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Movie Preview - Hanuman Junction - 21st December 2001
Hanuman Junction
Hanuman Junction

Genre: Friendship
Cast: Jagapati Babu, Venu, Arjun, Laya, Sneha, Vijaya Lakshmi, Jaya Prakash Reddy, Brahamanandam, Rallapalli, M.S. Narayana and Kovai Sarala
Story: Rafi Meckardin
Dialogues: Thotapalli Madhu
Camera: Ram Prasad
Fights: Kanal Kannan
Art: M Kumar
Co-directors: Seetha Ramaraju and M.N.R
Music: Suresh Peters
Screenplay - Direction: M Raja
Producer: MV Lakshmi
Presented by: Editor Mohan

Theatrical Release Date: 21st December 2001


About the film

'Editor' Mohan has an uncanny knack of making blockbusters out of modestly budgeted movies. His strong point a well-knit screenplay. Thus he makes his remakes look like authentic, native versions. His latest venture under his M.L. Movie Arts banner, 'Hanuman Junction' is a remake of the Malayalam hit, "Tenkasi Pattananm". Arjun-Sneha, Jagapati Babu-Laya, and Venu-Vijayalakshmi are the lead pairs in this entertainer, a mixture of rugged action and feel good romance.

Arjun and Jagapathi Babu form an entertainment troupe. As orphans, they have seen only the rough side of life. They go to Hanuman Junction in search of a livelihood. Accustomed to a riff-raff, life style, they follow it here also, and eliminate certain rowdy elements in the area. They start behaving like dadas. Laya, a singer in their troupe, gets fed up and refuses to sing for them. They forcibly bring her back into their fold and this song comes in the wake of this incident.

Sneha, also hailing from the same village, brings about a change in the two ruffians with the help of Venu. Vijayalakshmi plays the third heroine. All the artistes, including the comedians, have well-balanced roles to perform. In one word, the film conveys the message that "The victor speaks and the vanquished listens."

"In Rangampeta, we have constructed an eight-ft. statue of Lord Hanuman in this junction, and gifted it to the village after the shooting. The script is an asset for the movie. Credit also goes to a dedicated team of young artistes and technicians. My son is making his debut as a director," says Mohan with a smile. A diploma holder from the Chennai Film Institute. M. Raja feels that directing three heroes in one film has given him the experience of making three movies. "They are very cooperative and helpful."

Talking about their characters in the film, he says, "When they meet a sophisticated Venu, Jagapathi Babu and Arjun rediscover themselves. Jayaprakash Reddy plays the villain and Parchuri Venakateswara Rao is cast as the village head. The film deals with the saga of friendship and whether it can withstand the test of time. The songs are situational. I am happy to make my debut with such a script."

"The film is due for release in November", says Editor Mohan. Brahamanandam, Rallapalli, M.S. Narayana and Kovai Sarala are in the cast. Story is by Rafi Meckardin, dialogue by Thotapalli Madhu, camera by Ram Prasad, fights by Kanal Kannan and art by M.Kumar. The co-directors are Seetha Ramaraju and M.N.R. Screenplay and direction are by M. Raja. The producer is M.V. Lakshmi and presenter 'Editor' Mohan.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Hanuman Junction Film Preview
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