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Open Letter to Chiranjeevi
You are at Home > Community > Open Letters is frequently visited by all the Telugu film industry celebrities, who are net savvy. Here is a platform for the fans to express their sincere suggestions to their stars. Write open letters to your stars and we make sure that they are read by your favorite hero. But make sure that all the letters are positive-minded! You can send your open letters to [email protected]



I am a hard core fan of your’s since my Childhood. I have been a part of Chiranjeevi fans organizations in Chittoor and Nellore and donated blood in different blood camps for 14 times. Currently I am working as a Software Engineer in Singapore for Hewlett-Packard Pte.Ltd.

I don’t have much talent to give you suggestions and advices.But as Fans we know much better than other producers and directors about you and how audience like you as we see your movie not less than 15-20 times irrespective of Hits and Flops.I have come to India in Oct and I have scheduled my trip to see Daddy in India on the First day. No Doubt Daddy is a very good movie and it should have been a massive hit. But the audience are not ready to see Chiranjeevi crying and this has been proved earlier with Sneham Kosam. Even AM Ratnam told that Children who are the major part of Chiru’s films don’t like Chiru crying and that’s why the film hasn’t done as expected.

Now a days people are interested to see Comedy films .They want themselves to be happy after seeing the movie.As our daily routene is full of sadness they don’t come to the theatres just to cry and make themselves sad.In the case of Nuvvu naku Nachav the story is old one and is a mixture of Sampangi and Nuvve kavali.But the movie was accepted because it has lots of fun in it.We don’t want you to make such kind of roles.You movies should be a mixture of Comedy+Heroism+Action+Songs.Songs contribute 50% of success of your films.In Daddy the songs are good but the way they are picturised are not so good.

At certain points where the music is very good and that part of music is very catchy people will expect good steps from you.In Daddy everyone was disappointed with the fist song because the dance sequences are not even average at points of music where we expect more dance.During Gharana Mogudu time you told that Fist song itself is a worth of 1 crore rupees.Even Daddy’s success percentage would have been increased if the fist song is up to the mark of expectations.And in some songs in Daddy you have repeated the same steps several times and that decreases the enthusiasm in the Audience to see the movie repeatedly for songs.For a good step they should come to the movie again and you should show that sequence only once or twice.That should create Curiosity among the audience to come to the movie again.

And also with the choreography please select the right one’s who can get the real skills out of you.I think Saroj khan is not so good in Chiru point of view.At places she show’s the group dancers when we are expecting good dance moments from you.And also she might not be knowing how much importance your songs has.She tries to show Heroin equally with you but in your movies everyone would be eager to see only you.

Please forgive me if I had said anything wrong here.I am the one among Lakhs of your fans who is eagerly waiting for a smashing hit from you.

Thanking you,

Ajay Kumar Reddy
([email protected])

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