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Movie Preview - Malli Malli Choodali
Malli Malli Choodali
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Genre: Love
Banner: Amma Arts
Cast: Venu, Janani, Vizag Prasad, Costumes Krishna, Sobha Rani, Ali, Brahmanandam, Babu Mohan, Mallikarjuna Rao, Ravi Shankar, Venu Madhav, G.V. Ramji, King Kong, Kovai Sarala, Deepa and Anitha Chowdary
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Photography: M Mohan Chand
Editing: Nandamuri Hari
Dialogues: Poosala
Art: KV Ramana
Story - Screenplay - Direction: Pawans Sreedhar
Producer: K. Venkateswara Rao and M. C. Sekhar

Theatrical Release Date: 28th March 2002


More than a romantic hero, Venu dialogue-oriented comedy hero who can perform on subjects like action and subtle sentiments with equal élan. He promises more of it in his forthcoming release, Sri Amma Arts' "Malle Malle Choodali", directed by new-comer Pawans Sridhar for producers K. Venkateswara Rao and M. C. Sekhar. Another Mumbaiite, Janani makes her debut in the female lead. Most of the movie's shooting took place in Vizag, Araku, Hyderabad and Ramoji Film City.

The hero is the son of a tailor (played by 'costume' Krishna) and has a sister (Jyothi). He halls from a middle class family, is intelligent and can take decisions on the sly. He also advises his friends on business matters, but prefers to lead life his way - doing nothing. He shirks responsibility and roams around, enjoying life as it comes, without any ambition in life, till he has a chance meeting with a young woman.

There is a remarkable change in him after that, and he sets a goal for himself. Janani plays the role of the inspiring woman in his life. A foreign returned doctor, she hails from a rich family. Her father (Vizag Prasad) is a business tycoon and mother (Sobha Rani) a socialite. The girl too expresses her love for the hero. But the hero follows his own path to fulfill his love and surprises everybody. He finds a solution to realize his goal, which, the producers say, will be a role model for other youngsters who fall in love.

"Both the parents have their own fixed ideas on marriage, but the young lovers have contradictory views on the subject. They leave home and decide to get married in a flight amidst passengers," says 'Costume' Krishna, who is also the presenter of the film. "We shot these scenes in the hydraulically operated air plane set at the Ramoji Film City".

"We have also included action in this love story and Venu has excelled in them. Besides, we are introducing maestro Ilayaraja's son Yuvan Shankar Raja who has composed seven wonderful tunes, two of which have been recorded in London, a first for a Telugu film. Yuvan has sung a song too. We plan to release the movie by the third week of March", informs M.C. Sekhar.

Ali plays a friend to the hero and has composed a comedy dance number too. Others in the cast are- Brahmanandam, Babu Mohan, Mallikarjuna Rao, Ravi Shankar, Venu Madhav, G.V. Ramji, King Kong, Kovai Sarala, Deepa and Anitha Chowdary. Dialogue is by Poosala, cinematography by M. Mohanchand, editing by Nandamuri Hari and art by K.V. Ramana. Story and screenplay are by director Pawans Sridhar.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Parasuram Film Preview
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