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50 days appreciation - Bommarillu
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October 1, 2006

Cinestar film magazine in association with Kala Mandir has felicitated the team of Bommarillu on the eve of completing 50 days. This function is attended by Dasari, D Rama Naidu, K Raghavendra Rao and Kodi Rama Krishna who completed at least 100 films each. The entire unit of Bommarillu attended this function at Club Jayabheri, Hyderabad.

Speaking on the occasion Sridhar Reddy (Cine star) said, “I took over this magazine in the month of February. We always wanted to promote good films. I wanted to felicitate Godavari and Sri Ramadasu, but could not do it due to certain reasons. We are happy to felicitate Bommarillu team on the eve of completing 50 days. Media has the responsibility to appreciate good films.”

Producer Dil Raju said, “I am happy to see 3 100 films directors and one 100 films producer coming to this function to talk about Bommarillu. In the my beginning days of distribution, I distributed Kodi Rama Krishna’s Pelli Pandiri and that film helped us by fetching lots of profits. I will make many more films by introducing new directors.”

In a humble gesture, director Bhaskar said that he will learn more about directing films from seniors.

Actress Genelia said, “I broke down during the triple platinum disc function of Bommarillu. Bommarillu film is going strong even after completing 50 days. Bommarillu made my life beautiful.”

Kodi Rama Krishna said, “I like Hindi actor Sanjeev Kumar a lot. Siddharth’s performance reminds me of Sanjeev Kumar. Genelia performed extremely well in the highlight scene of heroine rejecting hero. Sunil reminds me of Chalam. Chalam too acted in comedy roles though he excelled in hero roles as well. Bhakar’s direction is very natural.”

Producer CC Reddy said Cinestar should give real picture of the film’s performance in the magazine in stead of praising good and bad films alike.

D Rama Naidu said, “The real hit of this year is Bommarillu. Siddharth’s work in Bommarillu reminded me of Kamal Hassan’s Indrudu Chandrudu. Bommarillu is the biggest success in the market at present.”

Current directors should learn from Bhaskar - Dasari
Chief guest Dasari said, “I made 147 films in my career spanning 40 years. I always wanted small films to succeed. It is the director who makes stars. Stars can’t make directors. Bommarillu is the first 50 days function I am attending, because I wanted to share my feelings about the film with everybody. Watching Bommarillu is like watching your own life. We fathers make many mistakes while rising kids. Director Bhaskar concentrated on minute details and gave unique characterizations. Some of the producers are paying 10 - 15 crores as remake rights to blockbusters in other languages. This is very unfortunate. At one point of time Telugu film industry had upper hand over Hindi films when people like LV Prasad made Hindi films. I made Sardar Papa Rayudu in 28 days. It took me 32 days to make Premabhishekam. But some directors these days are taking over 200 days to shoot a film and they are exposing 2 lakh feet negative which is atrocious. I bought the Krishna territory rights of NTR’s Sardar Papa Rayudu, which was also directed by me. Due to certain issues none of the main theaters in Vijayawada were available for the release of Sardar Papa Rayudu. Then I was forced to release that film Venkateswara theater in Bandar Road. Venkateswara theater was considered as a second theater with movies playing for a week. Fans of NTR approached NTR and complained him that Dasari released Sardar Papa Rayudu in a bad theater. NTR responded to them that his role ends when he finished acting in the film. The theater issue would be in the hands of producer and distributor. He asked fans not to come back with such issues. That was the nobility of great actor NTR. Sardar Papa Rayudu went on to run for 175 days in the same Venkateswara theater. But heroes these days select theaters themselves. They also dictate the exhibitors and distributors to run their movies for 100 days and 200 days. It is high time that heroes, producers and distributors mend their ways and work towards the common goal of making Telugu film industry a better place. The present Telugu film directors should learn from Bhaskar and Dil Raju. Bommarillu is the film that makes Telugu cinema proud. Dil Raju spends lot of money of preparing good story. Genelia did a good job.”

Kala Mandir sponsored the event.

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