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Movie review - Jayam - by Gudipoodi Srihari
(visual monopoly)
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Genre: Love
Banner: Chitram Movies
Cast: Nitin, Sada, Gopichand, Siva Krishna, Prasad Babu, Delhi Rajeswari, Lakshmipathi and Shakeela
Camera: Sameer Reddy
Thrills: Horseman Babu
Chorecography: Shankar
Lyrics: Kula Sekhar
Editing: Shankar
Art: Narayana Reddy
Music: RP Patnaik
Producer - Dialogues - Story - Screenplay - Direction: Teja
Release date: 14th June 2002

Gudipoodi Srihari Review

Riding on the wave of Nuvvu-Nenu's, success, Teja produces this film apart from directing it. The film is a visual delight especially in song situations. But the conception of the scenes is mixture of possible, impossible and imaginary. One notices a particular approach in the presentation of a love theme. The lovers look like adolescents just entering into adulthood. But the earthy appeal of the film Nuvvu-Nenu is absent in this film, though one finds similarities in the basic structure with a little variation. The impossibility lies in making a puny looking young hero flex his muscles, to make his sinewy enemy bite the dust. Teja introduces a surprise element at every stage, especially whenever he introduces the villain Raghu (Gopichand), along with a thunderous sound effect. It is all about two friends Narasimham (Sivakrishna) and Ramu (Prasadbabu) and their families. Teja establishes the two main characters, Sujatha (Sada), daughter of Narasimham and Raghu (Gopichand), son of another friend. As they enter college, Sujatha displays individuality and self-respect, while Raghu becomes wayward. The two childhood friends vow not to see each other again. But their fathers want them to get married.

Sujatha gets close to another young man Venkat (Nitin), in her college. In parallel, the story of Raghu is also developed at other place as a vagabond. He once again set out to wed Janaki. Rest is elopement, train journey into jungles, chase and clash. When the fleeing lovers are cornered by Raghu and his gang, the only help the director provides to them is a saffron flag with Anjaneya imprint on it, drawing parallel to Gita episode in Mahabharata war.

Sada, playing Sujatha, is the strongest asset of the film. A beautiful girl that she is, her very presence electrifies the scenes. Her performance too is praiseworthy. She holds out lot of promise. Nitin in Venkat's role looks too small (physically too) to play the action parts. But he has pleasant looks and needs a few more years to look the role he played. Gopichand, son of the late renowned director T.Krishana, fits the role like a glove. Comedy part is plugged with routine and cheap jokes that pull down the film from being above the ordinary. Musically speaking the songs are situational. The visuals dominate the musical and lyrical content.

courtesy: The Hindu

Other Links:
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Photo Gallery
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Jayam Film Review
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