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Interview with Nitin
Date: May 23, 2008, Hyderabad

Hero Nitin who made his debut with Teja’s Jayam has come a long way in all these years. After running on a success wave for a while, few of his films bombed at the box office. Failures seem to have taught few lessons to this young hero, who has become more cautious while signing for the films. In an attempt to shed his chocolate boy image, Nitin has developed six pack abs and will appear in a completely new avatar in his next film Avatar slated for a release on June 14. In an exclusive interview to, Nitin talks his heart out about his future plans. Excerpts:

What motivated you to develop six-pack abs?
It is a competitive world out here. One has to have some niche to succeed. Six-pack abs these days have become a common phenomenon in Bollywood, thanks to Shah Rukh Khan. But it is not taken very seriously by many heroes in Tollywood. One has to have lot of dedication, do lot of hard work and make lots of sacrifices to acquire six pack abs. I had been working over it for the past one and half years. I had completely cut rice and sweets from my menu. I ate 15 egg whites and one kg of chicken (cooked in olive oil) everyday besides lots of vegetables and fruits. In order to start working for six-pack abs, I need to shed all my fat. I worked every day for one and half hour in the morning on my upper body and one and half hour in the evening on abs and cardio. I still do 800 to 1000 abs a day.

What is the biggest sacrifice you did for 6-pack abs?
I am an ice-cream freak. I had to give up ice creams for a year. Once my shooting for Victory was completed, I binged on Biryani and ice creams. I don't have to concentrate on my food once I get a 6-pack because it would only take 30 to 45 days develop six pack next time.

Tell us about your character in Victory?
I am doing the role of a youngster who writes civil service exams and is about to face an interview. You can see me in a mature role in this film. The characterization is novel and the performance is subtle. I am doing the character of a middle class guy with lots of responsibilities.

What do you expect from your next film Victory?
I am pinning my hopes on Victory. This film deals with land mafia problems and attempts to give a solution. It is a contemporary film on a bunch of young guys like those in Rang De Basanti film. It has loads of entertainment too.

Tell us about the director Ravi C Kumar?
Ravi narrated me three scripts and I did not like them. Victory was the fourth script he narrated to me. I loved it. But I was little hesitant if I could do justice to that character. But Ravi infused confidence into me. He worked hard on moulding my character with style. Ravi is one of the most hardworking directors I had worked so far. He did his homework. The credit of this film must go to Ravi C Kumar (director), KV Krishna Reddy (editor) and Vijay C Kumar (cinematographer).

If you look back at your career, what improvements you observe?

1. Jayam: I have no prior experience when I did Jayam. The entire credit of my performance should go to Teja for extracting fine histrionics from a rookie like me.

2. Dil: I learnt about fights and action sequences in this film.

3. Sambaram: This film gave me scope to act in emotional and sentimental scenes.

4. Sri Anjaneyam: I consider my work in Sri Anjaneyam is the best so far. We worked really hard for this film.

5. Sye: This film has shown me in a stylish avatar.

6. Dhairyam: There is nothing much I learnt in this film.

7. Allari Bullodu: I had a chance to act in mass romantic songs in the direction of K Raghavendra Rao.

8. Ram: There is an improvement in dances.

9. Takkari: I got superb response for dances in Ammi song.

10. Aatadista: I improved my diction and I could do scenes spontaneously. With Aatadista, I became more flexible in my acting.

Did you want to become hero since childhood?
Karunakaran is a close friend of my father. I was in my 10th class when Toli Prema was released. During that time Karunakaran said that I could become a hero. That is when I realized that I have it in me to become an actor.

My father distributed Nuvvu Nenu for Nizam territory. I went to morning show on the release day. A guy said hello to me and introduced himself as director of that film (Teja). He asked me if I were interested in acting films and he took my phone number. Later on he came to know that I am son of distributor Sudhakar Reddy. I went to the theater on 150th day of Nuvvu Nenu. He saw me at that time and took me to his office in his car. He did the make-up test and photo shoot. Then he called my father and said that he selected hero for his next film. And when he shown the photos to father, then my father realized that his son is going to be a hero. I think it was because of fate, I had become a hero.

Your father had a fight with Teja after Dhairyam release. How is your relationship with Teja now?
Teja is my God. I am here only because of Teja. He gave a great image with Jayam. Even now, people call me as Jayam Nitin in interior villages.

Did you lose anything after becoming an actor?
I used to watch all films one first day. But I stopped watching films in public places after becoming a hero. I used to eat out with friends without being disturbed. Now I can't do it. But I became a hero and it compensates for everything I lose. I am also happy that I dropped out of college in my first year because I became a hero. I was not interested in studies anyway.

What did you realize as hero after coming to film industry?
However hard you work, you always need luck to succeed and get a hit. In Telugu film industry luck plays important role than the hard work. Hence I I am doing films that appear decent and am expecting one of these films work for me in a big way.

Another important thing I learnt is about the film industry people. Everybody is with you as long as your films are hits. Once you are on a lean patch, everybody disappears. Only 3-4 guys stuck with me even when I am in flops. I learnt a big lesson in life on whom to trust and whom not to.

What is the most memorable moment for you?
I went to Sandhya 35 for the platinum disc function of Pawan Kalyan's Badri. I was among the hundreds of fans who were cheering Pawan Kalyan. I went to the same theater during the platinum disc function of Dil film. I was on the stage and lots of fans were clapping for me. It was a memorable experience for me.

You are having bad phase after Sye film. What did you learn during this period?
I felt sad. But without going into depression, I converted it into positive energy. I worked hard and developed six pack abs. Every hero goes through lean phase. I am just waiting for a solid hit to put me back in the limelight.

You must have got flooded by female fans after you became hero. Tell us the most impressive fan and embarrassing fans?
One female fan came to be with 5 albums in which she collected my entire movie related news and advertisements that came in newspapers and magazines. I was thrilled that somebody is putting so many efforts for me.

Embarrassing moments:

1. After Jayam release, a girl came to me and kissed on my cheek and hand and went away. It was the first time a girl did something like that to me.

2. Two girls came to me during Sri Anjaneyam shoot. One girl said that the other girl is separated from her husband because she is sleeping with my photo under her pillow. Her husband got angry and they got separated. I felt bad and asked her not to do such things.

If you want to have a girl friend, how do you select?
I always wanted to have a girl friend before I joined the films. I started getting many female fans coming and proposing to me after I became a hero. But I am not sure if they like me for what I am or they like me for my celebrity status. I think God will intervene and do something about it.

Who are the heroines you are close to?
Genelia and Kajal Agarwal are my close friends among the heroines I worked with. People say that Genelia is the best girl for me on the screen.

What is there in your wardrobe?
I love wearing normal t-shirt and jeans pants. If you look at jeans pants (it has a couple of holes due to excessive usage) I am wearing now, it is 6-year old. I still have my intermediate cloths in my wardrobe. I wear fancy looking cloths to function as I am obligated to wear them to maintain star status.

What do you look at when you accept films?
I look at emotional content. I don't bother much about perfection in stories. If I find a story to be decent enough, I go ahead and do it.

What are your future projects?
I am doing a film for TV5 production. This film is being directed by Kumar (a protégé of Rajamouli). This film is titled as Drona. Priyamani is the heroine. I am also doing a film in the direction of actor GV. Bhavana is doing female lead. This film is titled as Hero. I am doing the role of a trendy youngster who wants to become a film hero.

Your movie frequency has increased recently?
Yes. I intend to do 3 films an year. This year's summer was started with my film Aatadista. And the summer is ending with my next release 'Victory' on June 14.

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