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Interview with Sandhya by Sunita Chowdhary
Date: 10 May 2006

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She has a strong and dominating screen persona and when you meet Sandhya, her bubbly and sweet mannerisms immediately strike you. Sandhya is seen cracking jokes most of the time and enjoys having a great time on the sets with her friends and with her family members back home. She is playing the role of Pawan Kalyan's sister in Annavaram and one can say that she has given versatility a new meaning. She wants to achieve much more and be remembered as a good performer and a human being. A confabulation with the debutante.

I am glad I got into films says Sandhya on the sets of Annavaram. "Times have changed and people no longer raise their eyebrows when girls from well to do families step into this field for a career. One shouldn't miss the opportunities that come your way, she says in a very confident tone. Sandhya gives the entire credit to Balaji Sakhthivel the director who extracted work from her. She adds, "He would scold me so much that I would cry at times but when we came to the second half, things improved and so did my confidence level. Now I find this whole job of emoting very cool."

The actress takes pride in associating herself with SS pictures. "It's a good banner, the director is so talented and what more can I ask for. I have no qualms acting in different roles because people have asked me if there was this risk of getting stuck in this sister's character because I had already done a Premiste. As a matter of fact i liked the role and I did consider that Pawan kalyan is a big star, it's a nice opening so why should I reject it? I am looking at various characters and yes I intend making a career here seriously." But to make a career here she needs to wear a skirt, is Sandhya ready? For that Sandhya grins and says, "The skirt shouldn't be too short. It would be a welcome relief because right now I have this pillow stuffed inside this saree and I find it damn irritating. I am supposed to be pregnant."

In between shots, Sandhya tries to catch up with her books. "I don't know how I'm managing it but I am and also concentrating on it." Ask her about her co-star Bharat, Sandhya says he is a great friend. "Working in Kadal was fun. We would crack jokes, pull each others legs." But if she were to fall in love would she elope like in the film. She laughs and says, "I don't think my parents will object in the first place for me to elope because their's was not an arranged marriage. "Back home, Sandhya is like any ordinary girl fighting with her brother for the TV remote. "He's always troubling me and I get the scoldings. My dad says I have a sharp tongue. You know what when my brother saw Kadal, he came and told me the film was excellent but the director did one mistake and that was ...taking me as the heroine." And about her fav scene in the film kadal, she says, "when I get periods and Bharat comes and holds my hand then hugs me. When I was asked to emote I was wondering how to do it but when I saw it on screen I just loved the way it came out. I think I managed it." Sandhya then signs off saying she needs to have lunch. In a tone of finality the giggly teenager says she loves Hyderabadi biryani and is looking forward to have more of it more often as long as she stays in Hyderabad

- Y Sunita Chowdhary

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