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Duniya Ki Pragathi kis main hain – “How does the world progress” – Answer is in the movie

14 January 2013

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Today, at a party I met educated Haryanvi family and few hours later, I went to see “Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola” for few minutes. What a contrast in both worlds?

As, I was delayed by 15 minutes in the beginning! I was wondering why on earth Imran Khan is conversing in English but looks pakka Haryanvi bandha. Well, it’s not the movies fault – It was delay! I figured it out that he was highly educated guy who returned to his village.

Later, as the movie progressed – I saw the resemblance of PEEPLI LIVE!

Not in a bad way thou! I admired the FREE SPIRITED ARTISTS like Pankaj Kapoor and Shabana Azmi rock the screen with their expressions and dialogues. Whereas the young talented actors Imran Khan and Anoushka Sharma brought such life to the movie!

English in this movie sounded and felt Indian without any grammatical mistakes. Which was impressive to observe in a Hindi movie after such a long time? Not that our movies lacked taste or material. But the presentation was just brilliant.

You must wonder, why does Vasu always praise movies which are not up to commercial mark or market?

It’s not up to me to degrade a movie for the sake of throwing some mighty stones in the form of WORDS at the efforts of 1000’s of people who were involved in making this movie or any movie.

I am here to bring positivity of a movie which would entertain you for few hours.

Peeli Live is a movie which dwells in misery of farmers! But MKBKM does dwell in that issue but in a hilarious Haryanvi eestyle. Anoushka was such a delight to observe her fun/chippery side. Her talent has unfolded beautifully and she is maintaining her undaunted acting skills. Pankaj Kapoor her father in this lavishly done movie has taken the cake & cherry, I must say!

Imran Khan! Who was written off by movie critics about his acting and for being a nephew of the most powerful brilliant star? And everyone believed he couldn’t really set the screen on flames like his uncle. Well, watch him in this movie – He really did work his way up with confidence.

Honestly, I was bored with aridity of miserable farmers and their prolong fights with Zamindars. I enjoyed seeing a much lively drunkard Zamindar who was such a manipulative brute but in the evening he was one amazing human with warm heart who visions GULABOO “Pink Buffalo”.

Politicians are always the highlight of such movies but bringing Shabana Azmi in the picture was just too cool.

Arya Babbar – always had talent like his dad Raj Babbar and I admire this young lad who takes up roles which can be easily forgotten but makes his presence felt.

This movie conveys a fact that – World is moving towards progress “Pragathi” but at what cost? Please find out by watching it. The dialogue that Shabana Azmi delivers about PRAGATHI is a must watch! You shall know the depth of a human when they attain power!

Personally, I would watch this movie for the sake of facts & Haryanvi eestyle dialogues, rustic surroundings of the village, unrealistic lifestyle of the Zamindars, and for splendid star cast!

Xcusing factors: African tribe – Which was just silly to include in a movie like this?

By Vasudhara
bykerusso at gmail dot com

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