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Audio Function - Arjun
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22nd July 2004
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Audio of Mahesh Babu's film 'Arjun' in the direction of Guna Sekhar was released on 22nd July at 11:15 am at a floor in Padmalaya Studios. The guests who graced this audio function include Krishna, K Raghavendra Rao, Aswini Dutt, Allu Arvind, KL Narayana, Sekhar Babu, Sanjay Swaroop, Jayabheri Kishore, MS Raju, Doraswamy Raju, Gemini Kiran, G Adiseshagiri Rao, Arjuna Raju, Burugapally Sivarama Krishna and MS Reddy. This function took place in the set which is used for a song in Arjun film.

Arjun is a silver jubilee film - Paruchuri Gopala Krishna
Writer Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao said that it's a mass story with a touch of class orientation. Venkateswara Rao said that his brother Gopala Krishna has the knack of predicting the movie result by watching the rushes and Gopala Krishna is referred as 'Rushes King'. Gopala Krishna is said to have predicted that 'Arjun' would become a silver jubilee film after watching rushes.

Arjun will be a bigger hit than Okkadu - Superstar Krishna
Superstar Krishna said that Padmalaya is the one that came up with the costliest set ever with the first Telugu 70mm film 'Simhasanam'. Now, his son G Ramesh Babu is carrying the legacy by erecting the costliest movie set ever constructed in India by recreating Madhura Meenakshi Temple in outskirts of Hyderabad. He commended art director Thota Tharani for coming up with true-to-life temple set. Krishna has listened to the story and it has elements that cater to the all sections of audiences. Superstar Krishna concluded the speech by predicting that 'Arjun' would become much bigger hit than Okkadu.

Superstar Krishna's fan Jangayya has bought 116 audiocassettes of Arjun from his favorite 'Gudhachari 116' hero Krishna. Incidentally, the same fan has bought 116 cassettes of Okkadu from Krishna during audio function of Okkadu in December 2002. Krishna distributed cassettes to the distributors of the films as well. Sandhya distributors (Chandrayya) took Nizam rights. Aswini Dutt has taken Krishna area rights. Doraswamy Raju has taken Ceded territory rights.

Krishna released the audiocassette and gave the first unit to K Raghavendra Rao. Aditya music has bought audio rights of this album. Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao anchored this event.

The cast and crewmembers who made it to the function include Mahesh Babu (hero), G Ramesh Babu (producer), Guna Sekhar (director), Mani Sharma (music), Sekhar V Joseph (camera), Thota Tharani (art), Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao (dialogues), Umesh Guupa (audio rights) and Saritha (actress).

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