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Transcript of Srinivas Avasarala's chat with the visitors of

Sep 15, 2008

hari yelleti

Srinivas Avasarala, who won the hearts of Telugu movie lovers with hisfabulous performance as Anand in recent blockbuster Ashta Chemma, chatted with the visitors of on 13th September 2008 night at 10:30 PM IST. We are presenting you with the transcript -

  srinivas-avasarala joined.
vakaravi hi srinivas
srinivas-avasarala Hello Everybody
vakaravi good to see u srinivas
vakaravi how r u doing
srinivas-avasarala Thank you. good to meet you all too
srinivas-avasarala I am good
srinivas-avasarala thanks
srinivas-avasarala Hope this is okay.i am fifteen minutes early
idle_dood srinivas r u the one from Ax?
idle_dood Ac?
vakaravi thats double ok
srinivas-avasarala Yes. I am Anand from Ac.
idle_dood cooool
idle_dood ur tooo gud in dat movie bratharu
vakaravi manchi coffee lanti peru
vakaravi srini can u share ur experiences
jeevi hi guys
jeevi srinivas is here
vakaravi u gave such a stupendous performance
vakaravi i think u shud pack your bag and come down to hyd ...
srinivas-avasarala Thank you I am gald you all liked it
vakaravi u were very funny
vakaravi hope u are same in real life too
srinivas-avasarala Hmmm. I have to write to my own lines in real life. Thats tough
vakaravi haha
vakaravi i heard u are a screen writer aspirant
idle_dood u live in Us srinivas?
srinivas-avasarala Yes. thats how I started my film school.. and I am glad because it is very important to a film maker
srinivas-avasarala Yes. I live in Nj
vakaravi geetha arts is looking for screen writers hope u have applied
idle_dood u still living here in Nj ya you moved to hyd?
srinivas-avasarala No. I have not. But I certainly gave it a serious thought.
vakaravi all the best srini for ur career ..both as an actor and as a script writer
srinivas-avasarala Yes. I still livein Nj
srinivas-avasarala Thanks I need your support
vakaravi always
vakaravi srini did ur life changed after Ac
fbd is he early on sche*
deepti hello srivnas
deepti how are you
deepti welcomeee
deepti congratsssss
idle_dood if u move to hyd which will be ur focus as an hero or a script writer?
srinivas-avasarala Nothing has still the same except that I made new ocntacts
srinivas-avasarala Hi deepti...thank you
vakaravi hmm
vakaravi Ac is a big hit in vizag
deepti what is ur favotire secene in that movie
srinivas-avasarala I want to handle both ala Woody Allen
srinivas-avasarala You from Vizag Vakaravi?
deepti what is your favorite part in that movie ashta chemma
vakaravi yes
vakaravi im
vakaravi crowd is going beserk herer
srinivas-avasarala I liked the flashback scene Ac. Where Ramababu is the village lord
jeevi whats ur fav woody allen film srini?
vakaravi tickets are sold trice the originals rates here
srinivas-avasarala I like Annie hall.
fbd what;s woody allen
deepti greatttt
srinivas-avasarala I like Deconstructing Harry Jeevi garu
jeevi ok
vakaravi looks like u like hollywood stars
jeevi srini - dont u think rambabu's flashback is not used as comedy ingadient in second half - like keeping his pedarayudu image and create more comedy thru it
srinivas-avasarala We must admit they are good actors...not that we dont have good actors here
hm hi srinivas
vakaravi yeah ...pedda rayadu was mocked there
srinivas-avasarala I know. But the screenwriter concentrated more on Lvanya and her problems with him being Rambabu
srinivas-avasarala hi hm
jeevi yeah
jeevi srinivas - i loved your show reel - can i keep it again on idlebrain?
hm so whr do u stay in Us?
jeevi ppl would love to watch it after seeing ur ashta chemma performance
srinivas-avasarala Jeevi garu....can we talk later about the show reel
KTK_007 hey srinivas
KTK_007 wassup buddy
srinivas-avasarala thanks andi
sandz693 dude ashtam chemma is rocking
KTK_007 we were there in the Dallas hollywood theaeter
sandz693 and u are also rocking
srinivas-avasarala hi ktk
KTK_007 with you on the 6th
vakaravi hey jeevi and srini are talking cinema jargons here
KTK_007 we watched the movie along wid u
vakaravi can u folks get simple
srinivas-avasarala oh ktk i am gald you liked it
KTK_007 remember..mahidhar was distributing the Cds to the winners who gueesed d answers
ajay hai srinivas
jeevi srini what is ur height?
srinivas-avasarala yeah yeah.....did you win
srinivas-avasarala I am 6'4 andi
KTK_007 ha ha
KTK_007 yeah...i said the answer
ajay how r u? I am ajay from London.
KTK_007 but my neighbors
KTK_007 got d cd lol
jeevi lol ktk
srinivas-avasarala I am fine ajay
KTK_007 remmebre...we were screaming ur between
KTK_007 during the song...
vakaravi srini ...which character did u like the most in the movie
sandz693 wats ur next film man
KTK_007 wer u had a typcial attire
KTK_007 man.......
srinivas-avasarala oh yeah...that song?
KTK_007 u r like a Coconut treee..
KTK_007 kalllaki..karralu kattukunnanta taalll gaa unnaav
srinivas-avasarala I have not signed any movie yet.
KTK_007 ha h..yeah..
jeevi what kind of scripts u are writing now srini? comedy oriented or any other
ajay Great.....i have all reviews and They said that you acted in the movie very well....i am looking forward to watch the movie
srinivas-avasarala I staretd something very different
KTK_007 Srinu....your acting is not at all like a debutant...
KTK_007 U rocked...all d way buddy
sandz693 like wats different
srinivas-avasarala but i want to play safe the first couple of movies...i am writing comedy now
soumya hi srini....
KTK_007 chesina fotos lo
KTK_007 nenu kduaa unnaa
sandz693 u searching for mahesh was gr88
srinivas-avasarala Thanks Ktk
KTK_007 ashta chemma premier in dallas lo
sandz693 all the mocking of names
soumya y did u take swathi in lead role...
srinivas-avasarala oh. good i wll chck that out what dress are you wearing
jeevi srini -did u write any dialogues for ur portion in Ashta Chemma
KTK_007 yo uare writing your own scripts srini?
soumya i really hate her...
vegesana Hi Anand
srinivas-avasarala It was not my choice but I think she did a great job as a crazy girl
vegesana I just saw movie today
ajay Hi Jeevi....this is rock Man with your site.....kep it up and i follow the site very much
srinivas-avasarala hi vegesana
vakaravi srini ...wat part of the movie did u like the most
KTK_007 so ..watels srini..wer r u now?
idle_dood soumya jealousy feeling a neekanna baguntadi ani swathi?
vegesana it was excellent..your timing was too good
KTK_007 how do u feel...getting d celeb status ?
ajay even every body in in london call me idlebrain because i am very much fond of it.
srinivas-avasarala I iked the falshback andi....i thought it set the right tempo to the second half
vegesana Where we missed you all these days in movies..
jeevi thanx ajay - lets ask srini some nice questions
vakaravi the second half was little slow
vakaravi slowly got into tempo
srinivas-avasarala Why you dont like Srini?
ajay You know srinivas i just saw the song ....hello in youtube rocked in that man,.....simply superb
KTK_007 how do u feeel beign a celeb
sandz693 lolll
srinivas-avasarala thaks ajay
vakaravi climax was confusing at times..but was managed well
KTK_007 ur youtube video is awesome Srini
vegesana But [email protected] roked
srinivas-avasarala I dont feel I ama celeb...but more people notice me now
ravali hi Srini movie is too good. congratulations for its success
jeevi srini - did ppl started making u feel like a celeb in ur place???
sandz693 the twist of ram babu was superb
srinivas-avasarala No....every body noticed me and congratulate me if thats what a celeb status is it is not vey tought ot handle
ajay You know srinivas....all my best friends till now starting from 10th class to Masters here are having name srinivas...
vegesana yes
jeevi come to hyderabad srini - you will get mobbed
KTK_007 ha ha
vakaravi yeah sure
vakaravi he will be
srinivas-avasarala in a good way?
sandz693 yeahh sure he wil get mobbed
KTK_007 enti Jeevi..srini ki craze aa Hyd lo
rajaambati I've seen our film srinivas
srinivas-avasarala mobbed in good way?
vegesana common...your face has lot of expressions..thats what everyone liked :-)
rajaambati excellent
KTK_007 ur facial histrinoics..
jeevi whoever watches Ashta Chemma are in awe of srini
vakaravi come to vizag u will be raped
srinivas-avasarala Thanks rajaambati
KTK_007 are really superb
KTK_007 u had ur opwn style..that is good
rajaambati mee lanti artiste manaki chala avasaram
ajay Yah srinivas you must try in Tollywood...sorry tollywood would try for good actors like you who can do comedy with expressions......
rajaambati mee perulone vundi adi
jeevi auto drivers too can mob you and then rob you srini ::laugh
KTK_007 Man...let me know abt ur nxt film Ktk_007: i shall distribute it in Us
vegesana I watched today in Hyd..and you are was excellent..timing and infact dialogs are too trivikram..
srinivas-avasarala I dont have any film on hand yet. I will let you know
srinivas-avasarala the credit should goto Indraganti
gottamgaadu sirnivas where are you chatting from?
gottamgaadu india ?
jeevi srinivas - is there any influence of kamal hassan on your histrionics?
kalyannn Hi Srinivas....congrats on u'r first taste of success
vakaravi when will u step in tollywood as a director
avasaralaFan Hi Srini, you rock...your performance is great...are you from a film background ?
vakaravi any plans ahead
srinivas-avasarala No...but i have been trying to break in since the last 4-5 years
KTK_007 he has been making soem good movies
KTK_007 so srini..u were trying to get into the industry sionce 4 years?
rajaambati hhahhhaa
KTK_007 and u got it now?
srinivas-avasarala Yeah. I tried a lot
KTK_007 i saw ur youtube videoo
KTK_007 it was awesome
vakaravi ur telugu diction was good ..any extra efforts on that
KTK_007 u really deserved it dude
avasaralaFan how is reaction from girls world on your charactger ?
srinivas-avasarala No. My parents were strict in making me speak proper telugu so it paid off
kalyannn are u born n brought up in Us @ srini
srinivas-avasarala Thanks Ktk. Everynbody has to wait for their turn.
KTK_007 Yup.agree u were bron here in the Us?
phani i hav seen tat movie today only
srinivas-avasarala No Kalyan.....i spent most of my life in Hyderabad
rajaambati mr srinivas I liked ur diction, ur timing and particularly ur expressions
desibugzz Srinivas basu...
desibugzz Namastae
reg.babu hi srini
desibugzz getlunna ve?
kalyannn cool
vakaravi did u make new friends srini after the movie
srinivas-avasarala Hello friends who have joined late
KTK_007 oh good.mari parents tried to amek u speak goodtelugu enti Srini? u were born in hdy ee kadaa
kalyannn so wht type of hero u wanna be @srini
srinivas-avasarala Yeah but still people mess up Telugu all the time
desibugzz seenu bhai....congratulations on your success for Ac
KTK_007 so many days did u have to be in India for the shoot?
KTK_007 wer r u now?
srinivas-avasarala everybody has to wait for their time and there re so many casting calls now
vakaravi i like the retro song was cool ..u looked innocent with chaplin mustach
desibugzz Meeruooo Nj Princeton kada..... too mych.. I am from Hacensack, Nj.. north jersey.. and Hyd
rajaambati Mr Srinivas please tell me about ur director Mohan krishna
kalyannn hey guys looks like all competitors to srini are back here.... and u will get u'r time guys....let us now celebrate for Srini
srinivas-avasarala Oh kool desibuzz
kalyannn so srini what kind of hero or what sort of impact u want in u'r movie career
vakaravi did u see grahanam srini
srinivas-avasarala No I work for prrinceton Univ
ram_babu hi srinivas
KTK_007 u have any girlfriends after d movie? lol?
srinivas-avasarala I am a mechanical engineer
srinivas-avasarala No. I am Indian
srinivas-avasarala it is a nice place
rajaambati You r getting mobbed here Mr Srinivas.
vegesana Thats Good
KTK_007 srini...nee height ammayilu andaru flat
srinivas-avasarala I am 6'4
KTK_007 nijam gaa mahesh babu ki substitute ayyee chances unnayi neeku
geekyvinny Hi Srinivas.. lovely performance in the moive. My hearty congrats to you.
ram_babu how was it acting with experienced artists? were u given a tough time?
kalyannn In whose direction u want to act now ??
desibugzz Seenu Bhai... , well I read about ur interview in, .. also, I saw ur casting call videos in,.... neway.. here you are too much busy with many fans that you have concoured with your recent release...
srinivas-avasarala It is all good desibuzz
vakaravi did u get any movie offer srini
avasaralaFan or director ?
desibugzz So, Rockit up in the same way... and I will catch you later.. May be some time on the same platform as you are right now..
srinivas-avasarala Writer Director
KTK_007 Srini..u msut act in Sekahra Kammulas movie
KTK_007 that will bea godo move for you
jj Srinivas do you have plans to move back to India
srinivas-avasarala If he wants me act I will have no second thoughts in acting
geekyvinny In the idlebrain interview, you said.. u have done a screenwriting diploma.. I know how "screenplay" format works in Hollywood. Is it the same in Tollywood too??
KTK_007 enti? ashta chemma script needenaa srini?
ram_babu also making good selections, with more variety and scope will help if u choose to have an acting career
srinivas-avasarala Yes. I do. when i feel secure I will make the jump to India
kalyannn U rock jeevi with this concept and appreciate u for encouraging a young talent like Srini
jj What kind of work do you do in princeston labs
KTK_007 yeah....jeevi gets a pat for picking up guys like Srini!
srinivas-avasarala No Ktk...all of it was writteen by Indraganti garu
kalyannn dont make the mistake unless u feel u have handful of movies in India
Pranesh i wanted to watch Ac, but missed it when it came to our city!!
Pranesh :(
ram_babu whats ur favourite song from Ashta Chamma?
KTK_007 i watched d movie wid Srini in Dallas gaa!! ::smoke
Dheerudu I saw your was tooo gud....but mee pakkana colors swati heroine aithe inka baagundedi
KTK_007 actually...wat is d best scene u liked in Ac?
srinivas-avasarala I liked rambabus flashback in the movie...i enjoyed
geekyvinny Really good concept of having a Live Chat with film personalities.. Nice work by Jeevi :)
kalyannn if u'r next movie with sekhar kammula and another movie is offered by rajamouli...who will u opt
jj Srinivas,what is your age?
srinivas-avasarala No I am feeling good about the movie
vakaravi srini do u have girl friend
KTK_007 ..wat do plan nxt?
KTK_007 jsut take the chacnes dat u get
srinivas-avasarala Kalyan you ask too many hypotheical questions mannnnnn?
vakaravi or did u make any after the movie
KTK_007 or seriosuly
KTK_007 start trying for more roles?
ram_babu sorry ur asked so many questions at one time
srinivas-avasarala No I am verymuch single
srinivas-avasarala yes Dheerudu...i am sorry....i will now
KTK_007 do u want to do any villain character s as well srini?
calm gotcha srinivas vunnadu
Dheerudu nee action keww kekaaaa
calm hi guys
ram_babu well the sony that u and bhargavi acted in was very hilarious and with the olden european style
calm hey srinivas
srinivas-avasarala thanks dheerudu
kalyannn and I just want to know how strong u can be...after all we are all u'r well wishers dude
srinivas-avasarala I want to take up villian too if it is written well
calm u did a good job in your first film srinivas
kalyannn and there are many actors coming recently and getting faded away with one or two movies
vakaravi how much do u rate the movie Ac on the scale of 10 srini
srinivas-avasarala Thanks calm
srinifan srini.. i just came back... but anyway, nenu cheppadalachukundi entante... motham ashta chemma movie lo ekkuvaga nachina element nee comedy!!! superb timing!!!
srinivas-avasarala I give it a 7.
KTK_007 is a plus point for can tone ur body and try for typical Hyd villain cahracter roles
ram_babu aadinche ashta chamma
vakaravi personally did u like the movie or do u think it need some changes
ram_babu do u like that song
kalyannn see all the actors in happy days are almost done....that is the reason I am asking u the typical questions what Jeevi will wish to ask :-)
KTK_007 ya...wats ur age srini?
vamsi123 Yer Favourite Actor in Telugu ?
aparna hey srini remember me
ram_babu and actresses???
srinivas-avasarala Hi Aparna raj?
aparna cool man u do
srinivas-avasarala I dont have any projeects yet.. i want to be careful in choosing scripts
vjeedigunta choose a diff color
srinivas-avasarala I called you Aparna and you show up here?
aparna mastundi nee cinema
srinivas-avasarala I have been working out for the last 5 years
KTK_007 ha ha,,ent isrini...aparna evaru?
aparna trying to be a little different
KTK_007 nee fan aa?
srinivas-avasarala My class mate from 12th
vakaravi who are u aparna do u know srini
ram_babu mr.v jeedigunta r u the sir that makes blogs on idlebrain about cricket and cinema
sam happy for u man...have seen ur hardwork all thru...congrats dude...
KTK_007 hey aparna...share ur feelignas abt srini wid us then
puppy hii srinivassssssss
srinivas-avasarala If shekajer offers do you rhink i will reject
vjeedigunta yes
aparna and a fan of Srini too :)
indies sinivas...where are u now
KTK_007 was he always a funny guy like in d movie?
srinivas-avasarala Thanks samp
vakaravi srini do u think the movie was good ..had it justify u u think it need some changes
Dheerudu Will you work with new directors or will u be acting with reputed directors only?
aparna how did girls react for your performance Srini?
ram_babu how was ur experience with swathi and nani
srinivas-avasarala I dont know....i have not talked to many...why dont you tell me
vjeedigunta srini, i thought if the parents characters too were included in the end it would have added more comedy in terms of dialogues
ravi77k2 today i have seen your movie and you have done a very good job
srinivas-avasarala Thanks Ravi 77k2
indies srinivas garu i saw ashta chemma....4 times only in last week end
Dheerudu I am his fan from his college days
raveee hello here one more Raveee
ram_babu swathi gave memorable performances in aadavari mataluku and even tamil movie Subramaniapuram, now its u that has given a memorable performance and all of these accolades
srinivas-avasarala good one are on my side
saketh The only good actor is Ac is you srini, kudos
KTK_007 so Srini..wer did u do ur
raveee are you going to make movie
vakaravi srini wats ur fav song and dialouge from the movie
srinivas-avasarala Thanks rambabu...are you really rambabu?
aparna He is very studious and good at physics
KTK_007 ha ha...yeah on ur ::laugh
srinivas-avasarala I like aadinchi ashta chamma
ravi77k2 Your acting skills are very good
ram_babu no my name isn't Rambabu
srinivas-avasarala and line i like is evado gottam gadu pack chsukupoavatnaiki nenu emanna aavakayana?
vakaravi srini u think were u the best fit for the character anand
Dheerudu We r collegemates in vijayawada
ravi77k2 i am very much impressed with your skills, after along time i am going to see a movie repeatively for an actor
KTK_007 Srini....wat is ur opinion abt ur costar ..ram babu?
raveee Avasarala
aparna srini u cant say thats ur fav dialogue cos ur and Nri :)
srinivas-avasarala I am a very bad dancer...i found this out on the movie sets....but song did not require much of it was okay
vakaravi did it had any resemblance with ur real life sature
srinivas-avasarala Thats why it hit me hard aprna
KTK_007 ha ha...aparna....srinivas is not just any Nri....hes a Single....celeb Nri now!! ::cool
ram_babu i am a huge fan of telugu cinema but i understand telugu often since i am tamil
vakaravi awesome girls in the movie
srinivas-avasarala Jai Bucks
avasaralaFan your dance was very sensible
vakaravi they were hot !!
vjeedigunta yes
ram_babu i have to ask u something personal but i feel it not safe to ask u in this chatroom
puppy y dont u try Jab We Met novie srinivas?
KTK_007 Srini...did u know...u got more caht Ids here in Ib than anyother celeb..even Swathi?
raveee you think about differently
srinivas-avasarala no they used a thread....special effx yo can see it clearly in the movie...kidding she is not heavy
KTK_007 Srini....wat is ur opinion abt ur costar ..ram babu?
ram_babu is there any other possible way that i can contact u mr.jeedigunta
chanakya31 hi sreenivas , you are a script writer
aparna Whats your next movie Srini?
avasaralaFan did you shawdow-write for any movie ?
Dee hey Srini, R you in Nj or India now?
ravi77k2 how many days you have spend for this movie?
srinivas-avasarala I did ghost write for one movie but I am nit supposed to tell the name here
ram_babu if i ask u the questions now, then u maybe feeling annoyed or irritated because we are in a public chatroom
jj Filmfare Best Dubetant award 2008: Srinivas Avasarala
chanakya31 hi srenivas , have ou seen a wednesdsy , which is a perfect in terms of script . I like to expect such types of scriptd frpm you
aparna hey srini u look very busy
srinivas-avasarala yeah fine.....
KTK_007 So dat u have see nsrinis's performance..
aparna will call u later
raveee Before choosing any Projects that should be different one and should be dealt with the good story
srinivas-avasarala I am trying to answer as many people as possible ...please forgive if you get over looked
KTK_007 wat do u think has chanegd wid him?
jj Good stories in telugu movies are very hard to come by
ravi77k2 How many days did you shoot for this movie?
KTK_007 ikkada prastutaniakisrinivas Avasrala nee clebe..
raveee neeku enduku enni rojulu shooting jarigithey
srinivas-avasarala we shot form december to almost mid march
vishnuuu Hey Srinivas Avasarla....... U Rock Man
avasaralaFan did ppl in dallas come to see you or movie ?
srinivas-avasarala They came to see the movie...which is a good entertainer
KTK_007 yaa...right Vishnu...i watched d movie along wid Srini
vishnuuu Did u get trained from some film institute!
vakaravi srini did u find any negatives in the movie
srinivas-avasarala Because I wanted to see the movie with people
KTK_007 yeah ..srini..the nxt Trivikram!
srinivas-avasarala everyscript can me made into a movie in a hundered ways...i am gald the writer is also the director and I dont find any negavtives except for a few out of foucuses
srinivas-avasarala i used my surname beccause I dont want to be known as Ashta chamma srinivaqs
ravi77k2 Climax could have been different?what do you say Srini?
vjeedigunta one negative i found or just an overlook is in ur flashback eposiode
srinifan infact, i felt like a tall man lifting a dwarf... no offence
KTK_007 ha ha...u named it urself srini...u rn ow..ashta Chemma Srini!! lol
raveee aaduthava
Dee Mr Srini, are you in Nj now??
vakaravi lucky avasarala a chance to lift bahrgavi
phani_007 how is the movie asthaa chaama
avasaralaFan meeku writer gaa manchi future undi,,,,,,,srini darling
raveee Do you play racquet ball?
vjeedigunta laavanya saying evadukodithey mind block avuthndhe adhe laavanya
aparna Climax was a little boring Srini.
srinivas-avasarala Yeah....but all the complexities in story had to end...but it still worked
vakaravi it was dragginf
subrahmanyam inthis movie hilited my hero name i enjoy that concept.
KTK_007 yeah....aparna...u just left a Vm for Srini..? :p
vakaravi very very dialougy
raveee hello Avasaral do you play racquet ball?
KTK_007 dats ok , film is perfect..
srinifan ya.. it was like to bring the happy ending to the story... the director can do anything and everything to turn the story around in just 10 mins...
ravi77k2 How do u find Mohan Krishna as writer?
avasaralaFan I guess all people talking here are from one will be wake up in India
srinivas-avasarala Yes ravee...infact I played fot three hours this morning
ravi77k2 i am from india...hyd
srinivas-avasarala He is a very good writer> you know how witty his lines are
raveee see I know about you man
jj No I am from India
phani_007 i am india -kolkatta
Dee Mr Srini, are you in Nj now or in India?
KTK_007 Ib is for Nri;s lol! ::smoke
subrahmanyam iam from tadepalligude
srinivas-avasarala Im in Nj
Dee thanks
raveee I wan in Plainsboro
ravi77k2 some scens i got a feel of Mr.jandhyala
subrahmanyam my favorite hero mahesh
KTK_007 Nj...lo i saw u several Edison...theaters
srinivas-avasarala Hi subramnyam how is the movie runing there
srinifan nee fan ani peru pettukunna ippati varaku okka reply kuda ledhu :(
subrahmanyam iam enjoy this movie
jj In hyd the response of the movie is good
vakaravi movie is a super hit in vizag ...infact my uncle owns the theatre
jj in prasad's yesterdat the movie is almost full
raveee Tell me we can meet up
vakaravi he is very happy
srinivas-avasarala how are you
subrahmanyam swathi very romantic
srinivas-avasarala we play volleyball allt he time Plainsboto parks
srinifan ya.. srini.. Nj lo oka meet pettukundam saradaga
srinifan wat say?
srinivas-avasarala ok sure
raveee when we can meet up man?
srinifan Ac Success meet abroad!! ;)
KTK_007 Srini....peru meeda..mustang Rally ayitey Nj lo!
srinivas-avasarala Barista????
ravi77k2 Srini, What is your future plans regarding movies?
KTK_007 ha ha...bharinchaali gaa Srini ni Barista lo ayoitey lol
raveee which barista
jj Srini I saw your demo reel and i liked it very much.did you shoot it using handy cam?
ram_babu because i cant find any of ur articles
srinivas-avasarala Yeah...they dig a 1 foot hole for me
subrahmanyam songa is good
raveee send me email at [email protected]
vfv_2.0 hi all, hi srini, hi jeevi
vjeedigunta my id at
raveee we can talk there?
vakaravi srini did u see rock on
srinivas-avasarala avasarala fan
srinivas-avasarala Thanks vakaravi
deepu814 hello srinivas sir!!!
KTK_007 ::tongue
srinivas-avasarala thank you
deepu814 I Was In Luv With Ur Character!!
ravi77k2 Srini, What is your future plans regarding movies?
vjeedigunta srini, do u happen to know what are Mki's future projects?
srinivas-avasarala Mee tooo.. I was in luv with my character when I read %%%
srinivas-avasarala I dont....
deepu814 its very hard not too...hehe
vakaravi srini all the best for ur career in movies ..tollywood really needs artist /writers like u
srinivas-avasarala infact i believe is working on a thriller
srinivas-avasarala I dont know anything about it as of now
vfv_2.0 srini, congratulations on A-c success....from everyone in Ib chat...wishing u all success for ur future endeavors...may it be in acting/ writing / directing.. ::up
deepu814 you used to live in Us??
srinivas-avasarala thanks Vfv
srinivas-avasarala i still live in Us
KTK_007 yeah,..,dats our Vfv!!
deepu814 ohh...where??
srinivas-avasarala in Nj
deepu814 im frm detroit!!
srinifan srini.. r u a s/w eng. too?
deepu814 in canada
srinivas-avasarala No i m a mechanical enginner
srinifan ok
vakaravi all the best srini ...we need intelligent film makers like u
srinivas-avasarala honestly... i wanted to work in a movie and heard about Mki...after reading the script I was very happy that such a script came my way
srinifan Srini... just an offbeat question... nuvvu bayata kuda anthe comedy chestava...
srinivas-avasarala i try srinifan but bayta manam mana dialugues rasukovali
srinifan "nenu kuda naa jokulaku inthaga navve vallani epuud chudaledu" haha.... iraga...
ravi77k2 Srini, did you involve in writing dept. for this movie?
srinivas-avasarala no i ave not...all the writing crdit ahould go to Mohan
vfv_2.0 srini.....we all watched ur casting video u sent to Mki, it seemed unreal. what kind of "cultural" training did you have toi go thru to recite those sanskrit poems?
srikanthbyna my fnds told that the film is superub
vidya hello mr.srinivas
vakaravi it was jus a assumption
srinifan hey, vfv... whr did u see that??
vakaravi never mind
srinivas-avasarala Sanskrit poems in my casting video?
ravi77k2 Srini, Do you read a lot to improve your writing skills?if so what kind of books?
Shankar787 Hi Srini ... the movie is superb
srinivas-avasarala I like mullapoodi ramana gari wrtings in telugu and woody allen in elglish
prince1234 do u prefer to act only for comedy can be another rao gopal rao if you try villain characters
KTK_007 i would love to see you as a Villain..
srinifan ya... comedy villain...
deepu814 wow....
KTK_007 wid dat 6'4 height...and the histrioncis you have..
srinifan could bring u a vital break in industry!!
avasaralaFan yes are you trying to try villian characters ?
deepu814 but the same time "evil":
KTK_007 you should play the character of Gopichand in Nijam!
srinifan young and dynamic comedy villain
deepu814 No...not that villain..
srinivas-avasarala ha ha ha...imagining it is making me laugh
Shankar787 Yah ... i accept Srini can peform excellently in diverified actions like negative roles also ... which may become higlighted ones in the movies
ravi77k2 i do not think telugu industry will accept srini as villan
Dee I like the "screenplay" book by sydfield
ravi77k2 he will be branded, tollywood wont change easily
vakaravi srini u think u were the perfect fit to the character Anand
Keka hello Srinivas !!
srinivas-avasarala realy...try Story by robert Mckee
srinivas-avasarala hi keka
srinifan Mki vachinappudu kuda Story by Robert Mckee gurinche cheppadu...
KTK_007 daaa
Dee thats like Writing Bible i guess
srinifan enti andulo antha spl?
srinivas-avasarala No......anand I thought I could do justice to
KTK_007 ee Robert mckee story entayyaa babu..mki..ade cheppadu..swati adee cheppindi
KTK_007 nuvvu adee cheptunnav
farex hello lambu how r u
deepu814 srinivas sir..your soo popular already...wiuth ur anand character!!
farex recognise me
raveee hello Avsarala Anna inka ee chatting chalu
srinivas-avasarala Hi Faaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrexxxxxxxxxxx
vidya so will we see you in forthcoming films?
srinivas-avasarala How are you?
vfv_2.0 farex and srini are childhood friends?
farex i am fine lambu rocking cool
Dee another good book for stage i liked is "The art of dramatic writing" by lagos Egri
srinivas-avasarala Friends this is Farex My ex roommate
Dheerudu srinivas garu me action matram kevvu keka
ravi77k2 Srini, Did you read "runananda Lahari" by Mullapudi?
deepu814 Farex Is your real name??
KTK_007 were u d one who recorded Srinis video i nyoutube?
Dheerudu ma friends mottani tesukoni velli satyam theatre lo ahangama hangama chesanu
Dee srini, do u suggest any other good books on Acting?
srinivas-avasarala Try Lee strasbergs book...
KTK_007 ha ha..srini is feeling better now...half d mob is attacking Farex!! lol
srinivas-avasarala Thats the reason I introduced
srinifan Srini... after Ac emanna offers vachaya till now? whatsoever u accepted or not!
vakaravi hi farex
KTK_007 no is a practice for celebs to mention some Geekish Writer dat they eleveate their Status! lol
Keka Srini, How is colors swati? did u enjoy her co.?
vfv_2.0 farex is a lil dazed by the activity levels in this chat room :)
calm haha
farex how i am feeling thats not a good question ... obviously feeling good for him
srinivas-avasarala I have one offer....i will make it public after I accept it
vfv_2.0 srini...please tell jeevi as soon as u accept the offer
srinivas-avasarala yes ...the white part I can make public...:)
Dee i happened to read "An Actor Prepares" by constantin stainislavski
farex nothing checking howmany actually chating just joined and by my name i should be acting slowly only
Dee but thats too much for Movie Acting..
KTK_007 babu princeton ehro ani Idp ettagaane chaaladu..palakollu babau laaga...mikkili....bokkili enti..?
farex inka lambu when r u coming to india
KTK_007 u have a Balckp art too in [email protected]!
deepu814 are you planning just to do hero roles..or supporting roles as well??
farex i tried to contact you when i saw your clipplings on net
srinivas-avasarala I just did a supportig role kadandi Deepu garu
deepu814 but it was like the second hero kaadha andi
farex lambu when r u giving casting call for me
KTK_007 nen usanskrit istaa ::tongue
vfv_2.0 farex, are u a budding actor too?
KTK_007 Srini....y dont u try getting Farex also into ur nxt movie?
deepu814 it was way more than a supporting role andi!!
srinivas-avasarala Farex.....a roju college lo chesina promise inka marhci poleda
farex what abt you
vakaravi farex ..did u see any change in avasarala after movie
farex not really... who knows srini personally they know he will not change for small things
Dee Mr Avasarala, Are you open to Collaberate with the right Candidates in U.s.a,? In wrting/direction.:?
srinivas-avasarala Yes... I am Dee
Dee you must be knowing how hart it is to break into Industry
frenzy movie superbbbb
srinivas-avasarala thanks frenzy
srinifan srini... oka manchi dialogue edanna gurthu unte cheppu penned by you??
srinivas-avasarala Inthis movie...gudi edurugunda ne kattukunaadu anduunta walkable distance lunchki intiki vacheestaadenmo
vjeedigunta yeah srini thats gud dialogue
farex lambu, we are planning a reunion next week may be hyderabad and we are planning to watch your movie
srinifan haha... lunch ki blah blah nuvvu add chesinattunnav... lol...
vjeedigunta gud to know u penned it
srinivas-avasarala I like sagarasangamam in telugu
deepu814 who is your fav hero??
frenzy ne fav dialogue entiii
Princeton-Hero hahaha
ravi_hyd Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Sini
KTK_007 yeah..srini..they showed the movie in Gemini jsu yesterday..sagrasangamam
pseudo oh thats academia or movies finally in the long run?
Dee Srini, after your success, are you confident enough/willing to pack your bags and go to hyderabad?
deepu814 so many ppl coming and going..
KTK_007 he is a very good entertainer..
shashankreddy5 u said naa u watched d movie
sampath sri ..sampath ni....malli maatladutha babai....gtg..cya
KTK_007 yaaa,,,i did
pseudo hey ktk..
srinifan Srini.. Wiki lo nee article inka evaru rayaledu... nenu start chesta... cuz u became a celeb now.. people r googling u... ;)
vfv_2.0 srini, how supporting is ur employer at princeton when u ask long vacations to go and work on movies?
Dee and that you know whats the industry vs U.s.a like?
srinivas-avasarala What did u like the best about the movie...favorite song...favorite scene....
srinivas-avasarala in ashta chamma
vakaravi song asta chemma
shashankreddy5 nammala ledho Song..................
srinifan fav song... swati, nani's song... best part of the movie.. ur comedy!!
vakaravi fav scene is lavayana school scene
KTK_007 Comedy is d best in d movei,,.scene is ..were..u go to Rambabus house...and pretend liek (music wise..ram babus dance song)..and Traditional..classic feelg ood wise..ur charlie chaplin Song
calm hey srinivas i liked your action but the interaction btn you and the hero sometimes felt weird and the rolling of your eyes
vakaravi retro song koda bagundi
jeevi your performance is the best srini
Dee Avasarala, after your success, are you confident enough/willing to pack your bags and go to hyderabad? You know whats the industry vs U.s.a like?
srinivas-avasarala Thanks Jeevi garu,,,,,
farex will be in touch with you later
calm the good and the best part is you in the movie srinivas
srinivas-avasarala thanks every body...for likeing moviding
srinifan haha...
srinifan typos
srinivas-avasarala sorry ee madhya rastunte natti vastondi
deepu814 ur performance added "color" to the movie
vfv_2.0 srini...ur employers at princeton are they cool with granting u long vacation again if u accept another offer?
murali561 hi srinivas
srinivas-avasarala Keka...sure...i have a ot freinds in chicago
jeevi you have srini for 10 more min
passing_cloud srinivas u keep doin what u are..ur absolutely great at what ur doin
Dee Srini, after your success, are you confident enough/willing to pack your bags and go to hyderabad? You know whats the industry vs U.s.a like?
srinivas-avasarala I think i will have to work something out for a vaction
jeevi srini will be here for 10 more min - ask ur qs
Keka mee personal email id plzz srini?
srinivas-avasarala Keka this is not fair andi...i cannot give my id here
pseudo what would be your dream role in the future and where do you see five years down the lane @srini ?
srinivas-avasarala Thanks Shashank...i am sure you will enjoy the movie
jeevi srini is a very private guy - dont pressurise him guys - i will find out his Id and publish it on ib ::laugh
Keka we r fans of u
srinivas-avasarala Thanks Jeevi garu...bahle ardham chesukunanru
deepu814 anand...oka manchi coffee lanti
test Srinivas - watched ur movie just today - very interesting character - we enjoyed the movie and your action and dialog delivery very much
srinivas-avasarala yes...i will give my email to Jeevi agru
srinivas-avasarala Thank you test
Manoj Hi Srinivas..why was the movie not released in Minneapolis, Us. Minneapolis has many Indians and many telugu movies were released here.
Dee Srini, after your success, are you confident enough/willing to pack your bags and go to hyderabad? You know whats the industry vs U.s.a like?
jeevi srini is going to be a big actor in telugu film industry
deepu814 dee?? asked that wuestion like 20 times already!!
srinivas-avasarala Fans site?....i dont even know If ihave to use singular or plural when I an talking to "fans"
vfv_2.0 fans site aa Keka, North America Telugu Fans Association of Srini aka.a "cool Star"
KTK_007 did u imagine..u wud be getting such a Hugeeeeeee response and dat to ogeunine appreciation?
test jeevi - I 2nd that
srinivas-avasarala thanks ravi....
KTK_007 yeah,,jeevi hope so
Dee Wish that comes true, jeevi
Real_Aprana_Raj We will star4t a fnas communtiy inh Orkut for hime
Real_Aprana_Raj gusy are you all ready for a community inn Orkut for Srinvias
srinifan Srini... nuvvu peddayyaka ee srinifan ni marchipoku... ***anandabashpalu comin out***
srinivas-avasarala srinifan
srinivas-avasarala I am srinifanfan
srinivas-avasarala i am your fan
srinifan haha
KTK_007 ha ha srinifan
swethathikka hi srinivas avasarla
srinifan good one!! But i sincerely wish you the very best in all ur endeavors!!
deepu814 i have facebook!!..orkut for indian ppl?
vakaravi srinivas do u use orkut ?
swethathikka hey u r tooooooooooo coool in the movie
Dee Jeevi, may be you should ask this question after your comments on Srinis performance.... Srini, after your success, are you confident enough/willing to pack your bags and go to hyderabad? You know whats the industry vs U.s.a like?
srinivas-avasarala thank you....
jeevi he is destined to be a part of Tel film ind
swethathikka i just liked u the most among the 4 just becoz of ur spontaneous action
swethathikka the timing
swethathikka u were awesome
srinivas-avasarala I like the industry...i found it to be a very rewarding professional and efficient place
deepu814 abced kaadhu...not confused...just abd!!
sai1986 Ashta Chamma Was A Gud Movie..............ur Have Done An Decent Job In This Movie...............dont U Think U Should Sharpen Ur Skills To Stand Up In This Industry
jeevi he will eventually get into full time
srinivas-avasarala Thanks sai...
srinivas-avasarala I will have to work on a lot of things...i will learn as I move,,,i am hoping to
deepu814 but none of my fnrds have orkut..
srinivas-avasarala There are only five prints in the will be relesased in Msp tooo in a couple of weeels
KTK_007 he will elave shortyl
srinivas-avasarala Real wont lasy lonh
Real_Aprana_Raj you mean "last long" ?
Manoj Thanks Srinivas!! Hope to see ur movie here in Minneapolis
Real_Aprana_Raj dont worry I will take care of that..
Real_Aprana_Raj minimum 10000 members guarantee
vfv_2.0 lol deepu
shashankreddy5 srinivas u r down to earth......nee way of talking is rlly gud..........lyked it.......
KTK_007 howzzat? ::cool
deepu814 it is a nice know
jeevi too many invites for srini
srinivas-avasarala Ok freinds...thank you very much for coming to talk with me.....i tried my best to answer all of you but I hope you understand my situation....
Dee What i figured is : you should learn People Management first before working on your acting skill. Thats very hard.
srinivas-avasarala I need you support and wishes for my future too,,,
srinivas-avasarala Thank you
srinivas-avasarala So....bye guys..........thanks once agian
jeevi thank you srini for coming to Ib chat
jeevi all the best for ur future films
srinivas-avasarala Thanks Jeevi for providing a platform to talk to people
srinivas-avasarala Thanks ...srinivas (signing off)

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