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Movie Preview - Kalusukovalani
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Genre: Love
Banner: RPG Productions
Cast: Uday Kiran, Pratyusha, Gajala, Sunil, Gayatri, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Giribabu, Vaizg Prasad, Gautahm Raju, Ananth, Jr. Ralangi and Sudha
Art: Nagendra Prasad
Photography: Sameer Reddy
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Fights: Vijay
Editing: Shankar
Dialogues: Vakkantham Vamsy
Lyrics: Seetharama Sastry, Kulasekhar and Devi Sri Prasad
Story - Screenplay - Direction: Raghu Raj
Producer: Raju - Praveen - Giri

Theatrical Release Date: 8th February 2002


About the film

Promoted as an emotional love story, the R.P.G. Productions' "Kalusukovaalani", directed by newcomer Raghu Raj and produced by E.V. Raj Kumar, Giri, Praveen and Satish Reddy, the film is now in its post-production stage.

"Udaya Kiran will be seen in various costumes in the dance we have filmed at Araku. We have also picturised two songs in Germany and Austria and on the hero heroines. A five day shoot featuring Udaya, Gajala, Satyanarayana and Annapurna, which includes the climax scene, was also filmed at an airfield fro the purpose. We are sparing no efforts to make our debut venture a grand success, says one of the producers.

Raghu Raj had earlier worked under various Tamil directors and is well versed in his hob. He says that he is happy to make his debut with a poignant love story, which has a concept not hitherto touched upon by the other filmmakers.

"The hero is from a middle class family and is carefree. With his straightforward approach to life and his frank nature, he does not stick to one job. He questions the immoral forces that he comes across. This educated unemployed youth has no aim in life but enjoys every bit of it, till he faces a situation, wherein he sets an aim for himself. At the same time, he is caught in a web of love. Now he has two goals to achieve - his love and the aim he was pursuing earlier. In the process, what dangers he encounters and ultimately how he achieves his aim forms the backdrop of his emotion-ridden love story."

Uday, who is on the verge of recording a second set of hat trick of hits with this movie, feels this is yet another good role for him to win the hearts of the viewers". Gajala says that it "is an interesting love story" and is happy to be cast in such a plum role once again in her career that has just started blossoming.

"Uday has come up with a neat performance in this film too. And we are happy with the work of our director who can get the best results within the available resources. Devi Sri Prasad has set melodious tunes, which are bound to break box-office records. After completing the post-production work, we plan to release the movie by the first week of February," say the producers.

Sunil plays the friend of the hero while Dharamvarapu Subramanyam is cast as the hero's father. Giribabu, Vaizg Prasad, Gautahm Raju, Ananth, Jr. Ralangi and Sudha are also in the cast.

Dialogue is by Vakkantham Vamsy. Lyrics are by Seetharama Sastry, Kulasekhar and Devi Sri Prasad. Camera is by Sameer Reddy and editing by Shankar. Choreography is also by Shankar and 'Cool' Jayanth. Fights are by Vijay, art by Nagendra Prasad, and story, screenplay and direction by Raghu Raj.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Kalasukovalani Film Preview
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