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Transcript of Sonia's chat with the visitors of

November 17, 2008


Sonia who shot to fame with Shravs character in Happy Days came to studio on the night of 17 November to chatwith the visitors of We are presenting you with the transcript -

pradeep_kone vinayakudu comedy na lovestory naaaaa
Sonia_actress Comedy with love and very good entertainer
ranjan I have a question for u, is your hair going to be straight for ur next movie, or is it going to be pumed
sonia-actress as far as vinayakudu goes as u all must've seen its curly
McLovin Sonia who is your fav hero ??
sonia-actress my fav actor is george clooney. i think he's charming
pradeep_kone sonia vinayakudu lo mee character name???
sonia-actress naa character name kalpana
ranjan and if u are offered a love story which is like a squel to happy days, between u n tyson, would u do it?
sonia-actress i wud definitely do happy days 2
pradeep_kone and krishnudu pakkana act chestunte mee feeling??
sonia-actress krishnudu is really cool was nice acting with him
sbu123 who is you favourite hero in tollywood /???
sonia-actress fav hero in tollywood maaruthu untaaru. i like mahesh a lot he was great in pokiri, sainikudu etc
ranjan sonia, meeru only tollywood lo chesthara ledha, are u open to kollywood n bollywood as well?
sonia-actress m open to great roles, language no bar
strangerrr999 wats ur age?
sonia-actress hey where are ur manners :) ammayilani age aduguthaara?
sbu123 what are you hobbies ???
sonia-actress i like reading books, learning arts and crafts, travelling
jagadeesh wht abt pawan kalyan
sonia-actress if i am offered a role with pawan kalyan surely i will are there any reasons y i shud nt?
sreekanthpolu sonia recent ga emi movies chusaaruuu
sonia-actress last movie i saw is dostana
nmeao what is your nick name?
sonia-actress ppl call me noodles, spaghetti head, soni, etc etc
nmeao what is your next project?
sonia-actress m doing happy days in tamil, same role
vinau_s Sinia...wat difference did u feel working in happydays and vinayakudu?
sonia-actress diff btw happy days and vinayakudu was that there i hardly knew anything abt the industry now i do a lil bit, there there was a lot of madness copz we were so many, here it was more mature
rajiv if sonia is not fake she should say her orkut id
sonia-actress cha rajiv, u think i'll fall 4 that
unohu Sonia,,me Dream Boy ela Undalo cheptara Please???
sonia-actress dream boy aaa? lols. i think m more mature than that. but i do like sm1 who'll really take care of me very well, be my best frnd and my advisor, critic etc etc
ravik1292 Hi Sonia.. how you feel the role you got in haapy daya.. and what is the change you got after happy days?
sonia-actress the change after happy days is that ppl recognise me almost everywhere i go, its flaterring
sureshkalagara3 which is best favorate movie
sonia-actress my fav movie is sound of music
vinau_s Do u like being just Sonia or a "star Sonia"
sonia-actress for now i like being star sonia
vinau_s Wat do u mean ny "for Now" ...does ur decision may change?
sonia-actress yup definitely it may change, its only bin a year since i am a so called star so i like it a lot, it may get tiring later, one never knows
Vijayawada Sonia, meeru vijaywada lo. Satyanarayanapuram lo undevalla?, meeku oka younger brother neighbours ane guruthu....meeru, holidays ke..hyderabad nunchi vacche varu..
sonia-actress yes vijayawada wat u said is true
gaali_seenu what do u feel most challenging?..handling this chat or acting?
sonia-actress handling this chat is not challenging, its un, nice to see that so many ppl like toi talk to me
ravik1292 Sonia.. what is your beauty tips.. you looks very enegetic and more attraction.. any secret behing that Sonia..
sonia-actress secret behind being sonia is that i never tuk care if my appearance until happy days :)
Mustang Where did U grad from..?
sonia-actress from bhavans secbad is where i've done my grad 4rm
reefer Sonia gaaru...first of all congrats on making it into the industry.. My question is: Do you wish to pursue movie only as a major lead..or r u willing to work in good and satisfying roles as well? If so, wat is your ideal role?
sonia-actress gud and satisfying roles are wat m luking at characters that will inspire strong emotions in ppl
sreekanthpolu sonia vinayakudu comedy movie naaa
sonia-actress nope vinayakudu soft love story with a few punches for comic relief
unohu Sonia...meku vachina Best Compliment so far??from?
sonia-actress best compliment so far is when ppl told me m a good actress. i never expedyted to be here in acting and now i get complimented 4 it thats nice
MArp Sonia Sister Ur Message For Fans???
sonia-actress my msg to all my fans is just a huge big thanks 4 liking me and plz pray that life treats me gud here on too :)
Mustang Which is ur favourite song in vinayakudu
sonia-actress fav song is varaveena
vinau_s Sonia ..r u confident about Vinayakudu's sucess?
sonia-actress m jujst praying that it is good, i'm neutral just waiting 4 the release and the verdict from u guys
Mustang Saikumar with shekar wud U describe hime in direction aspect????
sonia-actress m no one to comment on direction but i think both are gud, shekhar is proven and sai has just started. long way to go 4 sai
openheart so r u basically telugu? or something else
sonia-actress m basically telugu. i am from hyderabad. ancestors from andhra
McLovin what other languages you speak sonia ?
sonia-actress i speak hindi and english
sbu123 hi sonia what is ambition in your life ??????
sonia-actress my ambition was to be a really successful corporate person. now..... im re thinking my ambition
raghuvarma whts ur favorate car
sonia-actress my fav car is a Bmw covertible
sreekanthpolu r u acting in hindhi happy days
sonia-actress as of now no m not acting in hindi happy days
pokiri sonia real life lo kuda kollani pencukuntunnara happaydays movie laga
sonia-actress no oka kukka ni penchuthunna
raghuvarma whts ur favorate dish
sonia-actress i like food, i experiment a lot, depends on my mood
unohu Sonia..what if Vinayakudu is a failure...r u Gonna Accept It???
sonia-actress if vinayakudu is a failure (god forbid) i will take it. dint i accept happy days as a hit without expecting it?
aprilcatch Did you seriously give a thought to the script before accepting the Vinayakudu movie ? Reason i am asking this is , most of your your co-actors from Happy Days seem to have chosen films without giving much thought to the script and failed in their recent releases ???
sonia-actress the script is the only reason i have signed vinayakudu
crazydon Hi sonia If for suppose in Happy days "tyson Us ki vachi meeku I Love You chepthe meeru accept chesthara reject chesthara" ?????? plzz answer this question....
sonia-actress its not abt tyson, its abt whether i feel love 4 him or no, if i feel it i may
sbu123 hi sonia ...... in your college life you are same like shaaz or different ???
sonia-actress my coll life was more fun thann that of shravs
sreekanthpolu evari role nachindhii meeku vinayakudhu lo
sonia-actress i can answer that only after watching vinayakudu
stalin wat wre u up2 before happydayz/////????
sonia-actress i was wrking in the corporate b4 happy days
sonia-actress 20th is the preview, thats wen i get to watch it
swathisri sravs watz ur qualification?
sonia-actress m a Bca
unohu Sonia..r u continue in this Industry after tat (failure)???
sonia-actress unohu, i think i'll be here for abt 2 years lets see wat happens in that time
seenivas wat we have to expect in the movie??
sonia-actress expect in the movie huh? i guess no extremes of joy or sadness, will be a smooth plain, simple story
sreekanthpolu ur fav actress in telugu sonia
sonia-actress i like genelia in the recent lot
swathisri sravs,,,,did u get any opp 4m tamil industry?'
sonia-actress i do have offers from tamil
guner Sonia have you been involved in community in anyone way
sonia-actress yeah i contribute some money every month to an old age home
sreekanthpolu did u learn tamil
sonia-actress lols grappling with the language, hopefully i'll be gud with the lang soon
seenivas what is ur role in da movie??
sonia-actress m playing a dominating gal, who expresses herself nt just thru expressions but also lots of wrds this time :)
sreekanthpolu ur fav telugu movie sonia
sonia-actress fav gult movie is gitanjali
sbu123 hi sonia ....... who is your favourite hero in bollywood and hollywood ????
sonia-actress bollywood, amitabh, hollywood - george clooney
raghuvarma how do feel working with shekar kammula
sonia-actress wrking with shekhar was an amazing exp in terms of how he is always so patiet and all
sreekanthpolu how is dostana sonia
sonia-actress nice to see him at wrk
sonia-actress yes i read a lot of books
sreekanthpolu how is dostana sonia
sonia-actress dostana i think is a huge plus on the laughter element'
gaali_seenu fav book/author
sonia-actress i like all books by dan brown
rags Choose one Chandrasekhar Yeleti, Sekhar kammula?
sonia-actress i havnt wrked with mr chandeashekhar so cant comment
avasireddy How Do U Describe Urself Outside?
sonia-actress im friendly outside but draw a line
unohu Sonia..ur fav Restraunt in Hyd?
sonia-actress fav restaurant, i like little italy on kbr road
girishurlam what is your take on skin show? are you married?
sonia-actress i dont want to give in to skin show, thats my take for now, no m not married yet
girishurlam U Attend Parties In Skinny Dressses
sonia-actress wen i party i party for myslf, wen i act i act for the whole world to see :) so thats where i draw the line between professional and personal
sonia-actress and by the way i dont quite think i have ever worn skinny stuff
raghuvarma sonia urs happiest moment in the life
sonia-actress happiest moment was wen i got my first puppy lego
sreekanthpolu when is tamil happy days is going to release sonia
sonia-actress happy days tamil shud be the first quarter of 2009
spazzo Sonia, hw did Sai kiran Adivi do, is he the kammula sort???
sonia-actress spazzo i guess u can watch the movie and decide on that
raghuvarma most horrifing moment??
sonia-actress no horrifying moments yet
unohu yaya..sonia ur Bday?
sonia-actress my b'day is on the 29th of july
nkj_rock what r ur expectation on vinayakudu
sonia-actress no expectations on vinayakudu, just holding my breath and praying :)
guner sonia what inspired you most so far in life
sonia-actress my inspiration are wise ppl who know wat to ignore and wat to look at
rameshp u like being called Sonia or Sravzzz?
sonia-actress either sravz or sonia are gud 4 me. ppl know me as sravz but my identity for all my life is sonia
sbu123 hi sonia do you belive god or luck ??????
sonia-actress i believe in both god and luck
ABHY any steps to get out of sravzzzz image... till now saurabh shukla is being called kallu mama
sonia-actress nah m fine with the sravs image
raama Btw do you workout to keep urself in shape???
sonia-actress m working out now but i'd rather go for long jogs
raghuvarma whts ur favorate qotation??
sonia-actress fav quote is no expectations and u will have no disappointments
sbu123 hi sonia have you ever been to goa any time in your life ??????/
sonia-actress i've bin to goa a few times
ABHY can u fit into the shoes of shabana azmi in ankur or smita patil in aakrosh
sonia-actress i'd like to be able to deliver like them abhi
ABHY but do u think ur capable enough
sonia-actress i gt here by chance with no prior training in acting so i;'ll knw only after i get a chance...... i'll give oit my best is all that i know abhy
sreekanthpolu sonia tell about ur fav music director
sonia-actress fav music director post happy days is mickeyj meyer
Mustang Siblings???????????
sonia-actress have a younger bro
Geetha R U Good In Dancing ?
sonia-actress i can dance but m not a trained dancer
rags pick a role..swarnakamalam or Padamati Sandhya ragam?
sonia-actress padamati sandhya raagam
raghuvarma wht is ur favorate brand in accessoris
sonia-actress m not really a brand frak, i like smthing i pick it up, be it roadside or from a top end store
unohu Sonia...if i give u an Invisble cloak..what ll u do?
sonia-actress given an invisible cloak i'll go to all the fobinned zones just to see wat happens there
ravik1292 How you feel when Shekhar kammula told you to act u in his fil.. What you felt and what are the responsibilites as an actress and to the fans from you Sonia.
sonia-actress responsibilities as an actor i guess, i just will deliver better than my best coz thats wat'll keep my fans and wellwishers close
rags Do heroines date normal guys? at the extent of repeating myself..would you? :)
sonia-actress yes if i found a normal guy intersesting enuf
Mustang Baga padathavaaa?planning 2 sing in future movies if given oppurtnty?
sonia-actress i'd like to try my hand at playback singing
guner Have you changed your opinion about the cinefield after entering it
sonia-actress my opinion on the film industry is gud
drgadde First movie sign chesina roju night Autograph practise chesava ???top actress ayinattu kala vachinda??
sonia-actress autograph practise realease mundu chesa :)
sreekanthpolu sonia devudu miku pratyaksham ayi emi varam kavalante emi korukuntaruu
sonia-actress personal wish korukunta god ni, not to be mentioned on chat
drgadde first autograph evariki ichavo gurthunda ?
sonia-actress oka small girl ki in Nj theatre on a 5 dollar note :)
unohu What is ur contribution to Telugu Film industry...once u reach the top spot?
sonia-actress let me get to the top, i'll think abt iot on my way there
drgadde vinayakudu promotion ki Us vastunnara naku autograph kavali ::smile
sonia-actress nt coming to Us for vinayakudu
sonia-actress thanks a lot all u guys sry abt all the q's i cudnt answer
sonia-actress was nice chatting with u
sonia-actress thanks for ur feedback, suggestions and criticisms, all taken in stride. take care and have a great life

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