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You are at Home > Community > My Movie starts a new exciting section - My Movie. There are very few movies that touch the human being inside you. All you got to do is pen down your feelings about the movie and mail and share it with fellow visitors.You can send your 'My Movie' letters to [email protected]


Chiranjeevi is back with INDRA

by Rahul

I just wanted to share the mind blowing experience I just had when I was watching INDRA in NEW JERSEY. They were screening the movie in two theaters.

I never saw any movie go full for all shows. I had to go hours before and buy my tickets for the 9:30 show on a Sunday night. Out of my experience, I never saw more than 20 to 30 people for a late show on a Sunday night, as everybody has work the next morning.

Anyway, let me describe my experience first. They were supposed to start the show at 9:30, but there was a 15 min delay. Can you guess why? The management had three of four guys sweeping the floors for all the paper cuttings that have been thrown on the projector and the screen. The management took out a whole bin full of paper thrash from the theater. This is the first time in the history of Clearview cinemas that this has happened. They let us into the theater by 9:45PM. I was astonished to see the white colored floor, usually brownish red in color (CARPET). The floor was still covered with paper thrash from the previous shows.

Now, we went and sat and the theater was almost full. The show started. THIS MOVIE HAD THE BEST DTS SOUND I HAVE EXPERIENCED IN THAT THEATER FOR A TELUGU MOVIE. The DTS work was perfect. There were some complaints that the sound in the other theater was poor. But, I was lucky to see the movie in the better screen.

The following scenes had astonishing response and cheers from audience:

1. Chiru's introduction in Kaasi.
2. Bham Bham bole song.
3. Dayi Dayi Daama song. (UNBELIEVABLE RESPONSE!!! Two guys gave HAARATI with their lighters when Chiru was doing the western guitarist steps. Two other guys were dancing in the theaters. There were unbelievable whistles for his steps.)
4. When Chiru attacks the marriage hall after his family is killed.
5. Finally, when chiru returns to seema and challenges the Villain gang



The first half had plenty of comedy by Brahmanandam, MS, and Dharmavarapu Subramanyam. The Helicopter scene and all the scenes with Puneet Ishar were fantastic. We never knew when the first half ended. It was fast. It was excellent.

The best scenes in the First half:

1. Comedy
2. DAYI DAYI (The $8.00 I paid was worth it just for this song)
3. Helicopter episode.
4. Prakash Raj and Chiru confrontation (ADHIRINDI)

The Second half, I thought, was the LIFE OF THE MOVIE.. Chiru was magnetic as the great INDRA. His dialogue delivery and emotions were so real that I felt the blood pressure increase in my body. I never saw any chiru movie with so much emotion. Ghallu Ghallu song flowed well and it was a nice treat to the ears and was very well picturised. LAGAAN type of clouds was kinda cheese, but hai its a B.GOPAL film.

Best scenes of the second half were:

1. Chiru's pelli chupulu with Aarti in his house (first confrontation).
2. Chiru's pelli chupulu with Aarti in her house. (MEERU KALLU KUDA KADAGA LEDU, MARI TANEMO ROOM LOKI RAMMANDI !!!!!!! Adhirindi)
3. Chiru goes on a rampage after his family is blasted.
5. When Chiru goes to his enemy's house and challanges.
6. When Chiru uses his Jeep to draw the line. (Adhirindi)

Second half was way too powerful to ignore. It is the life of the film.

STORY: It sure has similarities (theme), but the JALA YAGNA part,
Sacrificing everything for people part were different. You don't feel like you are watching something that you have seen before. It is different.

TECHNICAL ASPECT: The DTS mixing was fantastic. I was surprised to see that his makeup was fine. You don't really find anything bad with it. It flowed well. A common moviegoer will not see any defects in it. Chiru's unbelievable action covers any defect in this movie. The Lighting was improper in Bham Bham Bole song (some shots were slightly
dark) and Radhe Govinde (Some sets were not properly lighted). BUT, YOU ARE SOO IMMERSED IN CHIRU'S DANCES THAT YOU DON'T THINK OF ANYTHING ELSE !!!!!!!! The camera work was fantastic in the Helicopter scene. Overall, it was a decent work. Nothing to rave about!

As a chiru fan, I enjoyed every minute of the movie. Especially the second half where he really showed his NATA VISWAROOPAM. In the past, when ever I used to see Rajani's movie like Basha and Narasimha, I used to feel that it would be awesome to see CHIRU in a mass role like those.

CHIRU has given a gift to his fans with this movie. He exceeds every expectation with this movie, especially the last 45 min of the movie when he shows his style. Be it the pulling the chair with his Khanduva or rolling his glasses with his finger. He just glorified his image as a Mass hero even more.

In past, Chiru movies used to play 100 days just for his steps and songs. For a long time, that feeling was missing for his movies in the recent past. Now, IT IS BACK. This movie can run successfully just for the songs. You will be amazed at how flexible and how good he still is, even at this age.

All Chiru fans will cherish this Movie as one of the best in his career. Everybody else will say it is a good movie, if they look at it in an unbiased way. CHIRU brought some class to his mass role. His STYLE is impeccable.

This movie is not for you, if you are fruity type of person who only likes soft romantic comedies.

This is my View. So, don't have to agree with me on this.

I sincerely feel the theater management's anguish in cleaning up the mess in the theater.

ENJOY this movie before the damn pirated VCDs and tapes pop up. This is big screen experience that shouldn't be missed.


- Rahul

[email protected]

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