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Movie review - Sontham by Gudipoodi Srihari
(Inspired theme)
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Genre: Love
Banner: JD Arts
Cast: Aryan Rajesh, Namitha, Rohit, Neha, Sunil, Jhansi, MS Narayana, Chitram Seenu, Tanikella Bharani, Asha Saini, Naresh, Rajitha, Ali, JP, Venu Madhav, Chinna, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam and Telangana Sakuntala
: Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics: Sirivennela, Pothula Ravi Kiran, Kula Sekhar
Story - Screenplay - Direction: Seenu Vytla
Producers: S Sompally, VR Kanneganti
Release date: 23rd August 2002

Gudipoodi Srihari Review

Inspired by the recent Nuvve Kaavali and Sontham cannot boast of an original subject. The theme discusses the thin line between friendship and love.

In this case, Vamsi (Aryan Rajesh) treats his childhood pal Nandu (Namita), just as a friend. But Nandu loves him and wants to marry him. When she's about to express her mind, she overhears Vamsi telling his friend Bose (Rohit) that Nandu is his life, but hastens to add that it should not be mistaken for love. Meanwhile, Vamsi's industrialist father (Tanikella Bharani) sends his son to New Zealand to look after their business interests. This trip is designed to open his named Maggie, there, is the one who gives him wisdom. Vamsi, by then, begins to miss Nandu and realises he's actually in love with her. So he comes rushing back to India only to find out that she's engaged to another man. He simply cries over his helpless father's shoulders, as his helpless father's shoulders, as Nandu too yearns for Vamsi.

Most of the film has the regular college pranks, with comedian Sunil indulging in some loud comedy. It is some he changes his monotonous style. There is no explantion for the sudden entry and exit of Sunil's mother (Shakuntala) who just kicks her son around for reasons best known to her. We are told that she came out prison after serving a life term for murdering her husband! The scene looks senseless. But for Aryan Rajesh, debutante Namita and Tanikella Bharani, non-deserve attention. Tanikella is different in this film and looks dignified. Music is good, but dance numbers, towards the end, have needless inter-cuts of comedian's expression. Photography is the technical highlight of the film.

courtesy: The Hindu

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Sontham Film Review
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