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Ek Police music launch
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September 18, 2008


Music of the film Ek Police, starring Nagababu in the title role, is released today through Aditya Music at an impressive function held at Ravi Narayana Reddy Auditorium, Lotus Pond, Hyderabad. The film is made on NH Rushya Productions. It is directed by Kodi Ramakrishna, known for his penchant for cop movies.

Nagababu, Allu Arvind, Kodi Ramakrishna, producer NH Bhaskar Reddy, Koti, VV Vinayak, Seenu Vytla, Dasarath, Ashok Kumar, C Kalyan, Mallidi Satyanarayana Reddy, Nallamalupu Bujji, Vijay Samrat and Bushan (male leads in the film) were present on the dais. VV Vinayak unveiled the audio cassette and presented the first number to Nallamalupu Bujji. Allu Arvind released the audio Cd and presented it to VV Vinayak. A couple songs projected to the gathering sounded mass.

Ek Police is like Tsunami: Kodi
Kodi Ramakrishna went into a high emotional pitch, saying: “Until and unless a story could impress the director, it will not impress the audience. In the recent months there is heavy expectations about this film due to the rumors spreading fast that we have treated the political subject in this film. But, we didn’t. Ek Police is a powerful police story with a message for the people. After the release each and every police officer in the state, each and every true citizen would want to be like our Ek Police. When my film Ankusam was released, the censor people praised it. The same thing happened with Bharath Bandh which was released without a single cut. Ek Police story is like a tsunami. The songs and music are big assets to the film and they are hundred percent situational. I thank Koti for his dedicated work for our film.”

Koti rocks with his dynamism: Nagababu
Nagababu said: “I should first thank Koti garu for his extraordinary music. My association with him dates back to the time when we thought of doing Yamudiki Mogudu (a Chiru fim). We thought of taking the services of a dynamic music director. And we found Koti. Annayya immediately liked his preliminary composition and sent flower bouquet to him. Working with Kodi Ramakrishna garu is like undergoing training. I learnt a lot from him. When I worked with Krishnavamsi, I felt like going to school everyday. In the case of Kodi Ramakrishna, the same thing happened but I benefited a lot as an actor working in his direction. His homework for the film is amazing. Next, I appreciate producer Bhaskar Reddy for his readiness to spend the maximum amount for the film keeping in view the quality of the film and its entertainment values. I am sure; this film will be liked by all.”

Koti said: “My last with Chiranjeevi garu was Hitler. After that I am happy to work with mega brother Nagababu. Currently, the rerecording is going on and I am completely confident that the film will be a big success.”

Shiva & Ankusam made me director: Seenu Vytla
Seenu Vytla said: “Two films – RGV’s Shiva and Kodi’s Ankusam – deeply influenced me and directly or indirectly prompted me to become a director. I wish that Ek Police should become a blockbuster and Kodi Ramakrishna is a specialist in police stories. I will surely be doing a film with Nagababu in a vital role.”

Allu Arvind said: “Everyone is saying that it’s a special film for Nagababu. But, I feel Ek Police will be a family drama. All of you – Nagababu, director and producers – are like my family members. I wish the entire unit of this film a very best of luck.”

VV Vinayak said that Kodi Ramakrishna is like a guide to the young directors. He complemented producer Bhaskar Reddy for making his entry into filmmaking. More and more dynamic producers like him will come provided we all should support them with good scripts and workmanship, he maintained.

Ashok Kumar said: “So far I did 15 films with Kodi Ramakrishna garu. In fact, it was he who made me an actor. For the first time, I heard him speak so emotionally and this shows his confidence levels about its forthcoming success. I play the role of the Chief Minister while Siva Prasad does the ex-chief minister. It is a political film in the backdrop of police department. More concentration is on creating awareness among the public about being vigilant to social problems.”

All the speakers at the function extended their best wishes to the Ek Police unit. Highlight is that as and when Allu Arvind entered the venue, he was received with thumping welcome and all the dignitaries on the dais rose from their seats and shook hands with him. A distributor brought political color to the function, asking the gathering to come out with huge claps “which should be heard by our Peddha Annayya Chiranjeevi, whom the people owned as their true leader.”

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