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June 27, 2007

sekhar Kammula

Sekhar Kammula's latest film Happy Days is on sets at Chaitanya Bharati Institute of Technology in Gandipet, Hyderabad. visited the location for an exclusive preview of Happy Days to the visitors.

The shooting of the song 'Arere Manase Jaare' scored by Micky J Meyers and penned by Vanamali was being shot. Naresh Iyer (Roobaroo of Rang De Basanti fame) rendered his voice, while Swarna choreographed for the song with rain effect on three girls - Tamanna, Gayatri Rao and Monika Chowdary Nimmagadda. Cameraman Vijay C Kumar is using hawk lens to shoot this song.

The four boys (Sandesh, Nikhil, Vamsi Krishna and Raahul) who got selected through an advertisement run in Big FM and were also present.

Genuine talent hunt
Sekhar Kammula is the man of sincerity and honesty and when he said something about talent hunt, he really meant it. And if you speak to these boys and girls, you would realize that there is no place for them in this inheritors-ridden film industry if not for Sekhar Kammula. Sekhar Kammula went to the extent of giving opportunity to an 18 year old boy (A +2 student from New Jersey) Sandesh just by watching a video sent by him over mail. Sudesh and Raahul got this opportunity to act in Sekhar Kammula film by applying through

1st film to be shot in CBIT in 8 years
The management of Chaitanya Bharati Institute of Technology) has long back stopped giving permission for shooting films. Sekhar Kammula is an alumnus of CBIT and he found it to be the perfect location to shoot his college flick 'Happy Days'. He had to hold a special screening of Anand film to BN Reddy (Chairman) and board members to convince them for permission. Apparently, after watching Anand, the board has passed a resolution to give permission to shoot the film. Almost after eight year the CBIT campus is enjoying the mood created by film shooting.

Cost cutting without affecting quality
Sekhar Kammula has wisely cut across the costs for the film though various methods. By casting all new comers, he cut the remunerations to a reasonable level. 75% of the shooting takes place in a college for 50 days. By choosing a permanent set up like CBIT he saved over 15 lakhs. By partnering with Pantaloon, he saved another Rs 10 lakhs over costumes budget. He put the entire cast and crew of Happy Days in Treasure Island, which is just a few minutes away drive from CBIT. He got it for a reasonable price.

'Happy Days' is about romanticizing college life - Sekhar Kammula
Speaking to, Sekhar Kammula said, "If Anand film is about romanticizing simple things in life, Happy Days is about romanticizing college life. I used my regular crew for this film except for the music director. This is a young film aimed at youth. Hence I hired Mickey J Mayers who gave songs in AR Rehman tone. I partnered with NFDC to produce Anand. I am producing this film myself after taking loan from IDBI. I am also going to get Digital Intermediate done.I am doing lot many new things with this film. The shooting is complete except for 10 days of song work. Editing, dubbing and rerecording are being done simultaneously. The audio is expected to release on 16/17 of July. I am planning to release the film on either 3rd or 9th August."

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