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Life of a heroine - who is to blame?
telugu film heroine

The possible sexual abuse followed by murdering done on Pratyusha is just a tip of the iceberg about the insecure lives of heroines in the Telugu film industry. Possibly, this is the reason why Telugu girls from respectable background fear entering film industry, though they are beautiful and talented. Probably, this is be one of the reasons why Teja and Krishna Vamsi, who went for a talent search for a suitable telugu fresh heroine, could not get one and hence they resorted to Mumbai to import heroines.

The film industry is a man's arena and most of the heroines are treated as objects of sex. Most of the heroines in most of the cases meekly accept casting couches. Over a period of time, the heroines need social security. Hence, they tend to get a comforting shoulder from any man who is closely associated with or part of the film industry. The heroine's lifetime on screen is pretty limited and this glamour field teaches them lavish life style along with the acting lessons.

The downfall of any heroine starts at the moment a heroine accepts to be the part of casting couch. As the movie offers become scarce, some of the heroines resort to the flesh trade to make quick bucks. Once they enter flesh business, the heroines get greedier and try to exploit men. In the trade-off, man wins the game and the heroine is completely exploited.

Here are a couple of examples of two of the famous Telugu heroines. The names are not revealed to protect their identity.

Story-1: A Telugu heroine is in trade business. One NRI from London interacted with her and give a couple of blank cheques to her for her service. He specified the upper limit to her to be put on those cheques. But that heroine withdrew an amount exceeding a crore. That NRI asked her to return the money. When she refused to do so, he organized few goons to attack and lacerate her. Top-level industry people had to come to her rescue to save her. She was admitted in hospital for 7 days to get basic medical attention.

Story-2: Another heroine enticed the kin of a top pharmaceutical company and made him present her a valuable land in the heart of Hyderabad. It took the industry big wigs and underworld mafia to threaten her to give that land back to that person.

The above two examples showed the greediness the heroines posses once they enter the business of making money unethically.

Just ponder over a simple fact on why top heroines like Sridevi, Jaya Sudha and Jaya Prada married to men who are already married once. And most of these hubbies did not even divorce their first wives. This shows us how insecure are the lives of even top heroines. They badly need a shoulder from a guy related to film industry.

The Telugu film industry is directly or indirectly responsible for current plight of heroines. Its time for the industry to do introspection. Ask the heroes, heroines, producers and distributors who are eagerly introducing their brothers and sons to industry why can't they introduce their daughters as heroines. Here lies the answer. Its man's world!

Who's to blame for this? The Industry BigWigs? The Cine Mafia? The indiffirent law? In this murky world of movi-mafiadom the answers hardly come. Most of the parents do not let their daughter into this industry. Well.... we sure can't blame them for that.

End of the Scoop

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