Celebrities at Hyderabadi Chai Adda launch at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport
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31 July 2017

The fifth Out-Let of Hyderabadi Chai Adda was Formally inaugurated by Honorable Minister Nayani Narsimha Reddy today at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) at the arrival block, Shamshabad. Tollywood Film celebrities, Actress Manali Rathod, Shravan, Suchitra, RP Patnayak, (Music director), Madhu, (Pop singer ), Shanny Solmon and Celebrity Chef Ruchika Sharma were present along with few other eminent personalities.
The store is offering a wide array of options of hot and cold beverages and quick bytes.

Speaking on the occasion the CEO of the company Mr. Sardhar Patel said, that over 20 more stores are planned to open all over south India in this financial year. Coffee is one beverage that is loved all over the world. But having varieties of teas available in one store is the motto behind HCA.

Irani Chai, which is known to be the signature tea of of Hyderabad, is one among the other specialty chai’s that are available at the airport store here. Chai flash which is one innovate step taken by HCA is a must say. This flask serves fresh hot chai for about 10- 12 persons. This is a onetime use flask and is biodegradable. Easy to carry and flexible for office meetings this flask is a duo tasker.

Many people are only aware of green tea which is one type of tea. But Hyderabadi Chai adda has variety of several other teas such as White tea, Black tea, yellow tea and red tea. There are over 20 varieties of these specialty tea’s here at the airport stall amongst the other quick bites.

Bubble tea and Boba tea are a must try tea’s which kids will love to have anytime. These tea’s have a special taste that makes anyone fall in love with it instantly.


Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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