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Movie review - Nuvve.. Nuvve... by Gudipoodi Srihari
Nuvve.. Nuvve...
(Simple love story)
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Genre: Love
Banner: Sri Sravanthi Movies
Cast: Tarun, Sreya, Prakash Raj, Chandra Mohan, Sunil, MS Narayana, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Chitti Babu, Sudha, Pragati, Rajiv Kanakala, Anitha Chowdary, Swapna madhuri, Silpa Chakravarthy, Sudarshan, Naveen
Lyrics: Sirivennela Seetarama Sastry
Music: Koti
Photography: Hari Anumolu
Editing: Srikar Prasad
Art: Peketi Ranga, Ram Mohan
Choreography: Suchitra Chandra Bose, Shankar
Make-up: Narasimha
Costumes: Siva, Khadir
Costume Designer: Priya
Production Executives: N Ravindra Reddy, M Srinivasa Rao
Assistant Director: Madhu
Associate Directors: N Ravindra Babu, Gopi, Abburi Ravi
Co-directors: B Subba Rao, G Sudhakar
Producer: 'Sravanthi' Ravi Kishore
Story - Dialogues - Screenplay - Direction: Trivikram
Release date: 10th October

Gudipoodi Srihari Review

tell a friend

Perhaps, by their very nature, most love stories are similar with identical situations especially woven around teenagers. The 'Nuvvu' sentiment is still working wonders or at least the filmmakers think so. And Nuvve Nuvve is no exception to the rule.

Rishi (Tarun) is a college student. His father (Chandramohan) runs a departmental store, which can never match the status of industrialist Viswanath (Prakashraj), whose daughter Anjali (Shriya) loves Rishi. Besides, Viswanath dotes on his only daughter to the extent of purchasing an ice cream parlor just because Anjali loves ice cream. But, he fails to oblige her and get her married to the boy she likes. Maybe, this has something to do with his ego. According to the assessment given by his son (Rajeev Kanakala), the son-in-law should be a 'yes man' and stay with him.

Back to Rishi and Anjali, who study in the same college. Soon they fall in love. On one occasion, the two fly to Mumbai in the morning and return in the evening (after Rishi pawns his gold chain). When asked, Anjali bluffs that she was with a friend.

Unfortunately, before her return, Anajali's father asks the same friend about her whereabouts. That is enough for Viswanath to panic and suspect that she is already in love with someone. He soon summons Rishi and offer him Rs.1 crore to move away from his daughter. But, Rishi refuses to accept the amount. Viswanath also insults Rishi's father and is immediately pulled up by the hero. Anjali too comes to know of it and agrees to marry Saradhi, Viswanath's obedient junior. However, Saradhi is against marrying Anjali. Rest shows how the inevitable happens.

The director steers the film into a psychological drama. There is plenty of word play in dialogue. But the storyline is simple. Tarun and Sreya are comfortable and offer portrayals with considerable ease. Prakashraj takes credit for projecting the role of the heroine's father in the perspective the director has imagined. Thus, the film definitely makes people sit, if they are interested in listening to the verbal drama that transpires between all the three important characters. Music by Koti, a versatile composer, is quite soothing. The film is fortunately saved from loud comedy.

Hari Anumolu's photography is quite imaginative.

courtesy: The Hindu

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Wall papers
Mega Posters

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Nuvve Nuvve Film Review
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