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Telugu Movie review - Srihari

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Jeevi rating: 3/5
: Suspense Thriller
Sri Chalanachitra

Cast: Srihari, Shamna, Suhasini, Sayaji Shinde, Tanikella Bharani, Subbraju, Rallapally, Raghubabu, Sana, Supreet, Ajay, Tilakan, Aishwarya, Rajitha and Mumaith Khan (item song)

Dialogues: Krishneswara Rao
Music: Mani Sharma
Cinematography: Vijay C Kumar
Art: Chinna
Editor: Gowtam Raju
Story: AK Sajan
Stunts - screenplay - direction: Vijayan
Producer: Santhi Srihari

Release Date: 4 May 2007



Sri MahalakshmiLakshmi Krishna Devaraya (Srihari) is a criminal lawyer. He takes up the cases of rich and hard-core criminals and makes them win in the court. But later he kills them in the name of 'cosmic law'. In that process he takes up the case of 9 NRI girls who are accused of murdering an innocent and poor classmate Sri Mahalakshmi in an MBBS college. The story of the film is all about how he investigates the incidents and finds out who the culprit is.

Artists Performance

Sri MahalakshmiSrihari is pretty good in the role of a criminal lawyer who takes up the responsibility of cosmic law in the background. However, he should have modulated his dialogues to suit the sophistication required by the character. Suhasini did a small yet vital role of Srihari's guiding force in this film. The girls who did the roles of NRI spoilt brats did not suit the characters. Tanikella Bharani, Sayaji Shinde and Sana are good in their roles. Shamna is adequate as the victim. Subbaraju is ok, but he should improve his diction for a character like this. Aishwarya donned a role that is typically reserved for the likes of Telangana Sakuntala. Mumaith Khan did an item song in this film.

Technical Departments:

Sri MahalakshmiStory - screenplay - direction: This film is a remake of Malayalam film 'Chintamani Kolacase' which was inspired by Hollywood flicks like Daredevil (Marvel Comics) and The Star Chamber. Malayali directors surely possess a knack of setting the screenplay right. Fight master Vijayan directed this film. The screenplay of the film is interesting. Direction of the film is alright. When we think about hero Srihari and fight master Vijayan, we expect this film to have many fights. But there are only three fights. For the remaining part of the script, Vijayan just stuck to the subject. Directing such kinds of films is difficult as most of the second half happens in the court.

Sri MahalakshmiOther departments: Dialogues in the film are adequate. Music by Mani Sharma is alright. Cinematography by Vijay C Kumar is good. Gowtam Raju's editing is fair. This film is Srihari's own production. He should be appreciated for taking up a different story instead of going to his kind of mass films. The production values of the film are neat and they even went to the extent of getting digital intermediate done for the entire film.

Sri MahalakshmiAnalysis: The title is a misnomer. We expect some women oriented issue in the film by looking at the title. But it is a pure suspense thriller. The plus points of the film are Srihari and screenplay. On the flipside, the movie would have been more appealing if they had done the right casting. This film will disappoint the regular Srihari moviegoers who look for commercial elements and mass masala. But this film definitely has good screenplay and suspense. Hence it might appeal to the people who are not regular Srihari filmgoers. It is a different film by Srihari. We have to wait and see how the masses embrace it.

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