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KVJ - user review by Pallavi Sukumar

30 November 2012

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Set in the mining area of Bellary, 'KRISHNAM VANDE JAGADGURUM' follows the story of a Surabhi theatre actor B.Tech Babu (Rana) who is not interested in the performing art, comes to the mining area Bellary to perform for one last session to honor his deceased grandfather. In Bellary, however, he is thrown into extraordinary circumstances and meets Devika (Nayanatara), a committed documentary filmmaker who is trying to unearth the atrocities of Reddappa (Milind Gunaji). In the events that unfold B.Tech Babu learns about his past and the killer of his father; The landscapes and people he meets take him through an emotional journey to fight for the deprived and to question the rape and reap of earth in the region of Bellary. Having questioned the limitations within himself and knowing that there are people who have suffered more than him, Babu goes beyond himself in dealing justice.

Critically acclaimed writer- director of Gamyam and Vedam shifted gears from subtle sensible human emotion scripts to mass action oriented commercial edge script. Krish's directing skills are once again proved as he handled quite maturely, especially the scenes in the forest, police station and the climax. The screenplay can be tighter as few of the songs come just for the sake of the song, especially the the Spicey Spicey song which comes before the intermission and Chal Chal song. The second half of the film is crisp, tense and full of possibilities. The climax and the way the hero choses between the villains is dealt in a beautiful manner.

Rana has delivered an unimpeachable performance as B.Tech Babu. He is improved a lot from his previous super-flop dud films. This film can give Rana the much wanted boost but of-course his career is depending on the choice of movie roles he chooses in the future. Nayanatara is ideal for this role, as an assertive woman who has a lot of grit and character. She looked very glamorous in the songs and her own voice is an asset. Apart from these lead actors KVJ has uniformly strong performances from likes of Kota Srinivas Rao, Raghu Babu, Posani Krishna Murali and Milind Gunaji. There's something stomach-churning about the characters of Murali Sharma and L.B.Sri Ram , and they are treat to watch. The other people who acted as Tribals and Surabhi actors are perfectly suitable for the roles.

The techinicalns that score most are Music director Mani Sharma, Dialogue Writer Sai madhav and the cinematographer Gnanasekhar. The cinematography in the forest sequences which comes after the intermission are excellent and the theatre sequences are great too. Mani Sharma's music is good, but the back ground score is of top notch, may be his best in the recent times. The dialogues in the film are excellent at places. Sirivennela's Dasataram song is a great asset for the film. Editing by Sravan is crisp, fights by Vijayan are good and songs shot well by Brinda, though some of the situations are forced. The production values are on grand scale and we can see the richness throughout the film with exhibitions, helicopters, mining areas, nice sets for the songs.

Overall, as long as audience set their expectations to "pretty good," this latest offering of Krish's thought-provoking and entertaining, "Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum" will hugely satisfy the audience.

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