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Deccan Chronicle Movie review - Takkari Donga
Takkari Donga
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Reviewer: Usha Revalli
Banner: Jayant Fulcrum Cinergies
Cast: Mahesh Babu, Lisa Ray, Bipasha Basu, Rahul Dev, Tanikella Bharani, Raj, Ashoka Kumar, Ravi Chalapati and Surya
Art: Ashok Kumar
Fights: Vijayan
Photography: Jayanan Vincent
Choreographers: Saroj Khan, Prasanna, Raju Sundaram & Raja Sekhar
Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh
Music: Mani Sharma
Lyrics: Chandra Bose, Vennelakanti, Kula Sekhar & Bhuvana Chandra
Story - Dialogues: Satyanand
Screenplay - Production - Direction: Jayant C Paranji
Executive Producers: Vasant C Paranji & Sumant C Paranji
USA Distributor: chalanachitram.com

Theatrical Release Date: 12th January 2002 (india) & 18th January 2002 (usa)


Ah! Cinema, the opiate of the masses! How it grips attention, how it drowns in emotion and how it forces you to suspend disbelief!

Takkari Donga is cinema at its entertaining best. So who cares if the Grand Canyon has a village called Palasapaadu where the villagers travel on horses? What if the fortune-teller with a crystal ball looks more like a devotee of Katta Maisamma? And a quintessential cowboy talks in the most idiomatic form of Telugu!

There is a hero, two girls, a bunch of villains and a story that can be set anywhere but the director chooses to take Takkari Donga right to the heart of the Wild Wild West. Guns in holsters, leather pants, bar counters and beer bottles, timber cottages and vast expanses of red, dry dust go to make the setting for this slick entertainer.

Mahesh is a young, daredevil robber who finds looting great fun but his carefree visage hides the vicious memories of a tragic childhood and he is apparently on the look out for the killer of his family. After a great deal of frolicking, gun fights and some romance he meets the object of his vengeance and settles scores in a dramatic, if prolonged climax.

Jayant seems to have clearly enjoyed himself making this movie. The screenplay is tight and the film sustains interest, except for a few minutes towards the end. There is admirable attention to detail and each frame looks like it is a faithful reproduction of cowboy movies.

Clint Eastwood has an unlikely heir in Mahesh but this young scion of Krishna wins hearts with his charm rather than glowering looks. He puts in a controlled performance and appears to have made good for viewers the long wait after Murari. But, let's not start on the roles of Lisa Ray and Bipasha Basu. Let's just stop at admiring their looks.

A smooth, technically brilliant movie after a considerable time in Telugu, Takari Donga is entertaining and, in spite of its stereotypical pitfalls, is certainly a refreshing break from the deluge of routine love stories.

courtesy: Deccan Chronicle

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Takkari Donga Film Review
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