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Success meet: Sada Mee Sevalo
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7th April 2005
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Success Meet of Neelakanta's latest film 'Sada Mee Sevalo' starring Venu and Shriya was held at Prasanth Kuteer on 7th April 2005. Neelakanta, Shyam, Venu, Shriya and Vandemataram participated in this event. An organization called 'Public Censor Board' also came to the meet to appreciate the social message in this film.

Neelakanta said that he made a good film which was received well by the audiences. The idealism in Tilak character is attracting the youth. He got good feedback from family ladies segment as well. Neelakanta said that he is extremely satisfied with the output of Sada Mee Sevalo.

Producer Shyam said that this film is the result of an excellent work by the director. This film is doing well in A centers and is expected to pick up in B and C centers as well. It collected a share of 30 lakhs in Nizam for the first week. This film would be a 100 days film in cities, he opined. He thanked Vandemataram Srinivas for giving good music.

Actress Shriya said that success of film like these depend on how well media promotes it. This film is close to her heart and she immensely enjoyed doing the role of Suryakantham. Characters like these would give work satisfaction. She thanked the public for accepting this different message-oriented film.

Hero Venu said that he liked the central point of the film which is about having a service for out of the court resolutions. This film shows a different way of solving legal problems in a quick and convenient way. He thanked everybody for making this film a success.

CL Narasimha Rao explained the 'Public Censor Board' as established to oppose the promotion of obscenity, violence and superstition in films. He commended Neelakanta for promoting alternative dispute resolution system through Sada Mee Sevalo.

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