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Biodata - Mahesh Babu

Bio Data

Full Name: Ghattamaneni Mahesh Babu

Pet Name: Naani

Date of Birth: 9th August

Height: 6 feet and 2 inches

Home Town: Burripalem, Guntur Dt.

Place of Birth: Kalyani Hospital, Chennai

Studied at: Santhi Public School & Layola College (B.Com), Chennai

Names of parents: Krishna & Indira Devi

Brother: Ramesh Babu

Sisters: Padmavathi, Manjula, Padmini & Priya Darshini

Hobbies: Playing cricket and snooker

Movie List

Released Films

S. No Name of the film Director Producer Release Date
1 Poratam Kodi Rama Krishna Sakhamuri Rama Chandra Rao 09/11/1983
2 Sankharavam Krishna U Surya Narayana Babu 16/07/1987
3 Bazaar Rowdy A Kodanda Rami Reddy U Surya Narayana Babu 16/08/1988
4 Mugguru Kodukulu Krishna G Hanumantha Rao 20/10/1988
5 Gudhachari 117 Kodi Rama Krishna D Murali & Ch Gandhi 22/04/1989
6 Koduku Diddina Kapuram Krishna Krishna 21/09/1989
7 Anna - Tammudu Krishna Padmavathi - Manjula 27/07/1990
8 Bala Chandrudu Krishna Padmavathi - Manjula 26/09/1990
9 Raja Kumarudu K Raghavendra Rao C Aswini Dutt 30/07/1999
10 Yuvaraju YVS Chowdary Burugapally Siva Rama Krishna 14/04/2000
11 Vamsi B Gopal G Adi Sesha Giri Rao 04/10/2000
12 Murari Krishna Vamsi N Rama Lingeswara Rao 17/02/2001
13 Takkari Donga Jayant C Paranji Jayant C Paranji 12/01/2002

Under Production

14 Baabee Sobhan K Raghavendra Rao 25 September 2002
15 Okkadu Guna Sekhar MS Raju 18 December 2002

In the pipeline

S. No Director Producer
1 VV Vinayak Bellamkonda Suresh
2 Trivikram Srinivas Ramesh Babu G
3 Krishna Vamsi Krishna Vamsi (Andhra Talkies)
4 SJ Surya Manjula (Indira Creatives)
5 - Arjuna Raju (Roja Movies)
6 - T Trivikrama Rao (Vijayalakshmi Arts)
7 Jayant C Paranji Jayant C Paranji
8 Poori Jagannath Addala Chanti

Stamina as a hero

S. No Movie Name Released Centers 50 days 100 days Silver Jubilee Centers Nizam Share
1 Raja Kumarudu 116 75 42 - 2.75 crores
2 Yuva Raju 127 54 19 - 2.15 crores
3 Vamsi 131 13 - - 1.25 crores
4 Murari 113 50 34 2 3.25 crores
3 Takkaridonga 138 33 3 - na



Bio-Data of Mahesh Babu
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