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Movie Preview - Jenda
Manasunte Chalu
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Genre: Action
Banner: Sri Raja Rajeswari International Films
Cast: Ajju, Akruthi, Ricky, Raghavendra Sravan ,Aniketh Patil, Balvinder Singh, Roshan, Prasanth, Sekhar Babu, MS Narayana, LB Sriram, Costume Krishna, Mallikarjuna Rao, Rajesh, Mater Fatheh Singh, Sakunthala, Rajitha and Jayalalitha
Dialogues: Poosala
Music: Vendemataram Srinivas
Camera: Kodi Laxman
Art: KV Ramana
Story - Screenplay - Director: Kodi Rama Krishna
Producer: K Satya Murthy

Theatrical Release Date: June 2002


An old hat at dealing with socio-political issues, Kodi Ramakrishna, is coming up with one such film, Jenda, for producer Kotamraju Satyamurthy of Sri Raja Rajeswari International Films. With debutants Ajju and Akruthi in the lead, the film introduces a number of new comers Ricky, Raghavendra Sravan ,Aniketh Patil, Balvinder Singh and Roshan playing the other female lead. Another debutant Prashanth is cast as the villain. With the picturization of a few scenes and some patchwork at Sarathi Studios recently, the shooting is now complete and the film is in its post-production stage.

"Bharath Bandh was my last political statement. A film in this genre should not only have a contemporary theme, but should also look beyond and be relevant even after several years of its release. Jenda has such a futuristic theme. It needs freshers, specially students in main roles for a realistic portrayal. Fortunately, my producer agreed on this point. And we have selected youngsters, some still in college and some just out of it. Jenda harps on two issues - the youth should take over the reigns from the old and corrupt politicians who are the root cause for maladies in the system and that changes must be brought in the legal system which has many loopholes for these unethical politicians to escape punishment.

"Ajju is a hockey player and like any other student of his age, spends time on studies and sport, till murky politics creeps into their campus. The jean-clad, funs loving young students decide to throw these dirty politicians and cleanse the system of its maladies. They turn their hockey sticks in revolt against these enemies who are eating into the very roots of our democratic set up. At the same time they choose a path, which is very democratic. They even capture power by democratic means, to bring in Swarna Bharatham."

"In am ironic situation, the heroine escapes from a neighboring country and joins the forces fighting to save our country from the enemy within. And the young students are joined in their struggle to cleanse the system by the honest but dejected police force and those disappointed youngsters who have taken to the forest, in a thrilling finale. I am sure the climax will leave the audience thinking about ushering in young blood. Besides, the film upholds the pride and dignity of our national flag. In one word, my film is all about a revolt against corrupt politicians and how the young generation shows the way for new governance, based on what the fathers of our Constitution have envisaged. A dream project for me which is coming true on celluloid and which I hope will become a reality tomorrow," concludes the director.

Though an emotional subject, the film has its lighter moments too in the form of songs and situational comedy. "It has all the ingredients of a commercial film. 'Vandemataram Srinivas' music is a highlight".

Veteran producer Sekhar Babu dons the grease paint for the first time and he will be seen in the role of a chief minister while producer Satyamurthy plays the Governor. M.S. Narayana plays a journalist and L.B. Sriram is an archetypal villain in the mould of Rao Gopala Rao. Others in the cast are Costume Krishna, Mallikarjuna Rao, Rajesh, Mater Fatheh Singh, Sakunthala, Rajitha and Jayalalitha.

Dialogue by Poosala, camera by Kodi Lakshman, art by K.V. Ramana, editing by Tata Suresh are the major technical credits. With story, screenplay and direction by Kodi Ramakrishana, the film is produced by K. Satyamurthy with Amar and Lakshmi as co-producers and K. Sujatha as the presenter.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Jenda Film Preview
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