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Journalists appreciate Premiste film
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10th November 2005
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Producer Suresh Kondeti arranged a special preview show of his hit film Premiste for the journalists at Prasad Labs on the night of 10th November. Journalists shared their feelings about Premiste film. Here are the excerpts of the opinions expressed by various journalists -

Senior journalist Pasupuleti Rama Rao said that he has seen such a wonderful love story in form of Premiste after watching K Bala Chandar's Maro Charitra decades back.

Prabhu (editor of Cine Star film weekly) said, "Premiste is an impact making film. The climax is heart-touching and taking is realistic. There is lot of emotion and feel in Premiste. Suresh Kondeti knows how to promote films."

Mohan Goteti (editor of Sitara film weekly) said, "Premiste stands as the best example of a novel flick. It is a director's film all the way. Heroine Sandhya did exceptionally good job. The character of Aiswarya haunted me for days after I watched the film."

BA Raju (editor of Superhit film weekly) said, "Premiste is one of the best love stories ever made on celluloid. By producing film like this Suresh Kondeti is making all journalists proud."

Ex-journalist and present lyricist Bhaskarabhatla said, "I have already seen Premiste twice. There is much of realism in this film. I experienced similar events in my life as I married a girl through registered marriage and I know the practical difficulties. I have known Suresh Kondeti for 12 years and he made a great decision of dubbing this film."

Valluri Raghava said, "All great love stories are tragedies. But in this film these is sweetness as well as tragedy in the climax. Suresh Kondeti is good at marketing his products. Premiste is a healthy love story in this globalized world where love happens over cell phones and internet."

Akella Raghava said, "I worked for Santosham film magazine for a few months. The feel in this film is so good that it overcame the nativity problems by attracting everybody. Great screenplay is the major contributor for the success of this film."

'Hasam' Raja said, "Selecting such a nice subject like Premiste shows the classic taste of producer Suresh. It is a risky step to dub such a film and he succeeded in doing it. This film is an ideal film not only for the youth but also for the parents."

Veteran scribe Gudipoodi Srihari said, "Suresh Kondeti is an ever-smiling and non-controversial person in film industry. Shankar's craze in AP and the true story worked in favor of the film. There is a saying that 'Truth is stranger than fiction'. The secret of the success of this film is that it told the truth and reality. Telugu film story writers should not leave the truth out while writing stories. I saw Premiste on the 1st day 1st show. The openings were great. The climax of the film is neither a tragedy nor a happy one. Most of the producers of Telugu cinema are trapped in old stories and formula today. I request the producers to choose novel stories. There are many journalists who have good exposure in filmmaking. Watching films, observing shoots and moving around in film industry gives lot of exposure to the scribes. The Telugu film industry should use the services of journalists in making better films. Suresh Kondeti hit a jackpot with Premiste. I request him to be cautious while making his next film as doing a straight film needs lots of exposure in each and every department of filmmaking."

Photo journalist Bhushan said that Premiste belongs to the genre of heart-touching classics like Vasantha Kokila and Matru Devobhava.

Photo journalist Sai Ramesh, TV artist Chalapati Raju, playback singer Ramana, DG Bhavani, Narayana Rao, C Ramesh also spoke during this occasion.

While replying to the responses of the journalists, Suresh Kondeti said that he want to remain as journalist though he is entering new avenues. Premiste film was released with 42 prints and now the prints number is reached to 100. He thanked everybody for making Premiste a big success.

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