him as he was very skeptical about Subhash behavior. Chandramohan give a oral thrashing to Subhash dad in public. Immediately Lucky come to know about the rags story of Subhash and thrashes him in front of his father. Being an insulted and harassed father he is, he sends Subhash out of his house. Janaki comes to know about the things that are happening to Subhash. So she cancels her trip and tries to comfort Subhash and explains him that what he was doing is bad. And makes him realize the importance of being a responsible person. As Subhash decides to mend his ways, things do turn out against him.

Meantime, Subhash father settles the match for Chakri with Chakri’s longtime flame. As Chakri was going to get his brother home for his engagement, he was beaten up by Bhupendar and other model school guys. Chakri is so badly injured that he needs the bed rest for 3 months. In this process his father’s irritation towards Subhash multiplies.

Subhash approaches the guru of chakri to learn the art of kickboxing. Janaki father settles an abroad match for Janaki and forces her to ignore Subhash, which she relents. As Subhash hones the finer point’s of martial arts, Janaki is left with an unavoidable option of having poison as she is sandwiched between father’s love and love for Subhash.

Now stage is set for kickboxing. Will Janaki take poison? Will she get engaged to the abroad guy? How does Subhash manage to win the kickboxing championship as well as good will of his father. What is the ending etc. etc. … you must watch this electrifying movie on big screen with DTS stuff.


Pawan Kalyan: Pawan is in his elements. He acted extremely well in all the scenes, though some of the smiling stuff has the shades of Toli Prema. He danced very well. Oh man! This guy will beat Chiru in dances. Lot of hero image is projected in this movie for Pawan for which he did justice.
Preeti: This gal looks so cute. She did her job as an unconditional lover exceptionally well. She makes the viewers feel for her all the time. She did decent acting and has the girl-next-door portrayal.
DR Aditi; Though there is no scope for acting for this role, she did well with in the limitations.
Achuth: He did his role of a responsible brother with ease. Got applause by viewers in many scenes.

Director: PA Arun Prasad is the new whiz kid of cinema with Thammudu. He belongs to the league of Jayant and Krishna Vamsi. He did a fabulous job. Though this film has lots of fun stuff, song and dances, director made sure that the undercurrent of love and sentiment through the film is present. He did extremely well in showing the human values and feelings of each and every character.

Screenplay: Screenplay of this film is neat and clean. Each scene is fresh and new.

Producer: Burugapalli sivarama Krishna gave another classic movie after ‘Premante idera’.

Dialogues: Ramana Chintapally, who gave cute dialogues for Toli Prema, came up with yet another great performance.

Choreography: Harish Pai did a great job.
Song No1: ‘College Blues’: This western part of this lullaby is pictured on Model School guys. Folk part of it is pictured on Govt. College guys. This lullaby is a short and sensual stuff.

Song No2: ‘Made in Andhra’: This song is about Pawan showing modern collegiate his power. Superb steps by Pawan.

Song No3: ‘Pedavi daatani’: This classic song is pictured in the Alps of Switzerland. There is no dance in this song. There are a few sweet things in this song that tickles the viewer’s heart. This song is about Preeti imagining about sharing her sweet nothings with Pawan.

Song No4: ‘Edola Vundi’: This song comes when Pawan got just introduced to DR Aditi. A sensual song.

Song No5: ‘Vayyari Bhama’: This song is shot in Switzerland railway station with Pawan donning coolie dress. The funniest part of this song is that 5 blond guys would be folk dancing as sidekicks to Pawan wearing a Lungi. By listening to this song one do expect more in picturization.

Song No6: ‘Kalakalalu’: Pawan imagining himself singing an engagement song for his brother. There is family dance in this as well as few exceptionally excellent dancing steps by Pawan.

Song No7: ‘Traveling Soldier’: A song which was pictured with such an extraordinary skill that one has to sit on the edge of chair to see those martial feats of Pawan. Very inspirational stuff it is.
First half is full freak out. Second half grabs the viewers and make them follow every scene closely. Story is thin, but the treatment is cool. There is freshness in each and every scene. Even when he don a role of brat in first half, Pawan captures the hearts of viewers with his lighter vein comedy. Highlight of this film is the climax (kickboxing). There is deafening applause from the viewers for this climax. You will really get confused about where you are getting those sounds, from sound box or from viewers. There are two more cute lullabies in this movie, which were enjoyed thoroughly by viewers. This film showcases the multitalented acting prowess of Pawan. Debutante director P A Prasad is bound to go places.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Thammudu Review
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