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Just Released - Vamsi
Padmalaya Films
Jeevi Rating: 3/5

Jeevi Rating: 3/5 (Threeon a scale of five)
: Mahesh Babu, Krishna, Namrata Sirodkar and Mayuri Kango

Mani Sharma
Camera: Ajayan Vincent
Story, Dialogues and Screenplay : Satyanand
Direction: B Gopal
Producer: G Adiseshagiri Rao

Theatrical Release Date: 4th October 2000



Vamsi (Mahesh) is the fashion designer who gets an opportunity to participate the Fashion Designer's contest held in Australia. Vamsi has a colleague model called Sneha (Mayuri Kango) who is selected to parade the creations of Vamsi in the fashion contests. Since Vamsi have to study the native culture of Australia to design the best outfit, he is asked to tour the Australia extensively for a month.

Shilpa (Namrata Sirodkar) is the daughter of an Industrialist Aakineedu Prasad (Nazar), who is studying in Australia. She decides to take a vacation after exams by touring the Australian country. Vamsi meets Shilpa in the tour and they slowly fall in love with each other (story and screenplay courtesy 'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge). After the trip is over, Sneha who loves Vamsi comes to know that Shilpa and Vamsi love each other. Sneha trips and falls over the stairs and gets injured. When Vamsi gets disappointed since his model friend Sneha is injured, Shilpa surprises him by entering the contest with Vamsi designs and winning the first prize for Vamsi (courtesy Dil To Pagal Hain). When Vamsi and Shilpa are returning to India, Sneha decides to stay back as she thinks that Indian Model fare in Australia than India (what about software engineers?).

Shilpa lets her father know about her love and Vamsi. And he warns Vamsi not to get after his daughter. After a couple of fights, Shilpa decides to marry Vamsi in a temple. As Shilpa escapes from home to meet Vamsi in a temple, Arjun (Krishna) kidnaps her on the way. After waiting for Shilpa in the temple, Vamsi goes to Shilpa's house to enquire about it. Aakineedu (Shilpa's father) puts him behind the bars on the charge of kidnapping his daughter.

After coming to know that Arjun has kidnapped his daughter, Aakineedu bails out Vamsi and begs him to save his daughter. He also agrees that he is going to marry off his daughter to Vamsi.

If you want to show why Arjun kidnapped Shilpa, and who is the real culprit and how the culprits are eliminated by Vamsi, you gotta watch this visual treat on a silver screen with DTS effect.



Mahesh: Just like his earlier films, Mahesh is a treat to watch in this film and he grabbed every opportunity to give his best shot. His dance in this film knows no limit. He did the emotions with equal ease be it romancing or fighting.

Namrata Sirodkar: Namrata looks natural and down to earth in appearance. But it's her ease and body language that set her histrionics a class apart. She is extremely good at dances. She is at home while doing dances and it's a nice feeling to see her gracefully converting her ramp experience into Lawrence steps.

Krishna: Superstar Krishna is a major attraction for this film. His entrance just before the interval is a classic one. His dialogues are brimming with fire.

Technical Department:

Camera: Ajayanan Vincent did a cool job for cinematography section. His picturization of the climax is of Hollywood class.

Screenplay: Screenplay of this film is smooth and good except for the climax. Satyanand, who trained Mahesh earlier, has provided the screenplay.

Dances: There are six songs in the film. All the songs are well composed by Lawrence

  • Song1: 'Oho Sonia' song is the introduction song of Mahesh Babu. Mayuri Kango danced along with a bunch of dancers to match the rhythm of Mahesh.
  • Song2: 'ABC datindo' song is a song pictured in a restaurant set. This song is a blind copy of DDLJ song in which Sharukh Khan was forced to play piano and humiliate Kajol. For a change, Mahesh uses Violin in place of Piano.
  • Song 3 and 4: 'Vecha Vechaa Vundi' and 'Koyilamma Padutunnadi' are shot in picturesque locales of New Zealand.
  • Song 5: 'Sarigama Padanisale' was shot in the beautiful 'Ramoji Film City'.
  • Song6: 'Veyinchukunte Baguntadi' is the clincher of the film, in which Mahesh and Namrata make the viewers go mad with their dance.

Music: Music is the definite plus point both in the sections of backdrop score and songs composition.

Stunts: Vijayan has done a commendable job in stunts sections. Matrix, Shanghai Noon and Mission Impossible - II, inspire the fights in this film. He should be congratulated to make these fights as close as to the original films. No wonder, the climax has taken 46 days to shoot. His perfection in copying is such accurate that if you watch stunts in Mission Impossible II and Vamsi, you can feel only actors to be different.

Direction: This film does not appear as if B Gopal, who gave most successful action films like Samarasimha Reddy, directs it. Thanks to Satyanand, who gave a smooth screenplay for this film though it was a bland copy of DDLJ in first half. But in the last 30 minutes of the film, the direction was obscure.

Analysis: The first half of this film is excellent. Second half is good except for the last 30 minutes. If you want to enjoy the film, its better to go out of the theaters immediately after last song is over. Climax is good if you watch it as just a fight. But if you analyze the way story reached the conclusion, you cannot enjoy the climax. On a whole, a must see film for Mahesh fans and a watchable film for the rest (only if you excuse the bland copying of DDLJ and MI - II).

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Vamsi Review
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