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Racha Gelichi Inta Gelavadaaanikostunna Aadhi Pinisetti….!
Aadhi's comeback in Telugu with Gundello Godari

27 August 2012

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At the times when all the Telugu heroes are trying their luck in Tamil industry our own Telugu lad Aadhi Pinisetti who is an household name in Tamil industry is looking back at his home audience.

Aadhi Pinisetti who acted few films in Tamil and most of them being success is a noteworthy actor in Tamil industry. But now, being a Telugu he wanted to prove himself in front of his home audience and he found the right script.

“When Kumar Nagendra narrated me his script, I liked the narration and the narrator at once and my instinct said it’s the script I am looking for” said Aadhi Pinisetti while disclosing the details of his latest straight Telugu film which is also made in Tamil simultaneously.

We are talking about the film Gundello Godari which also stars Taapsee Pannu, Sundeep Kishan, Lakshmi Prasanna,. The film is being made on Manchu entertainment banner and directed by Debutant Kumar Nagendra. Music is composed by maestro Ilayaraja.

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