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Interview with Venkatesh
Date: April 10, 2007, Hyderabad

Venkatesh met for chitchat at his office in Rama Naidu studios before taking off for Turkey on a personal trip. His film ‘Adavari Matalaku Ardhalu Velure’ is all set to release very soon. Here are the excepts of his interview -

Why did you chose such a title like Adavari Matalaku Ardhalu Verule?
I liked the title. It sounded special and fresh. It also created curiosity among the movie lovers. This title reflects to certain type of women and tells how they behave in matters of love. Since it is a romantic comedy and it reflects how the heroine behave in love matters, we zeroed on AMAV.

Since it is named on heroine’s trait, what important will hero have in the film?
The entire film is driven by the hero’s character. The director has put a lot of weight on my character.

Selva Raghavan is known for handling adolescent love stories. What is the reason to opt for Selva Raghavan for a matured love story?
I was impressed with his work in 7GBC. He has come up with interesting characterizations. Though he had done adolescent love stories earlier, he did his homework to impress me with his narration of the subject. The characterizations are impressive with my kind of style and maturity. I am playing the role of a man called ‘Ganesh’.

What does AMAV deals with?
It is a romantic comedy. At the same time there is an intense relationship between son and father (played by Kota). First half of the film is filled with entertainment and love episodes. Second half has complete family orientation as hero enters into the family that has over 40-50 closely knitted family members. There are interestingly shot montages and powerful emotional blocks in AMAV.

What about performances?
The performances are going to be realistic. There are no cinematic/artificial expressions. I enjoyed working for AMAV. It is going to be simple yet an intense performance.

What about music by Yuan Shankar Raja?
Music is wonderful. It will go along with the story. There are no dream songs, no duets, no songs with 4-5 costume changes.

What is your favorite song in the film?
‘Allantha Dooraniki’ is the best song with great situation and good mood. SP Bala Subramanyam rendered this song.

Will there be any heroism in this film in terms of action sequences?
There are no action sequences in the film. I don’t believe that heroism comes from violence and fights. The heroism can also arise from sacrifice. AMAV is a pleasant, emotional and nice film sans any action part.

Why is there a gap of 16 months between Lakshmi and AMAV?
When we started AMAV, we decided Sonia Agarwal as heroine. But she got married (to the director). We had to wait for the right heroine and we found one in Trisha. Then I had a leg injury which kept me away from work for sometime.

Tell us about your film in the direction of Boyapati Seenu?
60% of the shooting is over. There is child sentiment in this film. It is going to be family drama. My brother Suresh is producing this film.

You seem to be juggling between class and mass films?
I try to balance though it was not intentional and planned. It just happens.

When is AMAV releasing?
My job is restricted to acting in films. You should pose this question to the producers.

Why are our heroes acting in the same films again and again?
Heroes are sincere. But writers are not coming with good scripts. May be we have to wait for some more multiplexes to come so that we could get niche target audiences. I think the new young heroes should take the initiative and get away from formula films to try something new and succeed.

What do you think is the reason for scarcity of good subjects and writers in Telugu film industry?
There are no formal film institutes in Hyderabad to educate film writers. The Hollywood is supported by great literary works and most of the films are based on those works. But the reading habits in our state are going down drastically. Hence we are incapacitated with lack of film schools and literary inputs.

What is your take on budgets of big heroes?
I can’t comment about other big heroes. As far as I am concerned I make sure that the producers book profits before the release in 99% of the time. There could be one or two projects that are exceptions. I came from the family of a producer and I make sure that producer is happy all the time.

You have lot of affinity towards spirituality? Why don’t you act in a film with spiritualism backdrop?
Yes. I asked my brother to look out for such subject. I want to do such films.

You expressed your desire to do desi version of Nutty professor?
Yes. Those projects are stuck now. I am looking for somebody to come with variety scripts. I also want to do a character like ‘Forrest Gump’.

Are you happy with your professional job?
Nobody is really happy in that sense. But if you look at my career from a holistic perspective, I can’t complain for the variety of roles I have done and the successes I delivered.

What is your definition of life?
I think that life is a design and it is not in your hands. You are just part of it. We are constantly putting efforts to try something, but at the end of it you get what is designed by the fate (almighty).

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