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Many Telugu people like movies, most of them have their favorite stars/actors. Some try to see their favorite star as a romantic chocolate hero, some try to see their favorite actor as an angry young man, some like to see in villain roles etc. In other words, people like to see artistes portraying different rasas in different occasions. For instance, if you were watching "Yamaleela" movie , you would probably expect the artist performing Yama's role in a ferocious role ( Roudra rasa). But did you know that tollywood has an actor who is said to be a king of portraying all the nine rasas ( and hence the name NAVA RASA NATANAA SARVABHOUMA ), let us try to analyze how this unique artiste contributed to our beloved tollywood.

The artist of the fortnight Shri Kaikala Sathyanarayana was born in bantumilli in Krishna district. Right from his childhood, Kaikala was very interested in dramas and acting. There are rumours saying that he used to come from bantumilli to bejawada just to watch films in his childhood itself. As destiny would guide him, he first acted in the movie "Sipayi Kuturu" in the year 1959. This movie ran good but for some reason it did not get the recognition that Sathyanarayana garu deserved. However, as it happens with every successful person, he did not get afraid, he kept trying. Opportunity finally came to him in the form of Nartanashala and he was first recognized in that movie and from then he never looked back.

Sathyanarayana garu continued his winning streak with the movies Sri Krishnaarjuna yuddam, jwala deepa rahasyam, Sri Krishna Pandaveeyam, Aalibaba 40 dongalu, Mosagallaku Mosagadu, Veerabhimanyu, premnagar, tata manavadu, manashulantha okate, yama gola, siri siri muvva, Sri Madviraata parvam, justice chowdary, shubhalekha, yamudiki mogudu, yamaleela etc to name a few. Shri Sathyanarayana garu acted in more than 500 movies till date.

Sathyanarayana garu is one of those very few artistes in tollywood who have contributing to tollywood from over four decades in a various forms. He is one of those gifted actors who have acted with three generation of heroes. He acted with the first generation heroes like NTR, ANR etc, he then acted with Krishna, Shoban babu etc then with Chiru, Nag etc. He also produced some movies like chiranjeevi etc.

He has portrayed a variety of roles like mythological, comedy, villain, soft roles etc in his very special way. Coming to mythological roles he acted as Duryodhana ( kurukshetram), Bheemudu( DVSK, srimadviraata parvam etc), karna, ghatotkacha, ravana etc, but I guess that the best mythological role that he played very well and no other telugu artiste played better than him is the role of Yama. He also acted very well in comedy roles in movies like Rendu Rella Aaru ( remember the dialogue .."setu nuvvu ketu" ) , villain etc. He even acted as a hero in the movie moratodu.

We often see in the titles of movies where heroes/stars add phrases like "Action hero" .."Angry young man".."Choclate hero"..."daring dashing star" etc in front of their names. But how often we see a title like "Nava rasa natanaa sarva bhouma" in front of an actor's name.. probably once..only in front of Shri Kaikala Sathyanarayana's name. In my humble opinion, it would not be unfair to say "As heroes can have NTR or Chiru as their ideal , character artistes can have Shri Sathyanarayana as their ideal", salutes this very unique artist for his huge contribution to art and our beloved tollywood.

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