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Chitchat with AM Ratnam about 7/G Brindavan Colony
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Anji reports
Ravi Krishna and AM Ratnam

AM Ratnam's latest film '7/G Brindavan Colony' - introducing his son A Ravi Krishna - turned out to be a super hit. AM Ratnam arranged a press meet on this eve. Here are the excerpts of the same -

26th December 2004

When did you select Sri Raghava as director for this film?
I was impressed with the trailer of Kadal Kondein. I signed Sri Raghava even before the release of his first film 'Kadal Kondein'.

What is the reason behind selecting your son Ravi Krishna as hero?
We wanted to cast Madhavan as hero for this film. But he was busy with other projects hence we could not get immediate dates. I wanted to introduce Ravi Krishna as hero after a couple of years. But Sri Raghava insisted that he would introduce Ravi Krishna now itself through '7/G Brindavan Colony'.

What kind of response did you get for this film?
Mani Ratnam complimented the director and hero after watching this film. Bala Chandar was also impressed. Everybody in film industry praised 7GBC.

What made 7GBC different from other films?
The scenes and story of 7GBC is inspired by the real life incidents of director Sri Raghava. Since he has gone through similar incident, there is more conviction and compassion from the film director which translated on the screen.

What worked well for Ravi Krishna in this film?
He has innocence in his face. He could get the sympathy of audiences with his histrionics and characterization. He did really well towards the climax of 7GGBC. And Ravi Krishna is not camera shy. He took one-month training in acting workshop at London.

What is the range of success of 7GBC?
7GBC was released with 35 prints and it completed 50 days in all 35 centers it was released. As of today, the total prints number is 80. Increasing of prints number from 35 to 80 tells how successful this film is.

The re-recording of 7GBC is excellent. Did you take any precautions?
We imported musicians from abroad to do the re-recording (RR) of this film. It took around 2 months to complete RR. We also picturized the theme song of the film by spending 20 lakhs. But did not include in the final version because of the length problem.

What are the future commitments of Ravi Krishna in Telugu?
He would be acting bilinguals to be directed by Jyothi Krishna and Radha Mohan.

When will Pawan Kalyan's Bangaram start?
From January 2005 onwards.

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