Greatwall group launches TANG Chinese restaurant in forum mall, KPHB, Kukatpally, Hyderabad
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1 November 2016

Greatwall group announced TANG chinese restaurant providing authentic traditional Chinese cuisine in India. Launched its first restaurant at Sujana forum mall, 4th floor, Kukatpally, Hyderabad.

“The group is in Diversified Business like Construction, Spices export and Import food especially the GUOZIMEI canned fruit, Our mission is to cooperate with premium shopping mall and to open 30 branches restaurant in different main cities as a chain.The chef team has fully experience to invent more tasty cuisines. And many kinds of raw material are directly imported from China” said one of the official Greatwall group.

“All our chinses chefs previously worked for five star hotels. Open kitchen design has been adopted to show you our chef’s distinctive cooking process. You can not only the food but also experience Chinese cooking culture and The restaurant design is completely Chinese traditional style” he added.

Specialist chefs from Marina bay, Singapore, South Africa are whipping out mouth-watering TANG Cuisine’s, Cantonese, Sichuan & Hunan, Northwest Chinese’s cuisine at the new restaurant.

Chefs Mr. MI Comes from Marina Bay sand in Singapore, specialized in Sichuan & Hunan Cuisine. This style food is famous for its hot and spicy flavor.Mr. QiFrom Sheraton Hotel Specialized in Cantonese Cuisine. Cantonese food is well known as its diversity. Chef Qi can make over 200 different snacks and Din sum with different flavor. Mr.GOUUsed to be the senior chef in South Africa, specialized in North West Cuisine. This type of cuisine is famous for its wheaten food, such as Chinese hamburger.

TANG: Dynasty is a Zenith of Chines civilization and a golden age of cosmopolitan culture. “People of Tang” refers to ethnic Chinese. Chinatowns in the world are also literally called “Tang people’s street” in Mandarin. Tang as our brand means all people are one of family and world harmony.

All the investment team, management team, chef team and designing team are from China.

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