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Meeting the Megastar by Madhu Dasari

That day was a wonderful day in my life that I have met Chiranjeevi Garu who I call Mega star of India and spent couple of minutes with him standing beside him and taken a snap with him for donating blood to Chiranjeevi blood bank a good number of times. I could not believe when I got a call from his organizers that we are having a meeting with Mega star directly on that day's evening and we went to see him at Sridhar function palace near Somaji guda.

The place was surrounded with all artists like Tabu, Seenu Vaitla, Satyanaryana Kaikala and a group of comedy actors like Krishna Bhagavan, MS Narayana etc. They were actually shooting for Andarivadu (MARRIAGE SCENES).

I could barely believe my eyes that Chiranjeevi was just a few feet away from me shooting very vigorously and actively though the shooting was done from morning 8 and it was 7pm when we met him and he was so energetic that the other actors were getting motivated by his histrionics while doing the scenes. It's been wonderful to have this moment, Its a wonderful day in my life and I want to share this happiness with all my fellow fans who are the major strength of Mega star and everyone would feel the same when they meet their matinee idol Mega star Chiru.

Its amazing that he asked my name and where I work and talked to me for a couple of seconds....which is remarkable and never possible in my life. Till date I could not believe a person who is my all time favorite and standing beside me and his hands on my shoulders. Such a warm feeling and pleasant smile he has got that I could barely talk nothing saying only I am very Glad to meet you sir and to this he replied "its my pleasure to meet you" and have a nice day.... I felt that it takes a simple way to take your breath away, the man who I admire right from my child hood was just beside me and i could only see him into his eyes. Wow such a wonder full moment its not a dream come true b'cos I never believed that I will meet Megastar so Its a not a dream come true its a miracle in my life which I feel the greatest moments in my life apart from living in this world.

Thanks for your time and bearing my words

Cant help it yaar....he is MEGA STAR Chiru the only one to have in India.

Madhu Dasari
Innova solutions
Banjara hills

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Fan File
Name Madhu Dasari
Star Chiranjeevi
Venue Sridhar Function Hall
Star Quote: 'Naa abhimanulandaru Naa Blood Brothers' - Chiranjeevi at Annayya function
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